Alison Wobschall, Partners in Prevention
Scott Gengler, Host

Alison Wobschall shared a fascinating presentation into the perils of vaping and the battle for teen's heath.  Based on a 2018 National Youth Study, 3.6 million teens are vaping.  Over the last 20 years, there hasn't been much of a focus on teens and smoking as it was not so much of an issue.  With the introduction of e-cigarettes and lack of policy, teen nicotine use has exploded.  The flavoring of the liquid in the pods is the major factor in attracting young people to try vaping.  
Instagram and Snapchat are the biggest ad platforms being used and there is no regulation to stop advertising of e-cigarettes.  She shared that many first time users of marijuana are via an e-cigarette device and this is very worrying.  Her organization is working with communities to get similar regulations in place as cigarettes and a top target is to get flavors banned.   She also works to help teens understand that vaping is indeed harmful to their health as it targets specifically the addiction centers in their still developing brains and to tackle the "cool factor."
Members had many questions and found the presentation very eye opening and informative.
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