Denver LoDo and Port Vila Rotary Clubs team up with Peace Corps Volunteer to provide need water storage for Nofo School on Emae Island in Vanuatu

Report from Annalisa Berardinelli, PCV 2017-2019 at Nofo School, Emae Island, Vanuatu:

There are about 200 people on the school grounds during the week, 8 families that live there, and 30 boarding students that also reside on the school grounds. Prior to these two tanks, there were only 3 other ones. The dry season lasts from about June to November. Last year and in 2017 there were school cancellations because of the lack of water available to students to drink during the day. So far this year there have been none. In order to enhance learning and create a healthy learning environment, there needs to be access to clean water. Moreover it is a right to have access to clean drinking water, which you and your club have allowed for these students and families. In addition, it inspired the school principal to ask some men to come clean and re-cement the inside of two other rain collection tanks on the grounds, creating a grand total of 7 sources of water (5 new ones this year). Thank you very much for your persistence and dedication to this project.