In early August, Rotarians from Littleton and Summit County joined forces with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District and community volunteers to restore the stairway leading to the overlook at the top of Loveland Pass. The stairway project is part of a greater effort to enhance the visitor experience to Loveland Pass and the adjacent trails leading to significant mountains on both sides of the Pass. A Rotary Trail Steward program was initiated so that visitors to Loveland Pass may have someone there to answer questions, provide trail maps, offer ice water to cyclists and other visitors, and take family pictures. Rotarians volunteer as Trail Stewards on select days throughout the travel season.
Knowing that Rotary Clubs have been a significant community service organization in Colorado for the past 107 years, trail guide author, Dave Muller, suggested efforts begin to have the 12,479’ un-named mountain at the end of the 1.52 mile west trail officially recognized as Rotary Peak. Rotary club members in the Front Range and Mountain communities jumped on the idea. As part of that effort, programs were begun to engage young people in outdoor activities with the focus being on the trail leading to what locals are now calling Rotary Peak. Hundreds of community needs have been met thanks to the dedicated efforts of the women and men who join Rotary. Their good work continues to make a difference at home and throughout the world.