Angelina Amerigo, Miss Heart of the Lakes 2020

"One Bottle - One Straw - One Bag at a Time" is Angelina's social service impact project.  Angelina has joined in the Miss America Organization and will be competing for Miss Minnesota in June.  There are 4 areas of competition: Success, Scholarships, Service, and Style.
Angelina shared an overview of the impact garbage, particularly plastic, is having on our oceans and planet.  The purpose of her project is to bring the topic of the over-usage of plastic alive and hurting the globe's marine life.  Ways we can help:
STOP using plastic straws and replace with metal straws.
STOP using plastic water bottles and use re-usable bottles
STOP using plastic bottles at the grocery store and leave a fabric tote handy for use instead
We wish Angelina the best of luck with competition!  For more information on the Miss America Organization, click here.