Nonna's Intergenerational Christian Montessori
Angela Bernhardt - Host

It was wonderful to have Nonna's visionary founders, Lisa and Keith TerHaar and Michelle and BrentThornton come and share their idea, vision, and work to create Noona's.  Beloved past member, Walt Gislason (referred to as Mr. Walt) is one of the first senior members to attend and stories about how Walt interacts with the children and resident dog were very heartwarming.
Nonna's is the first in the country to combine children and seniors together in a "day care" and social setting.  Nonna's has three classroom environments: babies, toddlers, and seniors.  The classrooms are full of natural life, plants, areas to explore, and many activities are designed to engage all three ages together.
If you would like to know more about Nonna's, please click here, or schedule a visit!  952-300-7860.