Amy McBeth - BNFS Railroad - Guest
Becky Pierson - Host

Amy McBeth gave us an overview of the BNFS railroad line and overview of the safety upgrades the company has invested in.  BNFS, a Berkshire Hathaway firm, is one of 4 Class I railroads operating in the United States (a freight railroad with an operating revenue exceeding $457.9 million.) 
An interesting fact: One BNFS inter-modal train takes 280 long-haul trucks off the highway system!
BNFS has focused in the last decade on risk reduction.  These areas of reduction:
1. Equipment Detection Technology (35 million readings per day!)
2. Proactive and predictive maintenance
3.  Prevention and Positive Train Control (PTC) deployment enhances safety
Members had time for questions and asked about engineer training, will the caboose make a come-back, and is there a push for fully automated locomotives?