Posted by Larry Stillwell
Kentville Police Bicycle Training:
The Rotary Club Kentville supports our community in many areas. Recently we received a request from the Kentville Police who are combining with the Town in holding a bicycle rodeo for 200 kids (all grade 3-5) at Kings County Academy.  The Police Chief was looking for assistance with securing helmets for at risk kids who don't have a helmet or the ability to purchase one. From a children’s safety perspective this would also support children’s safety at the skate park. Through Community Services we were able to support the initiative to the sum of $ 800.00 and the Rotary Logo will be prominently displayed on all forms of community & parent communication. In fact, our logo will also be on the course completion certificate. The event is taking place on June 19th.
Recently I had the pleasure of delivering the Cheque to the Kentville Police Department and was asked to pose for a picture with the Deputy Chief, and it is not a mug shot due to a transgression of any type.