L-R: Diana Doyle, Darlee Whiting, LaDonna Jurgensen, Rev. Trudy Robinson, Sandy Perkins.
Seated: Dr. Barbara Chase
Recently, many of the women leaders in Littleton Rotary were in attendance and gathered for this happy group picture. Rotary has welcomed women members in the U.S. since 1987 and worldwide beginning in 1989. Thank goodness! Any institution that purposely excludes one half of the potential brain-power of its population is doomed. Rotary has been honored to have women become active leaders and doers in its efforts to solve community problems and expand Rotary’s good works in ways that had never been possible before their involvement.
Littleton Rotary has certainly been blessed by having two women members serve as President of our Club; Darlee Whiting, 1999-2000, LaDonna Jurgensen, 2004-2005. Both set the benchmark for their excellent leadership and skills in managing all the various programs and projects our Club is involved with. Our Club looks forward to many more women joining and becoming a vital part of Littleton’s most significant and active service club.