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The December 13, 2018 meeting was called to order by Pres. John Gorton.  The prayer was provided by Rot. Gerron Smith and the pledge by Rot. Brad Duvall.  Music today was lead by Rot. John Mosley, lead the group in the song “God Bless America”.  The Rotarian of the Day was Bill McVey who introduced Shiann Burns with the Grady County OSU Extension Service.  Catering was provided by BJ's Pizza and Grill.
Pres. Gorton giving the Fun Facts for the day:
National Horse Day
Daniel Sanders with Rot. Ron Sanders
Rot. Matt Mettry, Rot. Brad Duvall with Shanna Rice with SW Youth & Services.
Rot. Gerron Smith providing the Sunshine report
Rot. Brad Duvall, Shanna Rice, and Pres. Gorton presenting a check for $500 to purchase Christmas gifts.
Rot. John Holt receiving his first PHF award.
Rot. Matt Mettry receiving his first PHF award.
Rot. Conrad Duprez receiving his PHF+2 award.
Rot. David Posey receiving his PHF+2 award.
Rot. David Sikes receiving his PHF+2 award.
Rot. Pauline Garrett receiving her PHF+3 award.
Rot. Gary McNatt receiving his PHF+5 award
plus a PHF for both his son Brian and wife Delania.
Rot. Bill McVey receiving his PHF+7 award.
Rot. Mettry paying up for missed meetings Sgt. of Arms Brad Duvall  
Sgt. of Arms Duvall announcing that Rot. Steve LaForge paid ahead for leaving early.
Rot. Ron Sanders...employer...'if you say it, you pay it'
Once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout:
Rots. Gary McNatt, John Mosley, Mark Tibbetts, Jay Epperson, and Rocky Roberson.
The speaker's table: Rot. Bill McVey, Shiann Burns, and Pres. Gorton
ROTD Bill McVey
Shiann Burns with the Grady County OSU Extension Service.
Catering was provided by BJ's Pizza and Grill.
Shiann grew up on a cow/calf ranch in Madill, Oklahoma where she was very active in 4-H and FFA. She went to Oklahoma State where she majored in Animal Science. From there she moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico to complete her Masters in Beef Extension. Shiann and her fiancé, Lane, run a small ranch in Marlow, OK. She has been with Grady County Extension for almost a year and has enjoyed becoming a member of the community while helping producers and community members broaden their knowledge about agriculture.