Peter Beaumont - Guest
Shelley Beaumont - Host

Shelley invited her husband Peter to be the guest speaker.  Peter spoke about his time working for The Coca-Cola on the McDonald's business and shared insights into how the businesses helped each other.
Did you know that it was The Coca-Cola Company that came up with the Extra Value Meal?  Did you know that the Coke and McDonald's relationship was and always has been built on the trust of only a handshake?  Did you know that McDonald's used Coca-Cola's extensive distribution network to help them open stores in new countries?
Peter shared stories about the relationship between these two companies and some of the marketing strategies that were used during his tenure there.  If you'd like more insight into what Peter does, you can get his book, The Relationship Roadmap: The Professional Guide for Strategically Building & Maintaining your Business Contacts;  or find him in his retirement consulting with The Resultants.