We're welcoming in spring by once again have a Rotary Fellowship Dinner evening.
As before, small group dinners are planned in the homes your fellow Rotarians. This will be a great way to get to know new members and share some time with Rotarians and their partners from both the evening and the noon meetings. The groups will be mixed up, so don’t expect to have dinner with your best Rotary friends. Ideally the groups will be 8 people, but could be from 6-10. Singles are most welcome!
The host Rotarian will prepare the main dish. The guests will bring appetizers, side dishes, salad, or dessert... and BYOB. 
On Wednesday, April 27th. We’ll notify you where you’ll be going, with directions, what you should bring, and any other vital info. When you sign up, please let us know if you would like to host and if you have any serious food allergies in the comment space.  It will be a fun evening. We expect to see you all for this special event!