Donna Herbel, Vice President Perkins/MarieCalender

Donna, a very engaging and enthusiastic speaker, gave Rotarians and guests great insight into some of the biggest challenges in retention and training within the food service industry.  Restaurants lead in hiring 1st time job seekers so they are the first to notice trends and identify insights into new generations.  Restaurant turn over is an eye popping 160% and they are looking at ways to lower that turnover.  Employees in today's market are looking for total compensation, flexibility with schedules, and acceleration in wage growth.

A fun survey she shared noted that the "newest generation" attributes were:

. Uncommitted

- Rebellious

- Well Educated

- Idealistic

- Entitled

- Hopeful

Interestingly enough, these were survey results from the 1966 Time "Man of the Year" magazine!  She noted that the addition of "sarcastic" was added to the Gen Z population.  One of the biggest insights to the Gen Z generation is that the expect constant feedback on their performance (they want to grow fast!) and they expect to use technology as a resource.