Posted by Alexa Rundquist on May 03, 2019
Glen Juntti, a member who actively seeks out opportunities to give back and expand the reach of Minnetonka Rotary. HIs work is not defined by titles but the impact in our Club and community. 
From the day Glen joined the club he jumped right in. He is actively at meetings, unless Grandpa duty calls him away. Glen has taken on the task of keeping our on-line club calendar up to date.   This entails getting the details of the club event/service project/meeting from committee chairs and club officers and posting them to our web page.  He also posts District 5950 events/meetings/seminars.  The information is available to members via the web page or the Club Runner app.  Members never have to wonder who our next speaker is or when our next social event is he is on top of the calendar. 
Glen also lends his hand on the Community Service Committee. Glen brought a new and exciting project to Minnetonka Rotary with Bikes4Kidz. For the last two years members have been able to volunteer their time with the organization fixing bikes that will be given to kids.  Glen is actively volunteering with ICA food shelf on Saturdays.  Our club continues to run smoothly and efficiently due to his efforts.
Glen actively seeks out speakers to engage and expand the knowledge of the Club's membership. 
Glen is a generous donor to Rotary International and has been honor with a Paul Harris Society +2 pin. 
Glen embodies the "People of Action" motto from Rotary International. We are lucky that when Glen retired he chose Minnetonka Rotary to give his time to.   
Fellow Rotarians share a few words about Glen: 
"Working with Glen on the Foundation has been a great pleasure. Glen provides leadership and thoughtful insight on a variety of matters. He has also been a great treasurer and has kept fastidious records which has made the work of the Foundation easier." Jacob B. Millner, Fellow Rotarian, Minnetonka Rotary Foundation President 2018-2019
"Glen IS NOT a micro-manager but he is able to put the Minnetonka Rotary Foundation Treasurer’s report in the micro-est format that encompasses one sheet of paper! He helps us to keep all the different “donation pots” in balance and on a distribution schedule for each fiscal year." Char Murphy, Fellow Rotarian, Fellow Minnetonka Rotary Foundation Board Member

"Glen is what I would define as a all hands in member of our Community Service Committee. His efforts in seeking out new volunteer opportunities for our club such as FreeBikes4Kids, managing our volunteer schedule at the ICA or maintaining our master calendar of community service opportunities, are greatly appreciated. We are thankful to have his energy and commitment as we serve our community through Rotary." Jennifer St. Clair, Fellow Rotarian, Executive Director - Hopkins Education Foundation