's always good to ask questions since you never know where the answers could leave you. We found out the impact of that today after a project we completed in 2010. 
During a culture and conflict class at Duchess Park secondary in 2009, social studies teacher Gerry Chidiac examined the most horrible situations in the world. 
His guest speaker one day was from war-torn Liberia in West Africa who was looking for materials to run several schools he was overseeing. 
Kendra Kipping, a Grade 11 student at the time, was inspired by his talk and had an idea of sending chalkboards from the old Duchess Park school which was about to replaced to Africa. 
Gerry asked several people, including us at Nechako Rotary. The chalkboards were shipped overseas and the schools received them in October 2010. 
Kendra, who went on to earn a psychology degree from UNBC and now works with those with developmental disorders says the project was life-changing.
It all stemmed from one single question. #PeopleofAction
Read Gerry's column in the Prince George Citizen. The link is attached.