Minnetonka Rotarians share why they joined and stay


Past President Nancy Davis

I joined Rotary for… opportunities for community and world service.
I stay because … of close friendships, enthusiasm for all the projects, and learning more about the community.  


President Elect Chris Carr


I joined Rotary for… International Exchange –opportunity to host and give my daughter a chance to have international travel.
I stay because … it’s an amazing family of people wanting to help and support great causes.




Lenny Newman - Past President

I joined Rotary for… an opportunity to give back.
I stay because … for one day each week I have a special place to go with special people.


Frank Babka - Past President

I joined Rotary because… it was recommended to me by a cohort, and my Dad had  been a member for decades.
I stay because … it’s a great national and global organization, I love the members of this club, plus we have great speakers.






President Stacey Quinn
I joined Rotary for… so many reasons – servant leadership, my kids, building responsible youth, global diversity, adventure….
I stay because … of the people/friendship/family – world & domestic travel. 






Nate Rundquist - Visioning Chair

I joined Rotary for… Community Service and my employer paid for it.
I stay because … of the people.





Char Murphy - Minnetonka Rotary Foundation Member

I joined Rotary … to make a difference in my part of the world. I knew Rotary through my Rotarian father.
I stay because … I love the group, the programs, the camaraderie, and making a difference for my family and community. 

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Mac Hardin - Treasurer

I joined Rotary because…I felt welcome and at home, much different than my first club.
I stay because … the friends I have made and the opportunities to contribute.