Brian Kokesh - Guest
Angela Berhnard and Walt Gislason - Hosts

Brian shared his amazing story of his life after a snow mobile accident that resulted in him losing both hands and feet.  His wife, Kaya, shared with us the details of the accident and Brian continued the story about how amazing the Veteran's Administration (VA) was and still is.  They started the recovery with private insurance but Brian was reminded that he is a a Vet and had access to the VA's system.
Brian showed us the different prosthetic that he has on both arms - his right prosthetic has clamps where the hand would be and his right prosthetic has a mechanical hand on the end.  Brian used to play volley ball and golf and the VA was able to make him attachments so that he can play both sports.  Members were very engaged and Brian graciously answered questions and was a very inspiring visitor to the club.
Brian wanted to share an organization, Wiggle Your Toes, that helps to empower those who have lost a limb to move forward, take action and get back to the life they want as a fantastic resource for help.