Reschedule of Josh Miller from January 30!  Please join us for an offsite meeting at Wayzata City Hall.


Josh Miller, Ready or Not - Here comes Gen Z
Mark Lauffenburger, Host


Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2009) is in the limelight, and their arrival has affected the way that successful organizations attempt to engage young people. The first generation of the 21st century came of age during the most disruptive decade of the last century, and their arrival marks the end of clearly defined roles, traditions, and experiences. Learn from Josh Miller, a 17-year-old Generation Z expert and speaker, about how these shifts are likely to impact your future and what organizations will need to do to engage young volunteers, members, and employees.

Learning Objectives include:  

  • Discover what makes Gen Z different than those generations who came before
  • Learn which driving factors helped shape Generation Zs values and behaviors
  • Understand Generation Z’s preferred communication styles
  • Gain the most effective ways to engage Generation Z in the workplace

Josh Miller is a passionate and informed advocate for his generation—Generation Z. He launched his first business at 14, and now at 17 years old, he is already on his way to becoming a renowned thought leader. Among his many achievements, Josh is XYZ University’s Director of Gen Z Studies, co-author of XYZ University’s research papers Ready or Not – Here Comes Z and Teaching Gen Z: Everything we wish schools knew about our generation and education, and he’s the host of The Gen Z Podcast. In addition to his role at XYZ University, Josh is a junior in high school where he is the captain of his varsity tennis team. He is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.