Sumi Mukherjee - Guest
Steve Hance - Host

Author, Sumi Mukherjee, shared with us how growing up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities as a "brown" child with a "different" name affected his childhood and eventually led to him suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  OCD is a very complicated mental "condition in which an individual is barraged by repeated, unwanted, intrusive thoughts that cause the sufferer to experience extreme anxiety.  These thoughts often focus on issues that the individual views as terrifying threats to either their well-being or their self-image. "*

Sumi shared how bullying, in particular by "Michael," shaped his world.  Ultimately, Sumi was able to confront Michael and come to peace with his tormentor, and he has found that sharing his stories through his books and speaking engagements, continues to help in his journey.  Sumi has published three books:
1.  A Life Interrupted: The Story of my Battle with Bullying and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
2. Father Figure: My Mission to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
3. How to Stand up to Workplace Bullying and Take On an Unjust Employer
* Quoted from a great article by the OCD Center of Los Angeles:  "OCD is Fake News"