Wayzata Chamber and Rotary Celebrate "Night to Unite"

If you didn't come to the annual meeting with the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce, you missed a great meeting!  We had many officials from the city with us, including members of the police and fire departments, the- Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, the Mayors of Wayzata and Long Lake, and many other visiting dignitaries.
The highlight of the meeting was hearing stories from Lt. Mike Murphy, of the Wayzata Police Department.  The crimes in Minnesota and nationally range from property and mail theft, the opioid crisis, credit card thefts, sex crimes, and financial crimes.  Lt. Murphy shared real life stories of criminals and acts they were involved in.  One of the most surprising crimes was check thefts from mailboxes.  Be sure to ask a member who attended at the next meeting about that nationwide problem!
Thank you to Wayzata Country Club for a great lunch!