Tereza Paskova - Guest
Steve Hance - Host

Rotarians were treated to a fantastic presentation from District 2240's Slovakian exchange student, Tereza Paskova.  If there was any doubt that being involved with foreign exchange students is not a worthwhile investment, Tereza showed that involvement with exchange students is one of the most rewarding activities Rotarians do.
Tereza shared how after considering being an exchange student for only one week, she found the courage to embark on a year that has changed her life.  Arriving a year ago, crying, shaking, and scared, Tereza will be leaving the United States laughing, confident, and changed.  Tereza attended Delano high school and told us how hard it was at first to make friends and understand how the school system worked.  She told us a lovely story that Chemistry ended up being her favorite subject and that her self-portrait she painted in art class won a prize.  Tereza was able to visit Canada, Wisconsin, and Florida.  Her year started with not being able to catch a fish and ended by finally catching one!  Truly a rite of passage for anyone in Minnesota.
Her host families were amazing and helped her navigate her first birthday away from her family, her first Christmas away from her family, and the home sickness she felt at times.  Thanksgiving for her was an amazing experience and she will carry forward the love she felt from her host families for the rest of her life.  A warm thank you to the Scheibe and Gilmore families for hosting Tereza!