Speaker Beth Kantor & Dazzle: Can Do Canines

Host Hope Schroeppel

Wayzata Rotary members and Host Hope Schroeppel welcomed Beth Kantor and her service dog to last week's meeting. Beth is a busy mother of four, a pediatric nurse, and now a volunteer for Can Do Canines. One of the frustrating symptoms of Beth's Multiple Sclerosis is extreme fatigue, and she uses Dazzle's skills to complete tasks, helping Beth conserve her energy for her family and job. Dazzle can fetch household items, choose items from the refrigerator, pick up tiny objects and much more, as demonstrated last week by Beth and Dazzle. Can Do Canines is the Twin Cities' largest trainer of service dogs. They train and provide dogs for a wide range of clients: diabetes patients use the dogs to detect low blood sugar and protect from harm, mobility dogs provide "arms and legs" to those who have difficulty with movement, seizure assistance dogs predict seizures and get their owners to a safe place, hearing-assist dogs can even be trained to use the phone, autism-assist dogs calm their clients and are often tethered to them to prevent wandering, and prisoner assist dogs teach social and responsibility skills. Waiting lists for the more highly trained dogs can be long, even up to several years. Can Do Canines accepts volunteers in their puppy care program and in their office, while training a dog is a 2+ year commitment. Can Do accepts dogs of any breed, and 35% of their dogs come from area rescue organizations. 
Thank you Beth and Hope for an informative and fun program!