Lake Minnetonka - Summer Splash Highlights
Becky Pierson - Host

Artist, Patrick Sweeney, came armed with a gorgeous painting for members to look at.  he shared that he is in the process of changing how he works with his painting - he no longer works in oils and using intense brush strokes, but now works with palette knives, syringes, and thick paint on his canvases.  He is particularly interested in boats right now and gave a shout out to Wayzata Art Experience for always putting on a high quality show with quality artists.  You can see Patrick and his paintings this weekend at the Wayzata Art Experience!  

Sam Rogers started the Wayzata Match Cup in 2014 after the 2013 America's Cup and the AC72, a menacing, 72 foot high. catamaran capable of near-highway speeds changed sailing. This year, the Wayzata Match Cup will be hosting 4-M32 Catamarans.  These are 32 ft high boats that have crew members of 4-5.  They will follow a course that is close enough to the shores that viewers can get a good look at them as they sail by.  He said that the boats would be assembled at MN Boat Works Monday-Wednesday of this week, so if you would like to see them, stop by!

Rick Warren, organizer of the "Bash for the Boardwalk" concerts came and gave away tickets for concerts this weekend.  Proceeds for these concerts go towards the Boardwalk Project and Wayzata Lake Effect.

Thursday:  A night of rock, blues, and pop with country.  Belle Davenport - Congratulations!
Friday: Don Felder, formerly of the Eagles.  Chris Pierson and Darrell Leines - Congratulations!
Saturday: Kate Vans.  Doug Arndt - Congratulations!

Pictured: Patrick Sweeney, Becky Pierson, Rick Warren, Sam Rogers, Elli Ansari