Author, Ames Sheldon, Guest
Hope Schroeppel, Guest

Author Ames Sheldon visited Wayzata Rotary and shared the 15 year journey to get her book published.  She described "roadblocks" as "pot holes" and how her book and story grew stronger and better after each dip.  One of the interesting pot holes she encountered was with a Book Doctor.  It was recommended along the line that she should have her manuscript worked over by a book doctor and she was shocked when the person cut 1/3rd of her manuscript.  She had heard about "editorial grief" and shared with us that it is real!
After three major revisions, she was ready to get her book published.  She was not able to find a publisher in the traditional route and went with an independent publisher, Beavers Pond Press and earned the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best New Voice: Fiction.