January 2019

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Welcome to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club, Founded November 1922


Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Lake Lawn
2400 East Geneva Street
Delavan, WI  53115
United States of America
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Jan 23, 2019
Spirit of Hope Homeless Shelter
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Rotarian Barb Bauer checking the next Meals on Wheels delivery address.  During the week of Jan 2-4, 2019, the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club delivered 'Meals on Wheels'.  The route takes about one hour to complete and is located mostly within the city of Delavan.  Meals on Wheels recipients are always very thankful for the delivered meals.

Rotary Students of the month Aidan Showalter (Top) and Esther Jeninga spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Monday, December 17, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.
Aidan attended St Andrew through 8th grade. He has been on the High Honor Roll every semester he has been in High School! He's also the president of The National Honor Society Chapter at the High School. Aidan has volunteered for the Delavan Food Pantry and played Football on the varsity team during his Junior and Sen...ior years. He's been accepted at UW Platteville and MSOE to study Electrical Engineering.

Esther Jeninga told Rotarians that she was prepared because "her mother told her to write out her remarks". Esther has been involved in Theater and singing throughout her high school career. She also volunteers with the DAYS foundation, the Apple Pie Fundraiser at Delavan Christian School and sings on the worship team at Delavan Christian Reformed Church. She hopes to study at UW Whitewater majoring in Physics Education. Her goal is to be a high school teacher in Physics. Finally, Esther also hopes to continue singing and acting in local plays.

Dr. Jeff Scherer, president of the Delavan-Darien School District Board, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Dec 17, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort. A member of the School Board since 2007, Dr. Scherer is now the longest tenured member.
The Delavan-Darien School District was founded in the mid 1970's by consolidating the 28 elementary schools that existed at that time. This consolidation was controversial at the time, as local residents didn't want to give up control of their individual schools. Two years ago, the School Board voted to change the way members were elected. In the past, each school board member represented a specific geographic district. Now, all board members are elected at large--easing the task of finding qualified and interested candidates.
The district budget is some 29 Million Dollars each year. The recently passed referendum gives the District 2.8 million dollars of additional revenue over the next four years. Since 1993, each school district in Wisconsin has a revenue cap based on a per student dollar figure. Currently, the revenue cap for the District is $9,400 per student. The only way to exceed that cap is to go to the voters for a referendum.
Dr. Scherer told Rotarians that the Board has used Act 10, the Budget Repair Bill passed in 2011 to trim costs in the district. The Board also hopes to re-engineer the District Strategic Plan. He said that they would like to start a Birth to 3 year old day care program with certified teachers, possibly at Wileman Elementary. If instituted, this program could lead to reopening the Darien Elementary School. Dr. Scherer pointed with pride to the State Department of Education Report Card. The district received 83.6%, the highest score in the area. And, he noted, the dual language immersion program has attracted an inflow of 50-60 students to the district, helping to mitigate the outflow of 600 students due to open enrolling in other districts.
The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club celebrated Christmas again this year at Greenies.  Delicious tenderloin with all the trimmings was served.  The fabulous DDHS Lydian Choir sang a selection of Christmas Songs and Hymns.  This year, all of the singers except two were seniors!  Director Jim Larsen said it will be difficult to replace so many great singers. 
Rotary International President Barry Rassin of Nassau, Bahamas, spoke to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee (RCM).  More than 50 visiting Rotarians from District 6270 joined RCM members to hear his talk.  Barry's main point was to thank assembled Rotarians for their support of worldwide projects like Polio Plus.  In 1979, Rotary eradicated polio in the Philippines.  The World Health Organization wasn't ready at that point to get behind a worldwide eradication effort.  Then Rotary helped eliminated Polio in Cuba.  After re-engagement with the WHO, the effort to eliminate polio began in earnest.  In 1985, there were 350,000 cases per year.  So far this year, only 27 cases have been reported!  Barry also told about a Global Grant project in Manilla.  That project was a dialysis center.  Because of Rotarians, 80% of the patients can get free dialysis treatments.  Barry told assembled Rotarians that a woman patient told him that because of Rotarians, she was alive!  He also asked Rotarians what we can do to make Rotary more relevant to today's world.  He suggested starting more Rotaract Clubs.  Rotaract Clubs are adults age 18-30 who take action in their communities.  Barry finished by saying that when you pick up a rock, you pick up the past.  When you pick a flower, you are picking up the future.  And finally, if you change a life, you change the future.   
Ron Sandoval, Director of Language Acquisition and Community Education for the Delavan-Darien School District, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on November 26, 2018 at Lake Lawn about the Dual Language Education (DLE) Program.  The Dual Language Program is in its 5th year.  The Delavan area has a long history of Hispanic Residents moving to the area back to 1931.  By the 1960’s-1970’s, migrant families started to spend all year in the Delavan Area.  Today, 30% of the Delavan Population is of Hispanic Descent.  And, 53% of students in the District are of Hispanic Descent.  Ron told Rotarians that only two of 473 Districts in the state have higher needs than Delavan for language training—and both are on a Native American Reservation.  27% of Delavan-Darien District Students need language training now.
The Dual Language Program started in the mid 1980’s with one bilingual teacher.  After an 6 year run from 1998-2004, the Bilingual Language Program was dropped.  The current version of Dual Language Education began in 2013-14.  Currently there are 16 ESL (English as a second language) staff.  And, Ron stressed, it is difficult to get highly qualified dual language instructors.  The district has recruited internationally for highly qualified instructors.    The program starts in 4K (Kindergarten for 4 year olds).  The first year, instruction is 90% Spanish and 10% English.  By 5th grade, the instruction is 50%-50%.  Students are fully bilingual, biliterate and bicultural by the end of 5th grade.  Today, there are 370 students enrolled in the program and consist of 50% Hispanic background students and 50% English as a first language students.  Ron stressed that the program is best when begun at the 4K level—young minds are very capable of learning two languages at the same time.  And, he stated, the byproducts of bicultural education are extremely valuable.  Any parent who would like their child to be enrolled in the DLE Program can go to the website www.ddschools.org/dle   and fill out the Student Interest Form. 

 Edward Caceres, who grew up in Lima, Peru, is a Small Business Development Center Consultant in Rockford, IL. Edward holds a bachelor’s degree from Lima, Peru and an MBA from Rockford University. He operated a number of business both in Peru and the United States. He is also an Aram Public Library Trustee in Delavan. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides a vast array of technical support to businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. SBDC’s are funded with federal and state dollars. They don’t charge for their services. Edward said that the hardest problem facing prospective entrepreneurs is finding financial support for their prospective businesses. The SBDC works with local banks to help with this issue. There are also SBDC’s near UW Parkside and UW Milwaukee. Edward said that his job is “The best job in the world”. He enjoys helping small businesses succeed. And he told Rotarians that prospective business owners must “think outside the box”, as many jobs and business don’t even exist today. Their website is: www.rockfordsbdc.ord
Rotary Students of the month Lizzy Sirkman (bottom photo) and Madelyn Gonzalez spoke to our club on November 12, 2018.  Lizzy is ranked 1st in her class of 192.  She is president of the student senate, has been involved in National Honor Society and is a member of the international club.  She volunteers for the DAYS foundation and is a site leader.  She manages several sports teams and enjoys math like Advanced Placement Calculus.  She would like to attend the University of Washington and study environmental architecture.
Madelyn Gonzalez is #5 of 192 in her class.  She is in National Honor Society and played Volleyball for 3 years.  She participates in Biz Tank and the DAYS foundation, where she is also a site leader.  Madelyn coaches Recreation League Volleyball as well. She hopes to attend UW Madison or Madison Tech and study dentistry. 
During the week of 29 October-2 November, the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club delivered 'Meals on Wheels' to City of Delavan Residents.  The Meals on Wheels program is administered by Walworth County.  Recipients are very thankful for the delicious hot meal delivered five days a week at lunch time.
DDHS Senior Olivia Patterson spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on October 15th at Lake Lawn Resort. Olivia attended the World Affairs Seminar at Carroll University, Waukesha, WI in June of 2018. The theme of the World Affairs Seminar was Innovation. On the first day of the seminar, Olivia met her roommate from Italy and also met a student from Jamaica. Initially, she said that it appeared that the many delegates to the seminar were different, but as the week wore on, it became remarkable how alike they all were. The Capstone project for the Seminar was answering the question, "What is Innovation to me and where will it take you". Her group solicited opinions of the 200 some delegates on sticky notes.  The response was overwhelming.   Olivia closed by telling Rotarians that the World Affairs Seminar taught her that it is a privilege to participate in Democracy.
On Monday October 15, Rotary Students of the month Olivia Patterson and Katelynn Riviere spoke to our club.  Olivia is a senior and has been involved in the DAYS foundation, Student Council, National Honor Society and the Soccer Team.  She has been involved in soccer since a young child.  Olivia is interested in studying neuroscience, and especially what makes a human human.  She hopes to study at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities or the University of Washington in Seattle.  Katelynn Riviere is also a senior and has been heavily involved in FFA.  She has raised beef and horses.  She's currently the Vice President of the National Honor Society and has been president and vice president of the DDHS FFA Chapter.  The FFA chapter is very involved in community service such as a food drive for the Delavan Food Bank.  Katelynn has also been involved in the National Short Horn Association.  She hopes to study Biology and Pharmacology at either the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities or at UW Madison.  Katelynn is pictured on top  and then Olivia.
Rotary District 6270 Governor Kola Alayande spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Oct 1st at Lake Lawn Resort. Kola is a second generation Rotarian and a social entrepreneur and Academic. He has completed 47 visits of the 54 Rotary Clubs in the District. His message was that Rotarians need to attract young professionals to Rotary. He described becoming a Rotarian as being like becoming a citizen of the U.S. It’s not just handed to you, you need to earn it and have a heart for service. Kola said there is no easy formula to attract new members you simply have to ask. And if the prospective Rotarian says no, perhaps your ‘sales pitch’ wasn’t sufficient. He encourage Rotarians to ask again and that you might have to ask 10 people to get one Rotarian to join. He closed by telling Delavan-Darien Rotarians that they are the heart of Rotary.
The first Downtown Delavan Wine Walk was a great success.  100 people participated at 14 business locations in Downtown Delavan.  Two wine selections were available at each business.  Wine Walkers could try each wine at each location.  Every participant was given a 'passport' that could be signed to signify each stop.  Participants had a great time sampling wine. 
Rotary Students of the month Emily Graham and Caroline Flesch spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on Sept 10, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.  Emily (top photo) took half of her courses junior year as Advanced Placement Courses (AP).  She is a member of National Honor Society, French Club, Pit Orchestra and orchestra.  She plays piccolo, flute and piano.  She also participates in her church choir.  Emily plans to attend Carroll University.
Caroline Flesch has participated in band and choir and plays the flute, piccolo and sax.  She has served on the stage crew for DDHS Musicals, is a Comet Mentor and is in the National Honor Society.  Caroline hopes to attend the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. 
Dan Nordsieck, executive director United Way of Walworth County, spoke to The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on September 10, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.  Dan came from a sales and business background and has been in the job for about 4 months. The United Way of Walworth County was formed by the merger of the Delavan and Lake Geneva Area United Ways in 2009. Dan told Rotarians that the three pillars of United Way are Education, Financial Stability and Good Health.
United Way of Walworth County supports more than 40 agencies serving county residents. Last year about $244,000 dollars were raised. There is not an annual kickoff of a campaign now, as contributions are solicited year round. Examples of the 40 agencies supported are Open Arms Free Clinic, SMILES, Twin Oaks Shelter, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the DAYS Foundation and the Walworth County Food Pantry. Donations can be made at  www.uw-wc.org
  Dr. Jennifer Charpentier, Executive Director of the Gateway Technical College Foundation spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on August 13, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.  Dr. Charpentier updated Rotarians on the Gateway Promise Scholarship Program.  The ‘Gateway Promise’ provides tuition free access to world-class career and technical education for graduating High School Seniors that live in the Gateway Technical College District. (Racine, Kenosha and Walworth Counties)  The Gateway Promise was begun two years ago.  In 2017, 166 scholarships were awarded.  For 2018, 188 scholarships have been awarded.  For some students, this is the only way they could attend college.  Jennifer told Rotarians of one student who wanted to be a Homicide Detective.  Now enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program, the student said, “without this scholarship, I never could have attended college”.      The Gateway Technical College Foundation has an endowment of 7 million dollars today, and 2.4 million dollars of that total have come from supporting the Gateway Promise Scholarship.  Gateway Technical College has more than 21,000 students and offers 65 different programs.  Google Gateway Promise Scholarship for more information. 
Rotarian Denise Pieroni delivering a meal for the "meals on wheels" program. The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club took the week of July 30- Aug 3 to deliver meals to City of Delavan area residents. The meals on wheels program delivers nutritious meals to persons aged 60 or older and  homebound. The Walworth County Health and Human Services Department administers the Meals on Wheels Program.
Rotarian Wayne 'Ozzie' Osborn rode shotgun with Rotarian John Scherer.  They delivered 14 meals to Delavan area senior citizens.  The meals on wheels program is a volunteer effort administered by Walworth County.  The meals are delivered to the Methodist Church in Delavan.  There is a detailed instruction book with directions to each of the recipients.  For many of the recipients, this is their best meal each day, and it provides vital human contact.  The Delavan-Darien Rotary Club delivers meals from July 30-August 3rd.
Andrew Olsen (R) and Mike Cole spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on July 23, 2018 at Lake Lawn. Andrew Olsen is the District Executive of the Indian Trails District, Boy Scouts. Mike Cole is the Indian Trails District Commissioner. The District includes 44 Cub Scout Packs, 35 Boy Scout Troops, 13 Venturing Crews and 5 Explorer Posts--a total of 2,421 youth. 39 scouts achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2017. The District also collected over 20,000 pounds of food in the annual Scouting for Food Project.

Dave Bretl, Walworth County Administrator, spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club on July 9, 2018 at Lake Lawn Resort.  He spoke on the "State of the County".  And he pronounced the state as good.  Walworth County is now debt free! The county stopped bonding for construction projects in 2011, and on Tuesday July 10th, there will be a 'bond burning' ceremony at the County Offices.  Since 2005, the County has built a new Judicial Center, a new Lakeland Health Care Facility, the new Lakeland School and a Public Works Vehicle Maintenance Facility.  The Health and Human Services Building will break ground in the fall of 2018 and will be completed in December 2019.  This building will be financed with cash.  Dave noted that not only is the county debt free, it has kept tax increases very low since 2013--averaging about .5% per year.   In 2017, the lax levy decreased by 1.86%.  Challenges for the future include finding enough volunteer Fire/EMS members and an aging population.   But in closing, Dave assured Rotarians that Walworth County is very healthy. 
On Sunday June 3rd, Rotarian John Scherer presented college scholarships to Katelyn Rosenow (Top picture) and Litzy Andrade.  Katelyn's scholarship was for a four year college program. Litzy's was for a two year program.  Katelyn Rosenow had been a Rotary Student of the month earlier in the school year.
  On June 4, 2018 Pam Schwalbach (L)
and Karen Puhl spoke to the Delavan-Darien Rotary Club at Lake Lawn Resort. Pam and Karen were both connected to Africa in the mid 2000’s. Both were then presented opportunities to visit Africa in 2009. Pam went to live in Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro and Karen went to Mali, West Africa. Both women discovered that most Africans have virtually nothing compared to Americans. Even food was a daily struggle for the people they met in Africa. Both came home with a passion for helping Africa, specifically in the county of Tanzania. (East Africa, just south of the county of Kenya) In February of 2010, 65,000 meals were packed for Tanzania at a high school in Menomonee Falls, WI. Since then, Pam and Karen have made 17 trips to Tanzania. Their organization, Simple Hope, is a 501©(3) organization and has broadened into Fruit Tree Planting, Clean Water, Food Preservation, Chickens and other agricultural sustainment projects. Simple Hope is a Christian Based organization, but works with all faiths and government and non-government organizations. Their website is: www.simple-hope.com