Great work done by our Rotary Foundation.
The Rotary Club of Galveston has a Foundation.  Members of the Club are elected to the Foundation Board of Directors.  During the Rotary year, the Foundation reviews grants that have been submitted by not for profit organizations in the community.  In recent years, the average grant awarded by the Galveston Rotary Foundation, Inc. has been $1,600.00. Preference is given to projects where Galveston Rotarians are directly involved and for programs and projects that directly serve people in the community. 
Ideally, such projects should 1) promote Rotary‚Äôs mission and ideals, 2) enhance the greater Galveston community, and 3) embrace access, fairness, inclusiveness and diversity. Areas of primary focus include human health, hunger, housing, structured learning, literacy, youth recreation and camping, employment and training, civic improvement, neighborhood improvement, environmental improvement, historic preservation, crime prevention, public safety and arts and culture. 
Funding preference is given to tax-exempt charitable organizations, and awards are not made to endowment funds or to retire existing debt or to pay costs the applicant is already obliged to pay.   The COVID pandemic has negatively effected organizations in the Galveston community that provide services for the most vulnerable of our residents.  The Foundation Board of Directors recently reviewed applications and awarded five (5) $3,000.00 grants to the following:  St. Vincent de Paul Holy Family Parish, Lighthouse Charities, Galveston Urban Ministries, the Salvation Army and the Resource and Crisis Center.