Two Harbors Ukulele Group - Guests
Tom Schwalbe - Host

Tom Schwalbe hosted a super fun meeting this week.  Wayzata Rotary welcomed 10 members of THUG (Two Harbors Ukulele Group) to our weekly meeting.  We enjoyed super music, signing, and tap dancing!
Who Is The Two Harbors Ukulele Group? Currently the T.H.U.G performance group ranges from 8-20 members depending upon member availability and the needs of the gig. The group is unique in that they employ a variety of instruments.  T.H.U.G plays approximately 32 gigs per year, playing at several nursing homes and assisted living facilities each year.  

T.H.U.G. also likes teaching the “ukulele way”.  The first hour of each rehearsal is devoted to the “beginners”.  Beginners are provided sheet music, instruction and a ukulele if they have not taken the plunge into purchasing one. As the beginners advance they are invited to attend the next hour of rehearsal using the “yellow book”.  Some eventually graduate to the performance group. Several T.H.U.G. members also teach at the local elementary school upon request. 

So, who is the Two Harbors Ukulele Group?  We have backgrounds in education, the medical fields, finance, laborers, retirees and many other fields. Some of us have an extensive musical background and some have never played a musical instrument before picking up the ukulele. We love putting a smile on our audiences’s faces through the magic of this little four stringed instrument. We are just like you.