Dayton Carroll - Hy-Vee - Guest
Chris Pierson - Host

Dayton shared some fun facts about the history of Hy-Vee - one of which is that the organization is company owned and has shared profits with its employees since 1933 - during the Depression.  Founder, David Redenberg, was very customer focused and that trait is still relevant in today's Hy-Vee.
Hy-Vee is looking at how it can contribute to healthy living by having dieticians on hand to assist with shopping, offer nutritional classes, and they support the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  In 2015 Hy-Vee moved into the Twin Cities area and has worked to get involved in the community by sponsoring the Pinky Swear Foundation, US. Bank Stadium, Round-up fundraisers for Vets, and feeding veterans for free on Veteran's Day.
Dayton spoke to member questions about the competitive Twin Cities market, product safety, food insecurity, maintaining a happy culture, location considerations, and the impact of delivery service on the industry.  Wayzata Rotary looks forward to welcoming Dayton soon to our club as a member!