February 2018

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Welcome to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club, Founded November 1922


Service Above Self

We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Lake Lawn
2400 East Geneva Street
Delavan, WI  53115
United States
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Joe Guido, Executive Vice President , Friends of The Lakeland School, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Feb 5, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.    Prior to 1950, there were no services provided for the handicapped in public schools in Walworth County.  Walworth County is recognized as one  of the only rural counties in the nation to provide special education opportunities to school age children.   In 1957, the Wisconsin Legislature provided for a Walworth County Handicapped Children’s Education Board (WCHCEB).  The first real school for the Handicapped, called ‘The Special School’ opened in the fall of 1957 in Elkhorn.  The WCHCEB continues to this day, now supervising, among other functions, the Lakeland School.  The New Lakeland School, located on County Highway NN just East of Lakeland Hospital, was opened in 2008 and now has 300 students enrolled.  Lakeland School works closely with the 15 School Districts in the County to help ensure success for disabled students in Walworth County.  The Friends of Lakeland School have donated more than $200,000 dollars to the school for needed items such as specialty chairs, band stands for musicians, and t-shirts for 35 choir members.  The Lakeland School continues to be a huge asset to Walworth County!

Marci Barr, Business Solutions Manager at the Walworth County Job Center, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on January 22, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.  The Walworth County Job Center is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor as part of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.  The mission of the Walworth County Job Center is to put workers with employers.  Marci noted that Wisconsin is essentially at full employment with a 3% unemployment rate and ‘everyone’ is looking for employees.  A signature program today is Dynamic Futures—for 18-24 year olds looking for work.  This program pays for the first 240 hours of employment when someone starts at a company.  This program can help job-seekers succeed.   The Job Center also administers an Apprenticeship Program for employers.  Nicole Punko, Apprenticeship Liaison told Rotarians that there are a number of apprenticeships available to job seekers.   One example is in the manufacturing industry.  These apprenticeships give potential employees great training while getting paid.  More than 3000 employers in Wisconsin use apprenticeships to hire employees.  The website for the Walworth County Job Center is:  www.walworthcountyjobcenter.com   


Matt Johnson, field representative for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Jan 8, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort. Marsy’s law is a national grassroots organization that advocates for victim’s rights. Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas was a UC Santa Barbara student killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only a week later, Marsy’s mother and brother were in a grocery store and were confronted by the accused murderer. They had no idea that he had been released on bail. Marsy’s story is typical of the pain and suffering that family members of murder victims endure.

State Constitutions give accused criminals many rights, but not so for crime victims. The Wisconsin State Senate and Wisconsin Assembly have passed the Marcy’s Law Constitutional Amendment in 2017 by votes of 29-4 and 81-10 respectively. The bills must be passed again in 2019, and then the proposed victim’s right’s wording for the Wisconsin Constitution will have to go to referendum in April 2019 or April 2020. Polling has indicated that 79% of Wisconsinites support Marcy’s Law. The Chairman of Marcy’s Law for All, Dr. Henry T. Nicholas (brother of Marcy) has said, “The United States Constitution currently provides specific rights for those accused and convicted of crimes but fails to provide equal rights for victims of crime”. If you’re in favor of Marcy’s Law, ask your State Senator or State Representative to support SJR 53 and AJR 47. The website is: marsyslawforwi.com

  Cindy Simonsen, Executive Director, VIP Services, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Dec 18, 2017 at Lake Lawn Resort.  VIP Services was founded in 1971.  Their mission is to empower people with disabilities to live more independently and participate more fully in their communities.   VIP services moved into their ‘new’ building in 2007 in Elkhorn, across the street from the High School.  VIP has two main missions: Providing Walworth County disabled residents with employment skills training/community inclusion and  Wal-to-Wal Dial-a-Ride.  VIP serves about 75 clients now in their work center—with a range of abilities and jobs.  The Dial-a-ride program has grown to 37 vehicles and 45 drivers providing affordable transportation options for Walworth County seniors, disabled citizens and entry level employees.  Cindy said that this program has been the largest growth area at VIP Services in the last 2 years.  The Wal-to-Wal program is a great option for seniors and the disabled—who make up 22% of Walworth County’s population.  Their websites are:  www.vipservices-inc.org and  www.wal-to-wal.com    
The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club celebrated the Christmas Season with their annual party at Greenies on Dec 4, 2017.  After a great meal of tenderloin, the DDHS Lydian Choir sang Christmas Tunes for the audience.  As always, their talented voices gave a nice touch to the Christmas Season. 
             Ben Merens, former host of the Wisconsin Public Radio Show ‘At Issue’, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club about the Blood Research Institute, part of the Blood Center of Wisconsin.  Ben told Rotarians that the biggest challenge facing the Blood Research Institute is “getting the word out”.  The Blood Research Institute, located in a Laboratory near Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, has 42 renowned scientists doing research to help cure blood diseases and cancer.  Their research hopes to make current cancer treatments—chemo and radiation—a thing of the past with immunotherapy taking their place.  The researchers are seeing great success in some types of lung cancer using immunotherapy.  (using one’s own immune system to fight the cancer)  90% of the research at the Blood Research Institute is funded by grants from the NIH (National Institute of Health).  Ben closed his presentation by telling a story of a Verizon Salesman that he had met when trying to get a new phone.  The salesman was unusually upbeat.  As it turns out, he was a double lung transplant recipient for 20 years and was doing extremely well.  The drug developed to prevent rejection of transplanted organs was the key to his life.  He had three children, including twins who had been born at 24 weeks and are now thriving.  When asked if he exercised, the salesman replied, “Yes, I chase my children around the house”.  This simple story of survival underscores the importance of research in improving all our lives concluded Ben. 
Rotary Students of the Month for November 2017, Payton Zacharias and Richard Karbash, spoke to our club on November 27, 2017 at Lake Lawn Resort. 
Payton is heavily involved in School Plays and Forensics.  She is the National Honor Society Secretary and has participated in Destination Imagination, International Club and Comet Mentors.  She has been accepted at UW River Falls and is undecided on a major but is considering Criminal Psychology. 
Richard Karbash has acted in every play that DDHS has produced since he was in High School.  He has a twin brother and takes a number of Advanced Placement Courses such as AP English, AP Calculus, AP Psychology and AP Physics.  His real passion is the Lydian Choir and Jazz Band.  He plans to attend UW Whitewater to major in Computer Science and Political Science.  In his spare time, he is building his own computer.
Robert Beezat, author of 'Character Based Management" spoke to The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Nov 13, 2017.  Robert is a retired city manager that lectures on management. One and a half years ago, he wrote the book as an outgrowth of a class he was teaching about the principles of management.. Robert said that Henry Fayal's quote "In making decisions, the morality of the decision maker influences the decision. In teaching his classes, Robert asks audiences about their worst boss and then their best boss. The list of traits for the bad boss are inevitably longer than the traits for the good boss. Robert also stressed that management is more of an art than a science. Finally he closed with 10 tips for managers: 1. Shut up and listen; 2. Involve your employees; 3.Don't be afraid to be challenged by employees. 4. Help people grow; 5.Help people solve problems; 6.Genuinely respect and care for employees; 7.Treat everyone equitably and fairly; 8. Learn as broadly as possible; 9. Be a person of your word; and finally 10. Be healthy. Robert's website is www.robertbeezat.com His book is available on Kindle e-books and Amazon Books. 
   Elkhorn Rotarian Dawn Heath spoke to our club on Oct 30th about human trafficking in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is #2 in human trafficking in the U.S.!  Dawn highlighted an upcoming program at Elkhorn Area High School on January 11, 2018, 6:00-8:30 PM.  Theresa Flores, a trafficking survivor will speak at the event.  Walworth County Sheriff Kurt Picknell will also be at the event.  Walworth County has a county wide initiative to fight human trafficking.  Because of Wisconsin 's central location and heavy interstate traffic from the Minneapolis area to Chicago, human trafficking is a problem in Wisconsin.  The upcoming program in January is co-sponsored by the Elkhorn Rotary Club, Sugar Creek Lutheran Church, UW Extension and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Rock, Walworth and Jefferson Counties. 

Rotary Students of the month Ryan Severson and Madeline Freitag spoke to our club today. Ryan has been heavily involved in volunteer activities in high school. He is a tutor for the community learning center and helps elementary students. He has also helped tutor students preparing for the military entrance ASVAB test and Algebra II. He hopes to major in Finance at UW Madison and eventually get an MBA.

Madeline Freitag has also done a lot of volunteering and participation in sports. She currently is in Pom Dance, Swimming and Track. Madeline most recently served as the Captain of The Girl's Swim Team. She takes a number of Advanced placement courses, her favorite being AP Art. She hopes to study Graphic Design and Photography at UW Madison. Madeline also has her own photography business.

Pictured left to right:  John Scherer, John Henderson (Elkhorn Rotary Club), Denise Pieroni, Wayne Osborn, Dr. Jack Wonderlick, Club President Barb Bauer and Rebecca Lemire
As part of the 2017-18 Rotary International 1.2 million tree planting challenge,  Delavan-Darien Rotarians planted the first of 20 trees at Phoenix Park.  The other trees will be planted in several locations in Delavan and Darien.   Current Rotary International President Ian Riseley challenged each of the 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide to plant a tree by Earth Day, April 22, 2018.  The greater result Riseley said “will be a Rotary that recognizes our responsibility not only to the people on our planet, but to the planet itself”.  The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club meets Monday Noon at Lake Lawn Resort. 

   Club President Barb Bauer presenting APFV Executive Director Heidi Lloyd a check for $2127 raised at the pig and chicken roast. APFV provides supportive services, advocacy and community education for adult and child victims of domestic or sexual abuse. In 2015, APFV helped 697 victims of domestic violence and their families in Walworth County. APFV also helped 320 victims of sexual assault and abuse--75% of those victims were children. Their website is www.apfvwalworth.com
    On Monday October 16th, Rotarians from the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club (DDRC) finished their third and final highway cleanup of the year.  The DDRC picks up trash on Hwy 11/14 west of Hwy 89 to the county line.  Shown in the picture are Sue Costoff (L) and Rotarian Marilyn Cayo (R).  The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club was founded in 1922 and meets Monday Noons at Lake Lawn Resort. 
               Dr. Patrick Peyer, VP for Enrollment at George Williams College, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club at Lake Lawn Resort on Oct 2, 2017.  George Williams is a private college, part of Aurora University.  George Williams College dates to the late 1800’s in Downers Grove, IL.  The Downers Grove Campus closed in 1985, and moved to Williams Bay.  George Williams College is a four year college offering bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees.  Bachelor degrees are offered in 5 different academic areas, including—new this fall—nursing.  Tuition is the lowest of any private college in Wisconsin and the second lowest of any private college in Illinois.  98% of the 300 undergrad and graduate students receive scholarships or financial aid.  With this aid, George Williams College Tuition compares favorably to schools such as UW Whitewater said Peyer.  Dr. Peyer’s goal is to increase undergraduate enrollment at George Williams College.  He closed by saying that George Williams is the ideal campus for a student who is looking for a small school and is interested in Business, Environmental Studies, Nursing, Psychology or Social Work. 
  The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club, in conjunction with other area clubs and the APFV, conducted a fund-raiser at the End Zone on Saturday September 23, 2017. Delavan-Darien Rotary Club President reported that more than $2000 gross had been raised. APFV provides supportive services for adult and child victims of domestic violence. Shown in the picture from L to R are Janis Scharnot, APFV Board Member, Rotarian Denise Pieroni and Club President Barb Bauer.
  Rotary District Governor Jeff Reed spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club September 25, 2017 at Lake Lawn Resort.  Jeff, on sabbatical  from Marian University in Fond du Lac, has been a Rotarian since 2000.  He told assembled Rotarians that he became a Rotary Member because he was asked.  And, he became a Rotarian after a trip to Irkutsk, Russia to visit a project his club had funded with a Rotary Club in Russia.  The project was a revolving micro loan program.  Jeff saw Irina, an Irkutsk farmer, use the load to rebuild her barn.  He said that this trip showed him ‘service above self’ in action.  In this Rotary year, Jeff told Rotarians that Rotary International President Ian Riseley of Australia has established a goal of 1.2 million trees being planted by Arbor Day April 27, 2018.  The local Rotary District has a goal of planting 2,800 trees and Delavan-Darien has a goal of 20.  The other major project ongoing in Rotary since 1985, is Polio Eradication.  In 1985, there were 350,000 cases a year worldwide.  With Rotary’s investment of 2.5 Billion Dollars for polio vaccines (and with the help of WHO and others, there have only been 10 cases of polio WORLDWIDE this year!!  The only two endemic countries left are Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The Gates Foundation has recently announced a 2 for one match with the Rotary Foundation to help get to the end zone of polio eradication.  Rotary’s goal is 150 million dollars and with the Gates Foundation, 450 million dollars could be used to finish the job.
    Delavan-Darien Rotary Club past president Wayne ‘Ozzie’ Osborn (L) presents a check for $200 to Lucie Hake, founder of the International Little Artists Foundation.  The foundation helps children connect globally through use of the fine arts.   The mission of the Foundation states  “We believe in creating space for children and youth to freely express their dreams, wishes, ideas, hopes and solutions through their self-expression, truly listen to them and learn from them!”
Lilly Barrett, program coordinator, Walworth County Literacy Council (WCLC), spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on September 11, 2017 at Lake Lawn Resort.  The WCLC was founded 14 years ago.  Lilly has been coordinator since May of last year.  WCLC has 45 tutors today, and is always in need of more teachers.  7.6% of Walworth County Residents are illiterate and today’s economy makes reading vitally important.  The illiteracy rate in Wisconsin’s 72 counties ranges from 4% to 10.9%.  The WCLC also helps Walworth County Residents prepare for their GED, prepare for the Citizenship Exam and teach ESL (English as a second language).  Lilly  told assembled Rotarians that WCLC is always looking for good tutors (that must undergo a background check).  She also said that there are always more students than tutors.    Lilly closed with a story about a 68 year old man who couldn’t read and always ordered hot dogs or hamburger when he was at a restaurant--because those were the only food words he knew.  He also said, ‘I was getting really tired of eating hot dogs and hamburgers all the time!”  The WCLC’s website is:  www.walworthcoliteracy.com

The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club has adopted a section of highway in the Adopt a Highway Program.  Two or three times a year, the club walks the two mile section of highway 11/14 from Highway 89 west to the county line.  After picking up a lot of trash, Rotarians adjourned to Whiskey Ranch to enjoy a lunch, but no whiskey! 
  Rotary District 6270 (Northeast and Southeast Wisconsin) Tree Planting Coordinator Brian Monroe spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Aug 7, 2017 at Lake Lawn Resort.  According to Brian,  Rotary International President Ian Riseley of Sandringham Australia,  set a challenge for Rotary in 2017-18:  Plant one tree for each Rotarian.  That would be 1.2 million trees!  Brian helped the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club plan their tree planting projected for this upcoming year.  This project would support the environment and sustainability Brian stressed.  The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club plans to plant twenty trees in various Delavan/Darien locations during this Rotary Year.  Brian strongly encouraged the Delavan-Darien Club to get the community involved in this project, especially local schools.  The Club will discuss where to plant the trees and come up with a plan in the coming months.  The project would ideally be completed by April 22, 2018 which happens to be Arbor Day. 
Dr. Jack Wonderlick, Delavan-Darien Rotarian, spoke to our club on Aug 21, 2017.  Jack is a retired Oral Surgeon and current professional ski instructor.  Jack has been a Rotarian since 1990, mostly in Loves Park, IL before moving full time to the Delavan area.  Jack is a Chicago Area native and started skiing at age 13.  He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1967, and then attended Dental School. After Dental School, Jack decided to specialize in Dental Surgery.  His training took several years and it was 1977 before he was in private practice.  Jack said that he very much enjoyed the trauma part of dental surgery.  His post doctoral training in dental surgery involved training with physicians who were training as surgeons.  When his daughter turned 13, Jack returned to skiing, including trips to Aspen, Colorado.  He founded a ski club in 1992 in the Rockford, IL area.    In 2006, Jack retired from Dental Surgery and in his own words, "became a ski-bum!"  Jack has taught skiing at Grand Geneva and is a member of the PSIAA (Professional Ski Instructors Association of America).  Jack is pictured holding a skull that he used as an education device in his dental practice along with his ski hat with many pins attached. 
Delavan-Darien Rotary Club members met at the Rotary Peace Garden.  After a catered lunch from Panera and a club assembly, club members picked up trash and did some weeding at the gardens.