Littleton Rotary's Literacy Chair, Dale Flowers presents check from the Littleton Rotary Foundation to Mary Ellen Dillman, Principal, Centennial Academy, to help support their superior music program.


The Rotary Club of Littleton has a long tradition of supporting education at Littleton Public School's Centennial Academy (aka: Centennial Elementary). Several years ago, Principal Mary Ellen Dillman recognized that due to budget cuts, certain key elements to enhancing her students learning experience would be difficult, if not impossible, to continue or maintain. Thus began "Mary's Wish List." Each year Mary would identify unfunded needs and make a list focused on those items that would be especially helpful to students if a funding source were to be found.

Littleton Rotary to the rescue.

On learning of these needs, the Board of Directors of the Littleton Rotary Foundation (funded through club member’s donations, bequests, and public fund-raising projects) decided to help. Each year since she began making her lists, the Foundation has worked to provide funding for specific items. This year she was presented with $750.00 for much needed repair of musical instruments and the purchase of music stands. We can imagine the challenges of teaching music to students whose instruments don't work properly and who have no stand on which to place their sheet music while playing or practicing.

Thank you to Mary for caring enough to make her schools’ needs known, and a very big Thank You to the Littleton Rotary Foundation and all the members of the Rotary Club of Littleton.