Rise Up to Polio Plus!

Tim Mulcrone, District 5150's Polio Chair, was our guest this week.  He has been our District Chair for 5 years, and shared some great stories about his personal history with Polio in his family, and about the success of vaccinating.  This year there have only been 5 cases reported worldwide versus 16 reported last year.  Did you know that Rotary has become the number one organization in the world in working to eradicate Polio?  This is something you, as a Rotarian, should be very proud of!
Before the meeting, Wayzata Rotary has already raised $895 in donations this year to end polio. A big shout out of "thanks!" to Charlie Marvin, Norrie Thomas and a donor who wishes to remain anonymous for "Rising Up" after Tim’s talk and pledging an additional $250 each to Polio Plus.
If you would like to donate, you may contribute online at https://www.rotary.org/ and select the Polio Plus Fund. All donations count towards your Paul Harris award which recognizes Rotarians each time they reach $1000 total in contributions.
Pictured:  Angela Bernhardt and Tim Mulcrone