Jan 08, 2019

Throughout history, bells have been used to announce a death or to express the gravity of an individual’s passing. Honor bells are tuned to mourning. They are struck, note by note, to communicate the depth of sorrow and the extent of loss.

There is no better way to sound a tribute than by an honor bell. Its dignity complements the traditions and simplicity associated with military funeral rites, while its beauty offers a note of reverence.

The Honor Bell is the first tolling bell cast in U.S. history with the sole purpose of rendering a final honor to United States Service Members killed in action and United States Armed Forces Veterans.  It is tolled exclusively by veterans. It was commissioned and dedicated into service on Memorial Day, 2016.  It is a custom-designed, thirty-seven-inch diameter, forty-inch tall, stationary bronze bell that weighs one thousand pounds.

Michelle Mallin is the owner and principal of MGM Solutions, a nonprofit consulting firm in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Michelle is focused on event planning, fundraising, and project management with an emphasis on developing non-traditional revenue streams. Having volunteered with a variety of organizations whose causes included working to prevent drunk driving, fight breast cancer, and support victims of sexual assault, Michelle took her background in technology, publishing, direct mail, event planning, and marketing and formed a freelance marketing and public relations firm which allows her to draw upon a vast network of charities and contacts. She has worked with dozens of charities with a variety of missions but does specialize in those that support the military and first responder communities. Her father and stepfather are both US Army veterans; one, a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, and the other a decorated New York City police officer. Each instilled in her a deep respect for those who serve our nation and our neighborhoods. She and her team strive daily to “honor and respect, those who serve and protect.”