A Breath of Hope - Ray Alkalai

Ray Alkalai shared statistics around lung cancer that are rather alarming:  1 in 15 Americans are at risk and once diagnosed a person has a 19% chance of living, versus a 92% chance of surviving breast cancer.  The top causes of lung cancer are radon exposure, second hand smoking, exposure to asbestos or other chemicals, family history, and air pollution.  People in Minnesota are at a particularly high risk because of radon gas from the sandstone we are on top of.
Ray's father died of lunch cancer 6 months after being diagnosed and learned then that lung cancer is the most deadliest cancer there is.  He shared 2 very easy and inexpensive ways to help prevent lung cancer.  1 - get a $10 radon test for your home, and if you have high levels get a radon mitigation kit; and the second is to get a low dose CT scan.  Most insurance companies won't pay for a screening unless your are 55 years old and have a 30 year history of smoking.
A Breath of Hope is a Wayzata organization that offers a research fellowship, white ribbon awareness, ambassador programs, patient and family support, as well as fundraising.  Ray would like to see more research being funded and expanded access to screening.  If you would like to learn more about this organization or ways to help, click here.