Tim Kennedy - Minnesota Military Family Foundation - Guest

Tim Kennedy and his wife, Sue, are board members for the Minnesota Military Family Foundation (MMFF). 
"The mission of the Minnesota Military Family Foundation is to provide timely financial assistance to deployed and currently serving Minnesota military personnel and their families – which includes active duty, national guard and reserve components, across all services – who have a financial crisis that is not supported by existing state or federal programs.  The Minnesota Military Family Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization." 
Assistance can be to help pay rent, utilities, appliance repairs, etc. and really focuses on those members who are facing a financial crisis and there are several reasons that support is important and necessary:
1.  There are no active duty bases in, or near, Minnesota.
2.  Our armed forces are all volunteer.
3.  Only 30% of the target population is actually qualified for armed services (Fitness, education, and police records are looked at).
4.  1% of our population is currently serving.
An example of what can cause a short term crisis is the length of training now required for National Guard members and the rule form the VA that members must service 181 consecutive days of active duty to qualify for services.  Many of the National Guard training sessions are 4 weeks and that can be just long enough to take members away from their "day job" to cause disruption in their finances.
If you would like to know more about MMF or make a financial donation, click here.