Tim Litfin- Guest
J.R. Bosclair - Host

Tim Litfin joined Wayzata Rotary armed with goodies left over from Tour de Tonka 2018 to award to members and generate excitement for this year's event.  Tim created the event 13 years ago and benefits the ICA Foodshelf.  “Bicycle riders participate because Tour de Tonka is pure fun."
Some fun number facts that Tim shared with us:
  • 24 cities are in the Tour de Tonka
  • 8 routes
  • 42 states send riders
  • 100 mile route is highly desirable to riders
  • 88 was the age of the oldest rider in 2017
  • 108 agencies are collaborated with
  • 616 Volunteers participated in 2017
  • 11,954 was the amount of money spent of rest stop food
  • 22,235 was the dollar amount invested in safety (state patrol, police, fire)
The event is always the first Saturday and August and promises to be a fantastic and fun community event.  Several members will be participating this year!  If you would like more details, click here.