Carlos Javier Hernandez - Guest
Shelley Beaumont - Host

WRC member and Club Administrator, Shelley Beaumont, had her son Pierce's new Autism Service Dog, Merlin, as a special guest at the meeting.  Trainers,  Carlos Hernandez and Greg Vaughn, gave an overview of what the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines as a service animal and gave an overview of what is involved in training a service animal as well as what specific tasks Merlin has been trained for to help Pierce.  Two specific commands include "touch" (to disrupt a negative behavior) and "lay" (to lay down on Pierce to apply deep pressure for anxiety, panic, or rage attacks).


Members asked lots of questions about training and tasks, and were able to meet Merlin.


A special thank you to all members that contributed financially to help Shelley and her family bring Merlin home!!!  For more information on Highland Canine Training/Assistance Dogs for Autism visit here.