Posted by Andrea Johnson on Oct 24, 2019
It was great to have Carolyn Duerksen (right), the founder and artistic director of the Tapestry Singers join us at our Oct. 23 meeting.
The choral group comprised of youth and students in Grades 4 to 12, was founded 12 years ago and was entirely built on the strength of volunteers. 
They sing a wide range of musical styles and perform at various sports events, community events, seniors' homes and collaborate with numerous groups.
They also compete at a number of music festivals. At a competition in 2014 in Seattle, they won first place for best overall, earning the Gold standard. 
The Tapestry Singers consist of two groups; junior singers -- Grades 4-7; and senior singers -- Grades 7-12. 
Thank you Carolyn, it was great learning more about the Tapestry Singers and your quest for choral excellence whenever you perform.