2017-2018 Awards Meeting


Congratulations to Hope Schroeppel, WRC President for 2018-2019.

Thank you Doug Arndt for your service to WRC in 2017-2018.


Perfect Attendance - a combination of attending meetings, serving on the board, attending WRC volunteer activities all earn a tick mark on weekly attendance.  Thank you members for your dedication.

Pictured:  Doug Arndt, Angela Bernhardt, Chris Pierson, Tom Schwalbe, Bjorn Meisner, Lynn Groll, and James Houg.

Not Pictured:  Bruce Lea


Paul Harris members for 2017-2018.  Remember, donations to Rotary International are accumulative and each time you reach $1,000 you get an additional recognition.  Thank you members!

Pictured:  Mark Lauffenburger, Doug Arndt, Belle Davenport, and James Houg.

Not Pictured: Rob Shadley, Charlie Marvin, and Tom Metcalf


Thank you 2018 Board for your Service to WRC!

Pictured:  Doug Arndt, Hope Schroeppel, Angela Bernhardt, Bjorn Meisner, Mark Lauffenburger, Andy Thielen, Kelly Sater, Norrie Thomas, Lynn Groll, James Houg


Not Pictured:  James Larson, Bruce Lea