Marc Dahlquist - Maple Plain Snomad - Guest
Nate Lilleodden - Host

Did you know that the State of Minnesota has over 22,000 miles of groomed snow mobile trails?  Did you also know that the snow mobile industry is a 1 billion dollar a year industry?  The Snowmads works with the Northwest Trails Association, The Department of Natural Resources, and private property owners to ensure safe trails are created and maintained for this popular winter sport.  Snow mobile safety certification is available to children starting at age 12.  For more information on getting a certification to drive a snow mobile, click here.
Marc Dahlquist shared this and other fun information on how volunteers work, lobbying efforts to ensure legislation is in place for paying and grooming of trails, and shared videos of trail grooming and what it is like to drive at night on lighted trails.
If you would like to know more information about the Maple Plain Snowmads, click here.