Posted by Jim Bolas
Past President Jim Hinerman chaired the meeting
District Schedule
  • May 9-12th – District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
  • June 1-5th – Rotary International Convention – Hamburg, Germany
Annual Spelling Bee
The winner of this year’s Spelling Bee is John Hyrb, a 3rd grader at St. Louise de Marillac. He won after  19 rounds and is looking forward to representing The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair at this year’s District 7300 Conference in Seven Springs. The attendees gave John a warm round of applause.
   John Hyrb  
Amy & Doug Hyrb and son John
Annual Tech Awards
Jim Hinerman welcomed the large group of attendees at this year’s Annual Tech Awards. The audience included teachers and students from Upper St. Clair and Bethel Park, parents, friends, and siblings as well as members of The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair. Jim reminded the attendees that the Club’s Tech Awards have been presented to students accomplished in technical courses for over 40 years.
This year’s awardees were introduced by their teachers and presented with personally engraved plaques. The teachers and awardees are as follows:
Upper St. Clair Teachers – Fred Peskorski & Stephen Stoyne
Students – Carter Gerlach, Aidan Gaussa & Naftali Macisaac
                Steven Stoyne, Carter Gerlach,  & Jim Hinerman
Fred Peskorski, Aiden Gaussa & Jim Hinerman
 Steven Stoyne, Naftali Macisaac & Jim Hinerman
Bethel Park Teachers – Art Smock & Brad Kszastowski
Students – Austin Linz & Christopher Toth
 Art Smock, Austin Linz & Jim Hinerman                              
Brad Kszastowski, Christopher Toth & Jim Hinerman
2019 Tech Awardees