Doug Arndt, Hope Schroeppel, and Shelley Beaumont attended District Assembly

Doug, Hope, and Shelley spent Saturday morning, April 21, at the Rotary District 5950 District Assembly in Burnsville.  The event was very well organized and attended by smiling Rotarians from all around the district.
There were 7 break out sessions to choose from, and a very moving and touching talk by speaker Maria Nhambu.   Many great ideas were shared around the District's priorities and District Governor Elect, Irene Kelly challenged us to think about as we move to add more women and diverse members to our clubs and work towards Rotary's enhanced humanitarian focus on eliminating Human Trafficking in Minnesota:
1.  How will YOU be the inspiration? 
2. What limiting beliefs are keeping you from taking action?
Stay tuned for updates from Shelley for specific action items you can take as a member of WRC!