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Perry Brown, MD, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician specializing in cystic fibrosis and cp-founded the St. Luke's Cystic Fibrosis Center of Idaho. He has helped lead the center's cystic fibrosis research program and serves on the National Steering Committee for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Therapeutics Development Network. He is also the research medical director for St. Luke's pediatric subspecialities.

Dr. Brown serves as the director of pediatric education for the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho and as the site director for medical student rotations in pediatrics for the University of Washington School of Medicine and the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.

Today, Dr. Brown will share a presentation entitled, "The Birthing and Nurturing of Idaho's First-Ever Pediatrician Training Program."  The discussion includes:

  • How graduate medical education (residency) works for physician training
  • Why Idaho needs a pediatric residency program
  • What is involved in starting a new residency program
  • How a pediatric residency for Idaho would be designed and planned
  • What the additional benefits would be of having a pediatric residency here