Angela LaGrange - Guest
Tech Discounts/Tech Dump

Angela had some interesting facts to share with WRC about the U.S.'s disposable mentality.  The U.S. is home to 5% of the world population yet uses 25% of the world's resources and incarcerates 25% of the world's incarcerated people.  E waste is also the fastest growing wast stream worldwide.
Tech Discounts aims to help provide a pathway back into the workforce with a Work Readiness Training Program to help those who have been incarcerated.  The program is 18 months long and provides life, work, and job-specific skills, as well as international and external certifications, and helps eliminate barriers to work (transportation and housing for example.)  Tech Dump values disadvantaged people and their untapped talent beyond their "worse day."
Several members have taken advantage of their recycling program and members were encouraged to visit the Tech Dump open house or schedule a work collection day.  Recycling your electronics is a super way to get at precious metals that have been used in electronics back into circulation.
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