Thanks to South Surburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR) that offers trips for young adults with disabilities and a special mini bus, Stephen Dareau and others can get out to enjoy museums and other Denver-area events.
Dareau, 34, has cerebral palsy and lymphedema; he says most of his time is spent hanging around his apartment building. Once or twice a month, he joins others in a 14-passenger accessible bus for trips with STAR program (South Suburban Therapeutic Adaptive Recreation) that goes to museum field trips, sports events and other venues.
“I really liked the Littleton Museum,” Dareau said, “and I am looking forward to a trip to the new Seaquest aquarium. If it weren’t for the program and the accessible bus where I can easily get on and off with my cane, I couldn’t go.”
The bus was purchased by SSPR in 2007, using funds from the Littleton Rotary Club and the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department. Each year, the Littleton Rotary Club along with SSPR and the sheriff’s department, hold an annual golf tourney to provide funds for STAR and other charitable causes. Recently the bus was updated with the new Littleton Rotary Club logo.
Carey Overstreet, STAR coordinator for SSPR, said, “The accessible bus makes it possible for those with limited mobility to attend our trips. SSPR uses the bus for active adults and others, too.”
The Littleton Rotary Club has served the Littleton area since 1922. It currently has nearly 90 active members and annually donates more than $50,000 to local organizations.