Making Green by Going Clean - Tony Signorelli
Sundial Solar Energy

Tony Signorelli (pictured in middle) with his colleague Shaun Motz from Sundial Solar Energy gave an overview of how businesses are taking the lead in going green as a good profit model.  The financial value and benefits to the environment are strong pulls for businesses to embrace using more solar energy.
An interesting point about solar energy in Minnesota, is that the solar panels are more effective in colder climates than warm.  While this initially seems counterintuitive, the panels get hotter in warmer climates and produce less energy and more is needed to cool the panels.  It is also a neat fact to compare Minnesota to Germany - Germany leads the world in solar power usage yet Minnesota gets 50% more sunshine than Germany.  This is a great motivator to utilize the sun as Minnesota has the opportunity to harness a great deal of energy and create green jobs.
Members had many questions for Tony and Shaun about what solar panels actually are, are they subject to hail damage, and are old panels recycled?  See below for more information and contact details for Shaun and Tony.