Irene Kelly - District Governor 5950 - Guest
Hope Schroeppel - Host
"Be the Inspiration" is the 2018-2019 Rotary Year theme.  RI President, Barry Rassin, urges all Rotarians to create a stronger organization by inspiring young people and by spreading the word in their communities about the work Rotary does.
Working from this theme, Irene is focusing on her own recipe to define her Rotary Role: Preparation, Ingredients, Yield, and Time.  She hopes to reach a membership goal of 50.3% female and diverse members and shared that District 5950 has a strong anti-sex trafficking coalition in the district.  To date there are 70 members in the district and she invited members of Wayzata Rotary to join in this important initiative.
She also is working on how to invite people in our community to interact with Rotarians.  There is a new program called Rotary Community Corp.  A Rotary Community Corps is a group of people who share our commitment to changing the world through service projects. Rotary Community Corps members plan and carry out projects in their communities and support local Rotary If you would like to know more about this program, please click here.
Did you know that our district is in the top 10 GLOBALLY?  This is a pretty spectacular feat and she hopes to continue the engagement and momentum in our district by challenging Rotarians to come up with 3-5 international projects that are more engaging for members and less of a fundraising endeavor.  If working on international projects interest you, be sure to explore the Rotary International website and the District 5950 website for inspiration and opportunities.