"Intimate Lies and the Law"

Jill Elaine Hasday, our guest speaker, is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and the Centennial Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School.  She teaches and writes about anti-discrimination law, constitutional law, family law, and legal history.  Jill shared with us a new area of law that she became interested in - intimate deception in dating, sex, and marriage.  
"Intimacy and deception are often entangled.  People deceive to lure someone into a relationship or to keep her there, to drain an intimate’s bank account or to use her to acquire government benefits, to control an intimate or to resist domination, or to capture myriad other advantages. No subject is immune from deception in dating, sex, marriage, and family life. Intimates can lie or otherwise intentionally mislead each other about anything and everything."
Jill shared her perspective on why the current laws protect the abusers and what she would like to see changed in the laws, one of which, is removing the concept of "intimacy" from consideration in lawsuits.  If you are interested in purchasing her book or learning more, click here.