The 2015 Alferd Packer Bacon Party, the major Club fundraising event to benefit the Littleton Rotary Foundation, was held on Saturday, August 29th and was a complete success. While attendance was slightly less than last year, funds raised were on par with expectations.
Littleton Rotarian, Bobbi McCombs, persuaded her employer to contribute 145 lbs. of Boar’s Head Brand Bacon which Club members cooked up and offered as free samples to the patrons. Thank you, Bobbie, for helping ensure that critical element of our party was handled so perfectly.
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Visitors were treated to not only free bacon, but an afternoon and evening filled with live music performed by a series of local bands and culminating with the ever popular music of The Nacho Men. Hungry patrons also had a myriad of food choices courtesy of six of Denver’s most popular food trucks.
Special thanks to Drew Lang, Director of Fundraising and his entire team who spent hours planning and preparing for this outstanding event.