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Welcome to our Club! To Contact: P.O. Box 12639, Pittsburgh PA 15241

Bethel-St. Clair

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 6:00 PM
St. Clair Country Club
2300 Old Washington Rd
Crossroads Room
Pittsburgh, PA  15241
United States
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Past President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Oct. 25th - John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
Nov. 1st – Annual Rotary Gourmet Dinner
Nov. 8th – Matt Kikta – Long Term Care Planning
Nov. 15th – Whiskey Rebellion Re-enactors – Oliver Miller Homestead
  • Jim Hinerman
  • Nov. 1st Annual Gourmet Dinner – Reservations are due so table seating arrangements can be finalized. Please let Bob Theakston know if whether or not individuals who buy tickets will not attend the dinner.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Oct. 21st Miracle Field Halloween Event – The Club will have a table set-up at the event like last year to hand out candy and other stuff for children. All members are welcome to help. Please wear something designating you are with Rotary. The event will be held between 11 AM to 2:30 PM.
  • Stockings for Soldiers & Veterans – Christmas stockings were distributed to the members and were requested to help fill the stockings with usable items like foodstuff, batteries, socks, tee-shirts, vitamins, playing cards, paperback books, etc. A recommended list of items is included with each stocking. Please deliver the filled stockings to Beinhauer Funeral Home by Nov. 30th.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Clothing Drive – West Virginia – Members were again reminded to bring winter clothes and warm blankets to the next Rotary meeting on Oct. 25th. The donations will be delivered to Vincent de Paul in West Virginia as was done in past years to help needy families.
  • Ray Kells
  • Enjoy Books – Books remain available to sell to gain money for the Club. The books sell for $30 and the Club makes $10 per book.
  • Dec. 23rd White Oak Pittsburgh Penguins Raffle – A number of members agreed to buy $20 tickets. Raffle drawing of 2 tickets to 10 Penguin games and $1000 in restaurant gift cards is to be held on December 23rd.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Annual Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners – The District has approved a $2500 grant for our Club’s annual Thanksgiving Dinners for the needy in the City of Pittsburgh. Giant Eagle has indicated it would like to be a participating member.
Speaker – Matt Fricker – Associate Pastor – John McMillan Presbyterian Church – Flood Relief in Bethel Park
  • Ray Kells introduced Matt who has spoken to our Club previously. Matt has served in the US Army with much of the time being in the Middle East. He plans on returning to Iraq in 3 weeks to work with churches throughout that country.
  • Primary issues causing flooding in South Hills are (1) too much pavement and (2) not enough green areas (i.e. grass & trees). In addition, properties diverting rainfall into the streets overtaxing the drainage systems and overflowing the streams.
  • Township governments appear unable to properly deal with flooding events as is obvious from the recent heavy rain events this year. For example, there are no flood relief hotlines.
  • New housing developments are required to install collection ponds to gather water drainage to prevent overtaxing drainage systems.
  • Organizing the resources of regional non-profit organizations in the event of such events is provided by organizations such as National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) https://www.nvoad.org/
  • Problems observed in Bethel Park resulting from recent flooding was damage to air conditioners and furnaces and mold.
  • Bethel Park Township has helped by providing dumpsters for free and establishing a relief fund.
  • FEMA will not provide any funding or support due to median family wealth in South Hills.
  • Members of the congregation from John McMillan helped rebuild 16 houses in Bethel Park primarily removing damaged structures, mold and flooring.
  • The flooding issue crosses community boundaries which requires a regional plan to deal with the problem.
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Sept. 27th – Janet Arida – Outreach & Education Coordinator & Child Grief Specialist – Highmark Caring Place
Oct. 4th – OPEN
Oct. 11th – Chris Zanke – VP of Operations – NovaCare Rehab
Oct. 18th – OPEN
Oct. 25th - John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Members were reminded of the Chili Cook-off to be held by the Bridgeville-South Fayette Rotary Club on Sunday, Sept. 30th from noon to 4 PM at Fairview Park. Emanuel is leading the effort to make chili for the event and looking for volunteers to help. Cost is $10 per person.
  • Also, members were reminded of The Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park Rotary Club’s Annual Chicken Barbecue to be held on Saturday, Sept. 29th at Westminster Church.
  • Emanuel also reminded members that Bob Theakston still has tickets available for our Annual Gourmet Dinner to be held on Nov. 1st.
Speaker – Amy Razem – Development Officer – The Pittsburgh Foundation
The Pittsburgh Foundation, established in 1945, works to improve the quality of life in the Pittsburgh region by evaluating and addressing community issues, promoting responsible philanthropy, and connecting donors to the critical needs of the community. The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the nation’s oldest community foundations and is the 13th largest of more than 750 community foundations across the United States.
Funding priorities of The Pittsburgh Foundation are:
  • Self-Sufficient Individuals & Families
  • Healthy Communities
  • Vibrant Democracy
  • Community Projects
The Pittsburgh Foundation has an endowment of $1.2 billion from which to fund projects in the Pittsburgh region. 12% of the population in Allegheny County is below the poverty line. Many related to single-parent families. Funding has been granted to childcare and helping up to 3300 juveniles each year.
An individual may donate funds to The Pittsburgh Foundation through many different forms of assets and investment vehicles some of which could remain invested and a portion remaining available to the individual for personal need.
Amy distributed to the members decks of cards which contained photos of various scenes and asked each member to select one photo which represented something special to them. Several members explained the reasons why they selected the photo they did and what it meant to them.
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Oct. 18th – Matt Fricker; Assoc. Pastor JMPC – Flood Assistance
Oct. 25th - John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
Nov. 8th – Matt Kikta
Nov. 15th – Whiskey Rebellion Re-enactors – Oliver Miller Homestead
  • Emanuel Panos
  • The Sept. 30th Chili Cook-off put on by the Bridgeville-South Fayette Rotary Club was successful. Emanuel’s chili recipe was used and he was encouraged to bring his chili to next year’s Corn Roast.
  • Nov. 1st Annual Gourmet Dinner – Reservations are due next week so table seating arrangements can be finalized. Jim Hinerman reminded the members to provide Rotary Club activity photos to Keith Jackson for the video to be played at the dinner.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Clothing Drive – West Virginia – Members were reminded to bring winter clothes to future meetings which will be delivered to Vincent de Paul in West Virginia as was done in past years.
  • Ray Kells
  • Enjoy Books remain available to sell to gain money for the Club. The books sell for $30 and the Club makes $10 per book.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • The Bethel Park Annual Spaghetti Dinner will be held this Saturday from 2-7PM at the Bethel Park Community Center
Speaker – Christopher Zanke – Physical Therapist and VP Operations – NovaCare Rehabilitation - Concussions
Concussions can occur from any blow to the head or from any quick, forceful movements to the head and neck. Symptoms of a concussion can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, changes in balance, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, emotional changes, and agitation.
Sports are a major source of concussions. Many different sports and athletic activity can produce concussions to participants. Football, softball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer and even cheerleading can be a concussion risk.
Despite steps taken with sportswear (e.g. helmets) to help absorb shocks to the head the brain which floats within a fluid remains vulnerable within the skull to violent shaking and injury. The brain normally heals from the effects of low impact within 72 hours. However, higher impact requires treatment after 72 hours to re-stimulation of the brain. Waiting a longer period is detrimental to recovery.
It was noted that a key educational movie, Concussion, was released in 2015 starring Will Smith who played the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania who discovered neurological deterioration in the brain of former Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster during an autopsy after his tragic death. The brain deterioration became known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy or “CTE” and has significantly changed the way the sports industry and medical community view brain trauma.
Increasing recognition of the detrimental effects of concussions has led to legislation, regulation, medical practices and physical therapy regimens to address the problem, especially with young athletes. Establishing physical and mental baselines is an important element in assessing the consequences of possible concussions. Technology is being developed to monitor athletes on a real-time basis to determine if physical activity is being impacted by head trauma. One such technology utilizes sensors placed in helmets or behind the ear to detect impact or blast waves (e.g. in the military) which can be read-out on digital devices like I-phones and helps sports coaches and supervisors and medical professionals to assess the impact of contact.
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Sept. 20th – Amy Razen – Development Officer – Pittsburgh Foundation
Sept. 27th – Janet Arida – Outreach & Education Coordinator & Child Grief Specialist – Highmark Caring Place
Oct. 4th – OPEN
Oct. 11th – Chris Zanke – VP of Operations – NovaCare Rehab
Oct. 18th – OPEN
Oct. 25th - John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
  • Barbara Piconi
  • Members were reminded that the Club’s Annual Gourmet Dinner raising funds for the Rotary Foundation is being held Nov. 1st and now is the time to line up attendees and sell tickets. Bob Theakston has the tickets. Ads and sponsors are now being confirmed. Please help make this event another success for our Club.
  • John Donahoe
  • Next week will be “Pass the Hat” for funds to support creating wine baskets. George Pitcairn will choose the wines.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • The Bethel Park Rotary Club will have a riverboat cruise on the Gateway Clipper on Sept. 26th; boarding is at 5:45PM. Cost is $43. Bonnie Pierce is the contact.
  • The North Allegheny Rotary Club will be holding its Flavors of Camelot Wine Tasting Event on Friday, October 26th at The Camelot Banquet Hall in Wexford; $125 per person. Funds to go to Rotary Foundation. Can purchase tickets online at https://bidpal.net/winedownpolio
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Our Club will have a table at the end of season Halloween celebration at the Miracle League field on Oct. 21st at 11:30AM to 2:30PM. All members are welcome to join to help distribute candy and other items at the event.
Speaker – Dr. Stephanie Urchick – Chair the Rotary Foundation Centennial Celebration and the RI Strategic Planning Committee
Barbara Piconi introduced Dr. Urchick. Stephanie has considerable experience in executive/leadership  management consulting and motivational speaking. Recently retired as CEO/Executive Director of the Southpointe CEO Association. She remains a partner and COO of Doctors at Work, LLC a management consulting and training company. Education includes an undergraduate degree from Univ. of PA., masters degree from Duquesne and doctorate from Indiana University. A Rotarian since 1991, member of the McMurray Rotary Club. On July 1, 2019 Dr. Urchick will begin term as an RI Director for new Zone 33.
Stephanie presented an update of Rotary International’s Strategic Plan. The following were key points of her presentation:
  • Based on an extensive survey of Rotarians around the world and based on comprehensive testing the following is RI new vision statement:
“Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves”
  • Key objectives:
  1. Increase Our Impact
  2. Expand Our Reach
  3. Enhance Participant Engagement
  4. Increase Our Ability to Adapt
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Sept. 13th – Stephanie Urchick – Chair – Rotary’s Strategic Planning Committee        
Sept. 20th – Amy Razen – Development Officer – Pittsburgh Foundation
Sept. 27th – Janet Arida – Outreach & Education Coordinator & Child Grief Specialist – Highmark Caring Place
Oct. 4th – OPEN
Oct. 11th – Chris Zanke – VP of Operations – NovaCare Rehab
Oct. 18th – OPEN
Oct. 25th - John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
  • George Pitcairn
  • George introduced his guest Samuel Markovitz, his neighbor, who has expressed interest in joining our Rotary Club. Sam and his wife, Michelle, attended our Corn Roast last week. Sam is retired from a long career as an FBI Investigator primarily in the area of security clearances. The Club members welcomed Sam to our dinner meeting.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • The Bridgeville-South Fayette Rotary Club will hold its Annual Chili Cook-off on Sunday, Sept. 30th noon to 4 PM at Fairview Park. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Emanuel stated he will volunteer to make 5 gals. of a special chili recipe for the event. Other members are welcome to assist Emanuel for this event.
  • The Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park Rotary Club will be holding its Annual Chicken Barbecue on Saturday, Sept. 29th. It was noted that the Club normally meets on Tuesday mornings at King’s Restaurant on McMurray Road. However, King’s has announced they will be closing. It was agreed that our Club will extend an invitation to their members to attend our Thursday evening meetings until such time they find another venue.
  • Emanuel Panos
  • The 25th Annual District 7300 Interact Conference will be held on Friday, October 26, 2018 – 7:30AM-1: 30 PM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Pittsburgh West-Greentree. Tracy Estabrook will be working with the USC Interact Club to encourage participation.
  • Sam Provil
  • The opportunity for the Club to participate in the Miracle League may be possible in the future. However, openings to participate as buddies are currently filled. There will be two opportunities to participate. Non-competitive play on Saturdays 1-4PM and competitive play on Sundays 1-4PM
  • Barbara Piconi and John Donahoe
  • The Club’s Annual Gourmet Dinner will be held on Thursday, November 1st at Valley Brook Country Club. Black tie optional. Cost remains the same at $125 per person.
  • Bob Theakston has the tickets available for members to sell. It is critical this year for each member and spouse/significant other to attend and to bring two other couples. The goal is to have 180 attendees.
  • Ideas to achieve attendance goals were to invite Honorary and past members, residents of Friendship Village, members of the South Hills business community, members of other Rotary Clubs, etc.
  • To provide adequate time to organize the tables, make the name cards, etc. it will be best to finalize the attendee list by mid-October.
  • John Donahoe is currently organizing the collection of auction items. George Pitcairn volunteered to assemble one or more wine baskets and will “pass the hat” to the members to contribute to the baskets. Jim Bolas volunteered to assemble a whiskey basket again this year. A beautiful Afghan blanket is currently being made again for the event. The Dieckmann’s are looking at organizing vacation packages. Members are asked to provide ideas and auction items. Other auction items could be restaurant/theater packages, golf packages (Top Golf – Bridgeville).
  • It was recommended that consideration is given to accepting credit cards for payment at the Annual Gourmet Dinner.
  • Jim Bolas
  • Our membership goal for the 2018-2019 Rotary Year is a net gain of 5 new members.
  • The Membership Committee consists of Jim Bolas (Chair) – Herm Dieckmann, Kathy Knopp, Karen Pfeil, and Sam Provil. The committee has already met to plan for future recruitment.
  • An information flyer has been developed for use in recruitment.
  • A presentation is planned on Sept. 11th with the Men’s Club at Friendship Village to recruit members.
  • It was recommended that each member simply “ASK” spouses, friends, neighbors, colleagues, clients/customers, and acquaintances to consider Rotary and invite them to a dinner.
  • It was also recommended that 5 minutes be allocated each meeting to discuss membership.
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
August 30th – Annual Corn Roast – Lions Park – 6PM
Sept. 6th – OPEN
Sept. 13th – OPEN        (NOTE: Club Assembly to be scheduled in September)
Sept. 20th – OPEN
Sept. 27th – Janet Arida – Outreach & Education Coordinator & Child Grief Specialist – Highmark Caring Place
Oct. 4th – OPEN
Oct. 11th – John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
  • Dick Beck
  • Past governors of District 7300 have recently met to get an update on the future of District 7300.
  • Rotary International is still evaluating a possible merger of District 7300 and 7330 creating a new district (7305) due to membership levels below RI standards.
  • Since District 7300 has foundations valued at $11-12 million RI may consider reassigning clubs from District 7330 to 7300 and maintain District 7300.
  • A decision may be made by September 1st.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • 60 Golden Books have been obtained for Every Child children to help them as they transition to foster homes. Contact Karen if you wish to donate.
  • The Club will have a table at the Halloween Party at the Upper St. Clair Miracle Field on October 21st. All members are welcome to come and help distribute candy and other things to the children who have participated in the Miracle League this year. Contact Karen for information.
  • Milt Hamel
  • Approximately 35 members and guests are currently coming to the Corn Roast. If you have not yet signed up please contact Emanuel or Milt.
  • Will start cleaning and arranging things at the Lion Park facility at Noon on Thursday, October 30th. Corn husking starts at 4PM. Festivities start about 6PM.
  • Members and guests can bring whatever dishes they wish (i.e. salads, side dishes, beans, desserts, etc.). The Club will provide refreshments (soda, water, beer & wine), corn, hamburgers and hot dogs. Members can bring additional special refreshments if they wish.
  • Cost is $20 per member; guests are free.
Speaker – Pamela  L. Enck – Attorney-at-Law – Your End of Life Plan
  • Pam and her husband Philip have lived in USC for 17 years. They have 5 children. Philip presented to the Club on July 26th.
  • Pam received her undergraduate degree from Penn State and law degree from WVU. Also received a Masters in Public Administration.
  • Currently in private practice focusing on real estate, adoptions and estate planning. Has worked on adoption cases with Laura Maines.
  • End of Life planning consists primarily of: (1) a Final Will & Testament, (2) a Power of Attorney and (3) a Medical Power of Attorney & Living Will.
  • Powers of Attorney can be either limited (i.e. by scope and/or time period) or durable (broad scope and unlimited by time).
  • Individuals granted a Power of Attorney could be a family member or could be an attorney or a court-appointed guardian or a protector (i.e. a conservator).
  • A Medical Power of Attorney & Living Will is especially important since it will directly effect how an individual chooses to be treated in the final stage of life. It could deal with three primary areas important to most individuals: personal, emotional and spiritual.
  • A guide has been developed by Jim Towey, Founder of Aging with Dignity and Mother Teresa’s legal advisor, called Five Wishes. The website states that it currently meets legal requirements in 42 states and the District of Columbia. The five wishes are:
  • Wish 1: The Person I Want to Make Health Care Decisions for Me When I Can’t Make Them for Myself
  • Wish 2: My Wish for the Kind of Medical Treatment I Want or Don’t Want
  • Wish 3: My Wish for How Comfortable I Want to Be
  • Wish 4: My Wish for How I Want People to Treat Me
  • Wish 5: My Wish for What I Want My Loved Ones to Know
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
August 9th – District 7300 Governor Singh Ajmani
August 16th – John Rozzo – New Superintendent – Upper St. Clair School District
➢ Emanuel Panos
• Annual Corn Roast – The Rotary Club Corn Roast is scheduled for
Thursday, August 30th.
Speaker – Heather Dieckmann – Past-President and District 7300 Special Advisor to District Governor – South Hills Clubs
  • Assisting Governor Ajmani for South Hills Clubs – Bethel-St. Clair (dinner), Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park (breakfast), Bethel Park (lunch) and Bridgeville (lunch)
  • Other Clubs look forward to working with Bethel-St. Clair on joint activities
  • Aug. 2nd-10th – Contact Karen Pfeil to participate in filling backpacks for school
    children in need at SHIM @ 5301 Park Ave. in Bethel Park between 8:30 AM and
    4:30 PM
  • Aug. 22nd - Bethel Park holds a social event each month in lieu of a regular
    meeting; holding next one at 6 PM at the Porch @ Sienna. Our Club to consider
    doing something similar possibly on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Aug. 27th – District 7300 Golf Outing – Edgewood CC – Need a foursome
  • Aug. 30th – Members agreed to extend an invitation to other 3 Clubs to attend our
    Club’s Annual Corn Roast. They will need to respond by August 23rd
  • Sept. 24th – Pleasant Hills Golf Outing – Belle Vernon - $95/person
  • Sept. 29th – Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park will have their Annual Chicken Barbecue
    fundraiser @ Westminster Church
  • Oct. 13th – Bethel Park will their Annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser @ Bethel
    Park Community Center
  • Oct/Nov – Heather will try to arrange a joint 4 Club get-together
  • Karen Pfeil will consider notifying the other clubs to participate in our Club’s
    Community Outreach projects
  • White Oak selling 500 raffle tickets for two Steeler season tickets at $20/ticket.
    Our Club can gain $5/ticket if we sell 20 or more tickets. Contact Heather.
  • Ray Kells recommended contacting the other 3 clubs to participate in selling Enjoy Books. Cost if $30 ea. The club makes $10/book. Can offer other clubs $5/book to participate.
  • Club Meetings
    • -  Bethel-St. Clair – Thursday @ 6 PM – St. Clair Country Club
    • -  Upper-St. Clair-Bethel Park – Tuesday @ 7 AM – Kings
    • -  Bethel Park – Wednesday @ Noon – Clubhouse – South Park
    • -  Bridgeville – Thursday @ Noon – Walnut Grill - Bridgeville
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
August 2nd – TBD
August 9th – District 7300 Governor Singh Ajmani
August 16th – John Rozzo – New Superintendent – Upper St. Clair School District
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Annual Corn Roast – The Rotary Club Corn Roast is scheduled for Thursday, August 30th.
  • Jim Bolas
  • Membership is currently at 31 plus two Associates
  • Members are encouraged to identify prospective candidates to consider for membership
  • A Club flyer will be e-mailed to each member to use to help recruit prospective candidates
  • The Club’s Membership Committee will be meeting after the regular meeting.
  • New membership initiative will be discussed at an upcoming Club assembly.
Speaker – Philip Enck – General Manager - The Bakery Society Pittsburgh (TBSP)
  • Phil is a professional chef who holds degrees in Education, Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management and an MBA and currently teaches culinary arts, management, tourism and hospitality and etiquette classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
  • TBSP is a business non-profit and is the region’s first and only bakery incubator supported by Economic Development South and the Hillman Foundation.
  • TBSP has opened in the Spring of 2018, is based in Mt. Oliver with operations established in the former Kullman’s Bakery and helps those individuals who wish to start a bakery business.
  • With the guidance of TBSP staff and partners, full-time bakers receive on-going training in the marketing and financial skills necessary to create their own businesses throughout the region.
  • If one wishes to bake and needs space to do so the Mt. Oliver bakery is available to all for a small fee.
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
July 26th  - TBD
August 2nd– TBD
August 9th– TBD
August 16th– John Rozzo – New Superintendent – Upper St. Clair School District
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Rotary Club Service Teams – To assist the President in organizing the Club meetings Laura Maines has established Rotary Club Service Teams (see attached), a different team for each quarter, to perform the following:
  • Set-up and take down flags for each meeting and ensure arrangements are made for speaker presentations
  • Arrange for a member to provide the meeting invocation
  • Arrange a speaker and/or program for each meeting
  • The team established for July, August and September is captained by Laura and the team members are Tom Atkins, Herm Dieckmann, Tracy Estabrook, Bob James, Jim Hinerman and Rick Smith.
  • All members are encouraged to help the active team in identifying interesting speakers and programs
  • Annual Corn Roast– Due to the availability of the Corn Roast organizers, Milt & Carol Hamel and Keith Jackson in August it was recommended that the Corn Roast be held in September.
  • 2019 Pancake Festival Ticket Sales Teams– Herm Dieckmann, PF Chairman, will be establishing PF Ticket Sales Teams for next year.
  • Night at the Meadows – District 7300 will be holding this year’s event at the Meadows Race Track on Friday, July 27th. Members are encouraged to attend. $40 per person, 5 PM start and  6 PM buffet. RSVP to Dennis Piper.
  • 2018 Pancake Festival Ticket Sales Leaders – The 5 members who were served a steak dinner for selling the most tickets for the 2018 Pancake Festival were: Tom Shook, Cliff Taylor, Herm Dieckmann, Jim Hinerman and Ray Kells. The other members were served delicious hot dogs.
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
June 28th – Changing of the Guard
July 5th – No Meeting
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Changing of the Guard – Members are encouraged to sign-up for next week’s Changing of the Guard ceremony. Spouses and significant others are welcome to join members for this special meeting. Please notify Heather Dieckmann. Dinner price is $42.
  • Paul Harris Awards – The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair will be presenting 5 Paul Harris Awards at next week’s meeting. The following individuals who will be attending the dinner to receive their awards are:
  • Ken Klase – Principal of St. Louise de Marillac
  • Mary Ann Weber – Director – Prime Time
  • Richard Diffendal – Troop Leader – Boy Scout Troop 366
  • Dorothy Vandruff – Manager – Bethel-St. Clair Meals on Wheels
  • Billy Smith – Tom Rohrich’s Brother-in-Law
Program – Emanuel Panos – Opoid Epidemic
Emanuel owns and operates Hoffman’s Drug Store, an independent pharmacy, in Aliquippa, PA. The pharmacy has been servicing the Aliquippa community since 1921 and Emanuel has owned the store for the past 30 years.
One of the key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry today is dealing with the challenges of the opoid epidemic. Opoids include opiates derived from opium, including morphine, Other opoids are semi-synthetic drugs such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and fentanyl, There are antagonist drugs such as naltrexone and naloxone which are used to block the biological response to opoids.
There has been an acute opoid use epidemic existing in the Northeast U.S. Pennsylvania is experiencing about 18.5 deaths per 100,000 residents which makes it the 12 worst state in the nation. West Virginia is number one at 43.4.
As an operator of a pharmacy he must now attend a 3 hour education program to understand the opoid epidemic. Seniors on Medicare now can only obtain a 3-4 day supply of pain-killers. The Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (PACE) will now not reimburse participants for use of opoids.
Antagonist drugs such as Naxolone (brand name Narcan) can be obtained at most pharmacies to help deal with the effects of opoids. First responders (EMS) use this drug to help individuals who may be experiencing an overdose. Another drug which can be used to treat adults who are dependent on (addicted to) opoids is SUBOXONE which contains buprenorphine and naxolone.
Emanuel gave special mention to a well-known Pittsburgh doctor, Dr. Neil Capretto, who was Gateway’s Rehab Medical Director for the past 29 years and spent decades helping thousands of addicts and the Pittsburgh community deal with the challenges of the opoid epidemic.
Emanuel reminded the attending members that he is more than willing to help anyone to better understand opiods and/or are dealing with opoid issues in their families or with friends.
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Members welcomed Emanuel to his 1st meeting of the Rotary Year with a healthy round of applause.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
July 19th – Pancake Festival Steak Dinner
July 26th  - TBD
  • Ray Kells
  • 1st Quarter Dues – Members were reminded to pay their 1st quarter dues.
  • Uncashed Checks – Members were also reminded to check their personal accounts to see if any previous checks to the Club remain uncashed and let Ray Kells know.
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Pancake Festival Steak Dinner – Next week the top 5 ticket sellers will be treated to a steak dinner. Other members will receive a surprise dinner.
  • Club Teams – Laura Maines will be organizing Club Teams for each quarter to help set-up for meetings and to organize speakers/programs.
  • Annual Corn Roast – Members will be notified of the upcoming August Corn Roast once arrangements are made.
  • Barbara Piconi
  • Gourmet Dinner - Members were requested to identify potential sponsors for Club’s November 1st Gourmet Dinner. A sponsorship package will be made available in the next several weeks.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Projects - A number of projects are planned for this Rotary Year giving members an opportunity for hands-on volunteerism.
  • Every Child – Members are reminded that the initiative to provide supplies to needy children at Every Child is still being pursued and members are asked to bring items like Little Golden Books, blankets, toothbrushes, store coupons and comfort items to future meetings.
  • SHIM – Arrangements will be made with SHIM to allow members to help assemble backpacks for needy children returning to school.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
June 14th– Charles LaValee – CEO – Variety Children’s Charities
June 23rd-27th– Rotary International Convention – Toronto, Canada
June 28th– Changing of the Guard
Program – Every Child – Laura Maines – Executive Director

Since 1997 Every Child has served children and their families in Southwestern Pennsylvania with foster care, adoption and family support services, including in-home behavioral health care, with special attention to medically fragile children, children with a diagnosis of autism or reactive attachment disorder, and members of the LGBTQ community. The organization has 55 employees and operates primarily in Allegheny County and is expanding services to Westmoreland and Washington County and has a $3.8 million operating budget serving about 1000 babies, children and adolescents and their families.
Laura thanked the Club members for their past donations of money and needed supplies (e.g. pillows, toys, clothes & toiletries).
Every Child develops foster care families and individuals through recruitment and training and certifies/decertifies foster homes. Currently, they have 14 active foster family homes and 4 in the pipeline. Every Child’s goal is to develop up to 35 foster homes by the end of 2019.
Every Child also handles adoptions finding permanent homes for those they serve. The organization provides behavioral health services accepting referrals for young people with mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and working with families with OCD children who are released from outpatient facilities such as Western Psychiatric Institute as well as pediatricians and other doctors.
Funding comes from PA medical assistance, grants, and donations. Every Child’s rates for services have not increased for many years. Despite this, employees receive good benefits as well as cost of living and merit increases. 
Every Child is currently being audited by a national accreditation association and looks forward to becoming accredited this year, a major accomplishment for a small organization.
A list of 4 easy ways for Rotary Club members to help are:
1)    Become a licensed foster parent
2)    Donate to Every Child, Inc.
3)    Volunteer time and talent (check info@everychildinc.org)
4)    Donate supplies to children and families in need
Laura said that she and others in Every Child are visiting libraries, farmer’s markets and wherever people gather to get out the word about Every Child’s mission. It was recommended that Rotary Clubs in District 7300 may be receptive to Every Child’s message.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
June 14th– Charles LaValee – CEO – Variety Children’s Charities
June 28th– Changing of the Guard
Program – Journey to Normal – JulieHera DeStefano
JulieHera, a native Pittsburgher and graduate of CMU with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. DeStefano served as the Managing Director and Producer of an award-winning off-Broadway theater company. She has also performed in New York off-Broadway, regionally with the Theater Of The Stars, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, and Pittsburgh Playhouse, and was seen in the movies The First Wives Club and the Preacher's Wife.
DeStefano conceived the idea for Journey to Normal (www.journeytonormal.org)
in the spring of 2009 after seeing the challenges of a woman veteran returning from a tour in Afghanistan with a lost arm and having to make a peanut butter sandwich for her two year old. She has developed her experiences with women veterans into a feature-length documentary and online narrative film archive (www.military.com/video/off-duty/movies/journey-to-normal-trailer/380425101700).
Journey to Normal recognizes the strength and resiliency of our women in uniform and explores the unique challenges they face rejoining their families and communities after a deployment to the combat zone. At the invitation of Task Force Medical-East, DeStefano spent just over 3 ½ months as a solo embed with the US Military in Afghanistan, filming and interviewing over 100 women about their experiences in the military, their lives back home, and what they envisioned for their reintegration. DeStefano is currently filming stateside with a number of these women and their families to document what their journey home has entailed and what they would most like the American public to understand.   
Key points made in Ms. DeStefano’s presentation were as follows:
  • Acknowledged that despite not having served in the military she is attracted to the passion and resiliency of women military veterans and wanting to tell their story of how they cope with serving America in foreign missions and having to deal with challenges while on those missions as well as the challenges they face returning to normal family life after the mission.
  • Some of the basic challenges men and women in military service face while on mission are long hours, basic hygiene, fear and uncertainty, the constant stress of combat, injury and death, periods of deafening silence, monotonous routine, separation from family, the difficulty of communications with back home. 
  • She believes a change in the national narrative would be beneficial to helping male and female military veterans more readily re-engage into our communities after returning from their service where veterans may need to deal with physical/mental disability requiring extensive therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicidal tendencies, loss of military camaraderie and fellowship and loss of purpose after experiencing a defined service in the military.
  • Rotary is a non-political large international organization operating with a motto of “Service Above Self” helping the needy in our communities which would be in alignment with what veterans are used to in operating in a large non-political military organization serving above self all over the world in protecting the interests of America and its allies. Therefore, recruiting veterans to Rotary may be a win-win.
JulieHera DeStefano with Club President Heather Dieckmann
Club Meeting Program Schedule
May 18th-20th– Rotary District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
May 24th– Sam Provil – Project Management Vocation
May 31st– Julie Hera de Stefano – Journey to Normal
June 14th– Charles LaValee – CEO – Variety Children’s Charities
June 28th– Changing of the Guard
Barbara Piconi led a moment of silence in memory of the late Chuck Keller, Past President of Rotary International, and close friend of members of our Club and all Rotarians of Western Pennsylvania who recently passed.
Club Assembly
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • District Conference– President Dieckmann reminded the members of the upcoming District 7300 Conference. Spelling Bee will be held at 2 PM on Saturday. All members attending the conference should come to support our sponsored participant – Ben Hopkins
  • 2018-2019 Board of Directors – 2018-2019 President & Vice-President have been approved by the membership. The slate of other officers and directors are proposed as follows:
  • Secretary – Kathy Knopp
  • Treasurer – Ray Kells
  • Director – Club Service – Laura Maines
  • Director – Community Service – Karen Pfeil
  • Director – Vocational Service – Jim Hinerman
  • Director – International Service – John Donahoe
  • Assistant Secretary – George Pitcairn
  • Assistant Treasurer – Tracy Estabrook
The 2018-2019 slate was approved unanimously
  • New Director Orientation– It was recommended that an orientation be held in July for members who are entering a new role as an officer or director. J. Bolas agreed to arrange the orientation.
  • Membership – It was noted that due to transfers, relocations, etc. the membership of the Club may be decreasing from 35 to 30 plus two associates. The members who have left are Carl Trakofler and Susanne Wagner. Members who the Club needs to confirm continued membership with are Pat O’Toole, Mark Hennigan, and Joe Labriola,
It was agreed a future meeting will be dedicated to membership recruitment and members were encouraged to help recruit new members to enjoy the benefits of membership in Rotary.
  • Barbara Piconi
  • Paul Harris Awards– The Club has a number of Paul Harris awards to be given to worthy candidates. It was recommended for future consideration for the following candidates:
  • Kenneth Klase – Principal of St. Louise de Marillac School 
  • Dorothy Vandruff – Meals-on-Wheels
Members were encouraged to propose other worthy candidates in the community
Former President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
May 17th – Club Assembly
May 18th-20th – Rotary District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
➢ Heather Dieckmann
• District Conference – President Dieckmann reminded the members of the upcoming District 7300 Conference.
Speaker – Abby Cowser – Penn State Junior Engineer
Club Service Director Jim Hinerman introduced Abby Cowser, a Penn State engineering student, who attends his church, John McMillan Presbyterian, in Bethel Park who is to speak about building bridges in Africa.
Abby is in her junior year studying civil engineering at Penn State main campus and joined the Penn State chapter of Bridges to Prosperity (https://bridgestoprosperity.org/), a non-profit engaged in the design and building of bridges in rural communities in South America and Africa. The organization and its college chapters help communities out of poverty and provide them important access to education, work, trade, and travel. The Penn State chapter was established in 2014.
It has been determined that such bridges provide on average a return on investment of at least 6:1. The Penn State chapter sent 8 civil engineering students, including Abby, to Rwanda. Rwanda is a land-locked country surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania. It declared independence from Belgium in 1962 and has a population of 11 million people comprised of the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa tribes. Women provide important leadership in communities and in the country’s parliament where they hold almost 2/3 of the seats.
The project was to build a 200-foot bridge spanning a river which is a stream in the dry season and a roaring torrent during the rainy season. For the community crossing the river is critical to provide access to farmland, schools and the community.
The bridge design was provided by engineers from the non-profit in collaboration with the Penn State engineering students. Bridge construction was 8 weeks long with the Penn State engineers participating in the last 4 weeks of the project. 
Financing of the bridge projects comes from corporate sponsors, the American Association of Civil Engineers (AACE) and through crowdfunding.
Abby showed a Powerpoint presentation of the Rwanda community in which the bridge was built, the Rwandans who participated in the project, a marketplace where food was bought and pictures of the bridge construction and the engineering team.
The members in attendance thanked Abby for her presentation and gave her a healthy round of applause.
Abby Cowser with Heather Dieckmann, Club President
Former President Laura Maines chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
May 10th– Club Assembly
May 17th– To Be Announced
May 18th-20th– Rotary District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
44thAnnualTech Awards Dinner            
Former President and Director of Club Service Jim Hinerman was MC for this year’s Annual Tech Awards Dinner and welcomed all the teachers, students, parents and family members to the event. Jim reminded everyone that the Club is proud to hold the event now into its 44thyear and thanked Upper St. Clair and Bethel Park High School faculty members for their participation in recognition of students selected for their achievements and accomplishments in the technical fields. 
Jim introduced William Wells and John Oluzak, Industrial and Technology Education Teachers, respectively, at Bethel Park High School who introduced students William Miller and Sage Devine for recognition. Mr. Oluzak noted that one student, Joseph Fertal, could not attend the award dinner due to a prior engagement.
Next Jim next introduced Upper St. Clair Technology Education Teachers Fred Peskorski and Stephan Stroyne who recognized students Ahnna Jones, Parachi Masown, Nicholas Wylie and Julia Brubach.
In recognition of each student the teachers explained why the student was chosen and what the student’s plans are for their future.
The Club members and assembled guests gave each student a healthy round of applause for their accomplishments and in receiving the Club’s award.
2018 Bethel-St. Clair Rotary Tech Award Recipients
Left to Right: President H. Dieckmann, P. Masown, F. Peskorski, A. Jones, J. Oluszak, S. Devine, W. Miller, N. Wylie, J. Brubach, S. Stroyne and Director Club Service Jim Hinerman – BP Teacher W. Wells missed the group photo
Rotary 3rdGrade Spelling Bee Winner – Ben Hopkins
Jim Hinerman introduced Ben Hopkins this year’s winner of the 3rdgrade Rotary Club of Bethel – St. Clair Spelling Bee held at St. Louise de Marillac Elementary School. After 54 students went through 15 elimination rounds Ben won correctly spelling the word “Mirage”. Ben will represent our Club at the Rotary District Conference to be held at Seven Springs May 18th-20th. Jim recognized Ben’s parents Patrick and Kerry Hopkins who were proudly in attendance. Ben was given an opportunity to speak to the Club members and guests and noted that he was proud to win the Spelling Bee and mentioned that his grandfather was an editor for a news organization in the 1960’s & 1970’s which he was also very proud of. Ben thanked the Club for the opportunity.
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
May 3rd– Annual Tech Awards Dinner
59thAnnual Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution Dinner        
  • Emanuel Panos – 2018 PF Chairman
Emanuel stated that as Vice-President of The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair, he has the honor and responsibility to be Chairman of the Pancake Festival. He thanked all the members and the organizations which have helped sell tickets and work at the event to make it successful. Emanuel introduced the recipient organizations of this year’s proceeds:
  • Boy Scout Troop 366 –Richard Diffendal– Boy Scout Leader
  • South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) – James Duffy – Executive Director 
SHIM is celebrating it's 50thyear helping families in need in the South Hills. SHIM services 800 families through its food pantry which the Pancake Festival funds will go towards. Jim noted that 10-15% of children in Upper St. Clair and Mt. Lebanon schools are eligible for reduced-price lunches due to financial condition.
  • Prime Time Adult Care – Frank & Margie Lenox
Frank passed on best wishes from Mary Ann Weber who normally represents Prime Time at the Rotary dinner. He noted that Prime Time has been serving fragile, handicapped and memory-challenged adults for 35 years. Prime Time normally subsidizes residents for their care and the funds from Rotary goes toward the providing this subsidy. Prime Time has a full staff with a registered nurse and provides full time and part-time residency which helps out caregivers.
  • St. Clair Hospital Foundation – Courtesy Van Program – Venard Campbell & Nicole Dimanov
Venard noted that the courtesy van program was started in 1995 with a mission to “enable people to access healthcare who do not have the ability to do so”. In 2017 the program had 12000 trips transporting patients to and from doctor’s visits, cardiac rehabilitation, the cancer center and to receive tests and lab work. The Rotary funds will go towards van maintenance, fuel, and other needs.
  • Meals on Wheels – Dorothy Vandruff
Dorothy noted that Meals on Wheels has been serving Bethel Park and Upper St. Clair for 46 years and she has been involved for 36 years much of that time is also involved with the Pancake Festival. She thinks of her clients as her grandparents. She told the members a story of one of her clients who complained she did not receive her wiener in a meal delivered by Meals on Wheels and called a number of times with the complaint only to later admit that she found the Weiner on her kitchen table. Dorothy stated that this year’s funds from the Pancake Festival will go toward the purchase of more weiners.
Left to right: Margie & Frank Lenox, Jim Duffy, Richard Diffendel, Club President Heather Dieckmann, Venard Campbell, Nicole Dimanov, Dorothy Vandruff and Pancake Festival Chairman Emanuel Panos
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
April 12th – Barbara Piconi – Rotary Foundation
April 19th – Dr. Lisa White – Integrated Leadership Systems
April 26th – Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution Dinner
May 3rd – Annual Tech Awards Dinner
  • Ray Detig
  • Rebuilding Together – Ray has been involved with Rebuilding Together for many years. The mission of Rebuilding Together is “Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives” and has about 10,000 projects each year. Ray was previously involved with the organization in Maryland and in the Pittsburgh area. Currently involved with the breakfast and lunch clubs in raising funds (target is $5000) and volunteering to help Rebuilding Together on projects in Pittsburgh. There is an opportunity to volunteer for a project on April 28th. Contact Ray to get involved.
  • Ray Kells
  • Pancake Festival – Preliminary unaudited results for the Club’s 59th Annual Pancake Festival held on March 3rd shows a net income of $20,773 which is an approximate $1000 improvement over 2017. Expenses were down, ad revenue was up and ticket sales and attendance were down.
  • Spelling Bee – The Club’s annual 3rd-grade Spelling Bee at St. Louise de Marillac was successful. There were 7 participants who went 15 rounds. 3rd grader Ben Hopkins won the Spelling Bee and will be the Club’s representative at the District Conference. It was noted that the leftover free tickets and other benefits provided by Wild Things for the Easter Egg Hunt were distributed to the 3rd graders at the Spelling Bee.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • April 7th District Assembly – Will be held at The Crowne Plaza in Greentree between 8:30-11: 30 AM. Bob Williams Scholarships will be presented as will an explanation of the Presidential Citations.
  • April 15th Rotary Foundation Luncheon – The Club does have a table of 10 assembled and will donate a basket for the auction. Both will grant the Club a Paul Harris.
  • Speaker – District Governor Ward Garner – Ward had to cancel his attending tonight’s meeting due to having pneumonia.
  • Milt Hamel
  • Milt regaled the members with the adventure he and Carol had spending 3 weeks in an Airbnb tiny home in Atlanta.  
Club Meeting Program Schedule
April 26th– Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution Dinner
May 3rd– Annual Tech Awards Dinner
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • District Foundation Brunch – Our Club obtained two Paul Harris awards for having a table of 10 and providing a basket for the silent auction.The Club has over 8 Paul Harris Awards to give out to worthy individuals. Appreciate recommendations from the membership on selecting individuals for Paul Harris Awards.
  • Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution – Members were reminded that at next week’s dinner the organizations which are recipients of the proceeds from this year’s pancake festival will send representatives who will be given checks and be given the opportunity to tell the Club members what their organizations plan to do with the funds. Members were also reminded that the top PF ticket sellers will be given steak dinners at a future meeting.
  • District Conference – Seven Springs – Club members were also reminded to sign-up for the May 18th-20thDistrict Conference. Those who wish to golf on Friday, the 18thneed to send in the information and monies to the District.
  • Laura Maines
  • May 17thEvery Child Golf Outing Fundraiser– This year’s golf outing will be held at Laurel Valley. Registration starts at 11 AM, lunch prior to 1 PM tee-off. Dinner following golf. $1800 for twosomes, $3200 for foursomes.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • April 28thRebuilding Together Pittsburgh – Members were reminded that if they wish to volunteer to work on house rehabilitation for a family in need they can come to Mt. Oliver – Hays St. on Saturday, April 28thto lend their skills. Work on the house will take place between 8:30 AM-4: 30 PM.
Program – Speaker – Lisa White Ph. D., MSW – Integrated Leadership Systems
Jim Hinerman introduced Lisa White, Consultant, with Integrated Leadership Systems whose mission is: “We are in the business of creating a sustainable future for the world community by empowering people to lead more effectively and its vision is: “To become the most effective leadership development organization in the world.”
Lisa received her B.S. in Psychology from Jackson State University, Masters of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Her current objective is to utilize her coaching background and education to empower and build more effective business leaders.
Her presentation focused on communicating “authentically”. She provided worksheets which are typically used in her workshops to help people learn the following:
  • How to improve your ability to communicate
  • How to listen more attentively
  • How to mediate discussions between others
  • Techniques to practice for having assertive conversations
  • How to handle difficult people more productively
Be a good listener:To help improve your communications develop effective listening skills such as (a) good eye contact; (b) respond to show you understand what is being said; (c) rephrase what others are saying to make sure you understand; (d) don’t think about what to say next – listen; (e) mirror the other party’s emotions; (f) ask questions; (g) observe non-verbals
Change dysfunctional beliefs to improve understanding
Develop assertiveness to improve positive communications
Try to not shut down communication with others by what you say and do
The members were engaged in sharing situations they experienced where conflict or misunderstandings in communications were beneficial and/or hurdles to achieving solutions.
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 29th - No Meeting - Holy Thursday
April 5th – District Governor Ward Garner
April 12th – Open
April 19th – Dr. Lisa White – Integrated Leadership Systems
April 26th – Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution Dinner
May 3rd – Annual Tech Awards Dinner
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • District 7300 Rotary Foundation Luncheon – A show of hands was requested of those members who plan to attend the annual District.7300 Rotary Foundation Luncheon at the Rivers Casino at noon on Sunday, April 15th. Payment of the $60 is to be made to Ray Kells who will pay the District. Heather volunteered to make a themed basket for the luncheon to gain a Paul Harris for the Club.
  • Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park Rotary Club – The breakfast club asked if our Club would be interested in going to a Pirate game with its members. The Club members agreed it would be good for fellowship and to respond favorably.
  • Judy Lorigan – Heather introduced a Rotarian who is returning to the area after living in Canton, Ohio for 10 years. Judy informed the members she is a 30 year Rotarian being one of the first women to join Rotary in District 7300. Was a long time member of the Bethel Park Rotary Club where she was President. Knows the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair well. Now lives in Collier Township and interested in joining a club in South Hills.
  • Ray Kells
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The Easter Egg Hunt was very successful with 347 children attending (100 more than 2017 and 40 less than 2016). Laura Maines did a great job as the Easter Bunny. 8 members from Interact helped versus 28 last year. St. Patrick’s Day and the school musical were factors. Breakdown of the kids was: 0-23mos – 39; 2-3 – 79; 4-5 – 99; 6-7 – 72 and 8+ - 44). The members thanked Ray for his leadership role in the event.
  • Barbara Piconi
  • 2018 Bob Williams Scholarships – 10 students plus 4 alternates were chosen to receive $4000 scholarships this year. One of the recipients was a vocational student and one was from Bethel Park.
  • 2018 Club Spelling Bee – This year’s 3rd grade Spelling Bee will be held March 28th at St. Louise de Marillac. Members are welcome to attend. Contact Barbara for more information.
Program –      Matt Fricker – Associate Pastor – John McMillan Presbyterian Church –                                Helping The Needy in Houston’s Recovery from Hurricane Harvey
Jim Hinerman introduced Matt Fricker, a 2013 graduate of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently an Associate Pastor. He has been involved as Director of Youth Ministry programs at a number of churches in Pittsburgh and San Antonio. Matt served in the U.S. Army from 1999 to 2008 and served in Iraq. He currently is the High School Coordinator for the Wilmington Missionary Conference and has led numerous mission trips for both adults and youth to Vietnam, Houston and Puerto Rico. Matt has a wife and 2 young children. He loves the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers but also the Pittsburgh Pirates and University of Pittsburgh sports teams.
Matt presented the following information to the members on his Houston mission:
  • Hurricane Harvey (a Category 4 storm which hit between Aug. and Sept, 2017) impacted the Houston area with up to 55” of rain. The hurricane unloaded about 33 trillion gallons of water on the Houston area.
  • Despite the heavy flooding only 10,600 of Houston’s residential homes were destroyed, mainly in poorer neighborhoods in flood plain areas. The City of Houston has about 950,000 housing units. (City of Pittsburgh has about 160,000 housing units). Note: Internet reports indicate a current tally of 12,700 Houston homes being destroyed and 203,000 damaged.
  • Matt stated that the Houston area experienced $80 billion of damage from the storm. The population of the Houston area is about 6.5 million. Note: The National Hurricane Center estimates the overall damage from Hurricane Harvey at $125 billion effecting 13 million people from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.
  • Due to multiple disaster events in 2017 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is currently $25 billion in debt. The Federal government has established that the agency can not exceed $30 billion in debt and will be shutdown without a change in legislation.
  • Homeowners in flood plain areas need to have flood insurance which costs $300/mo. Many can not afford the premiums.
  • Immediate disaster relief is provided through the likes of the Red Cross and local organizations such as churches. However, the Federal government will not provide funds to help rebuild churches due to separation of church and state.
  • FEMA will pay for families to live in temporary living space (motels, trailers, etc.) for up to 6 months while their homes are being rebuilt or repaired. Tight quarters for large families.
  • He noted that in rebuilding homes waterproof vinyl plank flooring is used which utilizes a “Easy Click” installation method which makes removal, cleaning and reinstallation easy.
  • Matt said that his mission helped repair badly damaged homes. The mission team also stayed in tight quarters while there but they ate well. Will be returning in November and Club members are welcome to join the mission team.
  • Also there will be a mission to Iraq to help needy families rebuild their homes.
Past President Jim Hinerman chaired the meeting while President Heather Dieckmann attended the March Madness Tournament.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 22nd - Rev. Matt Fricker - John McMillan Presbyterian Church – Houston Recovery
March 29th - No Meeting - Holy Thursday.
  • Jim Hinerman
  • District 7300 Rotary Foundation Luncheon – Members are encouraged to attend the annual District.7300 Rotary Foundation Luncheon at the Rivers Casino at noon on Sunday, April 15th. The cost is $60. Our Club will receive a Paul Harris if we have a table of 10 and/or provide a gift basket.
  • Ambridge Rotary Club – The Ambridge Club requested contributions from other clubs for its Free Medical Loan Program. In particular hospital-type beds are being requested.
  • Ray Kells
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, March 17th and a “rain date” is not being set because of the availability of USC Interact students after mid-March. March 17th will also be a challenge because of St. Patrick’s Day and the school musical. Members are to gather at the old Rec Center at about 8 AM (coffee & doughnuts available). Laura Maines will be this year’s Easter Bunny (due to the previous bunny having cataract surgery). Eggs will be hunted starting at 11 AM.
  • John Donahoe
  • Pancake Festival Auction – John announced the auction basket winners. All Clad items will be available next year. The auction made about $600.
  • Attendance – It was noted that this year’s attendance at the Pancake Festival was about 1500 which was less than the 1800 attendees in 2017.
Program – Tom Atkins – Visiting Former Foreign Exchange Students
  • Tom & Diane Atkins hosted two foreign exchange students from Argentina over the years. This year Tom decided to visit both of them this year and wanted to share his trip experience with the Club.
  • The first leg of the trip was to visit Nathaly Bonilla in Delray Beach, Florida where she now works in computer security for TransUnion. She graduated from a Florida university with a Masters in Computer Science.
  • While visiting Nathaly Tom met her husband George and her sisters Jessica and Jasmine, both of whom are currently in the U.S. under political asylum status. Jasmine works in a jewelry store and gave Tom a ring to give to Diane.
  • Tom said he found a favorite drink while in Delray Beach – a unique margarita called a “Tommy”. Every night he could get 2 for 1 price. What is not to like.
  • Tom’s cousin Betsy came down from 2 hours away north of Delray to see Tom and meet Nathaly and her family.
Nathaly Bonilla
  • The 2nd leg of the trip was to visit Wilma Martinez Konfino traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina via Houston.
  • In the Houston airport, Tom had to walk a long way to get from B to E terminal and was the last stand-by to board and ended up sitting in the middle of an Argentine rugby team. They treated him well on the 9-hour flight.
  • When Tom landed in Buenos Aires his checked luggage did not make it with him and arrived on a later flight.
  • Wilma stayed with the Atkins in 2003 and was a challenge primarily due to her difficulty in adjusting to American culture but she was a good host.
  • Wilma now works part-time for an Argentine congresswoman as a lawyer. Her husband, Damion, is also a lawyer. His nickname is “Gore” after Al Gore who’s politics they agree with.
  • Wilma and Damion have a 3-year-old son, Fidel, named after Fidel Castro. Fidel has a picture of Che Guevara on his bedroom wall.
  • Tom was told that Wilma is 4 mos. pregnant.
  • Tom enjoyed trying all the delicious dishes he was served in restaurants and when hosted by Wilma and her family.
                                  Wilma Martinez Konfino
  • Tom enjoyed the opportunity to visit the foreign exchange students who stayed with him and Diane while they were in Pittsburgh.
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 15th – Tom Atkins -  Trip to Argentina to Visit Exchange Student
March 22nd - Rev. Matt Fricker - John McMillan Presbyterian Church – Houston Recovery 
March 29th - No Meeting - Holy Thursday.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Pancake Festival – Heather congratulated Emanuel Panos on managing the Club’s 59th Annual Pancake Festival. The Club members gave Emanuel a healthy round of applause.
  • Karen Pfeil 
  • Every Child – Karen recommended that the Club participate in an effort to help children who are abruptly transferred from abusive or abandonment situations to foster care and who require clothing, toiletries and/or comfort items to help them in the transition. Items can be brought to the regular meeting and Karen and Laura Maines (CEO of Every Child) will make sure the appropriate packages are made and distributed to children in need. Laura will provide a list to the members of recommended items required.
  • Ray Kells
  • March 17th Easter Egg Hunt – The USC Interact Club is taking the lead in preparing for and managing the Annual Rotary Easter Egg Hunt to be held on Saturday, March 17th. Rotarians, who wish to help, should arrive at the old USC Rec Center at 7:30-8: 00 AM. The Easter Bunny (Laura Maines) will arrive at 10 AM and the starting signal to “hunt” for Easter eggs will be 11 AM. Last year 260 children participated. It was noted that the Wild Things baseball organization has offered to provide ticket packages for the tables.
Program – Jason Kasten – VP Relationship Manager – PNC Bank
  • Jennifer Cooper introduced Jason Kasten, her colleague from the St. Clair branch of PNC Bank who handles bank services to businesses
  • Jason noted that he was a Rotarian 15 years ago and was a member of the Pittsburgh Rotary Club
  • PNC Bank offers special fee waivers and rate protection to veterans
  • He asked the members if they experienced fraud from a personal standpoint. A number of members noted fraud problems they have experienced with checking accounts, credit cards, and debit cards
  • He recommended that members minimize the use of debit cards which allows others who commit fraud to directly access their checking account and places any consequential loss on them personally.
  • Use credit cards where possible which places the liability due to fraud on the credit card company if notice of such fraud is properly provided on a timely basis.
  • Can sign the back of credit cards with “Ask for ID” in lieu of a signature which could be forged or leave the signature block blank.
  • Europe is far ahead of the U.S. in the use of credit cards with “chips” and in processing credit card payments in front of the credit card holder
  • Consider use of magnetic protectors to protect credit cards in wallets and purses.
  • Recommend that checking account and credit card statements (hardcopy or digital) be reconciled on a monthly basis.
  • Due to the opioid/drug abuse epidemic, there is a marked increase in fraudulent behavior.
  • Report fraud to the police to have a police report on file.
  • PNC offers services to businesses which help pro-actively avoid being harmed by fraudulent actions by external forces. Several of the primary services provided are:
  • Cash Flow Insight
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Positive Pay
  • Universal Payment Identification Code
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 3rd – 59th Annual Pancake Festival
March 8th -  TBD
March 15th – Tom Atkins trip to Argentina to Visit Exchange Student
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman – Annual Pancake Festival 
  • Schedule
Friday – March 2nd – 11 AM – Meet at Subway near Bethel Park Industrial Park with SUVs to pick-up PF supplies from storage locker
Friday – March 2nd – Noon – Meet at Westminster Church to prepare hall
Friday – 7 PM – Al’s Café – Volunteers and spouses have dinner – notify Jim Hinerman
Saturday – Morning workers are to start at 7 AM
  • Ticket Sales – Members are encouraged to sell/donate the equivalent of $225 of tickets and turn-in money to Emanuel Panos or Ray Kells. IF YOU DONATE DISTRIBUTE THE TICKETS TO ENCOURAGE ATTENDANCE.
  • Dress Code – Rotarians are encouraged to wear a white Rotary shirt/blouse and khaki pants
  • Jim Hinerman – Members who wish to join this evening’s Rotarian ceremony to honor Don Regelin at the David Henney Funeral Home in South Park please gather at the Funeral Home around 7:45 PM. Don Regelin was a key member of the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair for many years and was an Honorary Member.
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 1st – Final Wrap-up for Pancake Festival
March 3rd - 59th Pancake Festival
March 8th -  TBD
  • Heather Dieckmann 
  • PF Work Schedule – Preliminary schedule sent by e-mail to all members. If you are not shown on the work schedule please notify Heather where and when you wish to work. Contact Heather Dieckmann
  • NEED VOLUNTEERS – Contact Jim Hinerman or Emanuel Panos
Monday – February 26th – 1 PM – Install PF sign on church lawn 
Friday – March 2nd – 11 AM – Meet at Subway near Bethel Park Industrial Park with SUVs to pick-up PF supplies from storage locker
Friday – March 2nd – Noon – Meet at Westminster Church to prepare hall
Note: Friday – 7 PM – Al’s Café – Volunteers and spouses have dinner
  • Ticket Sales – Members are encouraged to sell/donate the equivalent of $225 of tickets and turn-in money to Emanuel Panos or Ray Kells. IF YOU DONATE DISTRIBUTE THE TICKETS TO ENCOURAGE ATTENDANCE.
  • Beth Gardner – The members in attendance contributed to a “going away” fund which was presented to Beth in appreciation for her service to the Club.
  • Dick Beck
  • Club shirts were made available for all the female Club members
Program – Speaker - Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Alleghenies
Karen Pfeil introduced Mr. Hestadien, Director of the National Cemetery
  • In 1862, under Lincoln 14 national cemeteries were established 
  • Between 1865-1870 a federal reburial program was initiated to move the remains of over 300,000 soldiers to the national cemeteries with only 58% of the soldiers specifically identified. Dog tags were mandated in 1913.
  • National cemeteries are administered by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • There are now 135 national cemeteries in the U.S and 2 more under construction
  • Arlington cemetery is under the DoD and Gettysburg under the Dept. of the Interior
  • A national cemetery must have in residence at least 80,000 veterans within 75 miles.
  • Burial eligibility – Veterans who served on active duty with an honorable discharge or died while on active duty, enlisted person with 2 years of continuous service, Reservists/National Guard member, spouses of a veteran, minor children (under age of 21)
  • The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies provides the following:
  • Gravesites
  • Grave Liners
  • Perpetual Care
  • Burial Flag
  • Tombstones/Markers
  • Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • Military Honors
  • The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies performed its first burials in August 2005, covers 292 acres and has 14 employees and 40 volunteers and serves over 320,000 veterans in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.
  • Before the site was converted to a cemetery the site has been constantly farmed since the 1800s. The region was the flashpoint of the historic Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.
Date: February 15, 2018                                    
President Heather Dieckmann welcomed Rotarians and their significant others to the Club’s Valentine Dinner
Club Meeting Program Schedule
February 22nd – Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Alleghenies
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman 59th Annual Pancake Festival
  • Ticket Sales – Emanuel encouraged members to continue to sell pre-event tickets and to get their monies submitted to him and Ray Kells
  • Sponsorships – Many sponsorships being received this year; placemat ad artwork to be submitted to the printer by Feb. 23rd.
Valentine’s Dinner
The dinner was delicious and all attendees had a great opportunity for fellowship and honoring their Valentines. Good time had by all. Centerpieces went to those married the longest.
Past-President Laura Maines chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
February 15th – Valentine’s Day Dinner – 6:15PM
February 22nd – Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Allegenies
  • Laura Maines
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner – Will be held Thursday, Feb. 15th. Cost is $40. All members are encouraged to sign-up and attend with spouses or significant others. Please contact Heather ASAP to finalize attendee count.
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman - 2018 Pancake Festival
  • Tickets – Emanuel stated that some members still do not have their tickets;  25 adult tickets will be mailed to these members. All members are expected to sell/donate the equivalent of $225 for the 59th Annual Rotary Pancake Festival.
  • Placement Mat Ads – Good progress being made on obtaining sponsorships from local businesses and individuals.
  • Outreach Organizations – The designated organizations who will be receiving the proceeds from the Pancake Festival have been engaged to sell tickets and volunteer to work at the event.
  • PF Work Schedule – The work schedule will be issued one week prior to the March 3rd Pancake Festival. Let Emanuel know where and when you wish you work.
  • Bake Sale – Please let Angela Panos know what baked goods you and/or your spouse wish to donate.
  • Auction  - John Donahoe reported that he is in good shape on the auction
  • Grill Preparation – Members and volunteers are to assemble at 1PM tomorrow at Westminster Church to inspect and prepare the pancake grills. Need help to bring the grills out of storage.
Program – Bob Theakston – Paul Harris Fellows
  • Paul Harris recognition is given in appreciation to individuals who contribute, or has a contribution made on their behalf, a gift of $1000 or more to the Rotary Foundation. Each subsequent $1000 contribution is designated a Paul Harris Fellow Plus up to Plus 8.
  • The Rotary Foundation supports programs worldwide to provide food, water, healthcare, immunizations, education and shelter to millions of people in need.
  • Based on our Club’s 2017 Gourmet Dinner we were able to donate $23,000 to the Rotary Foundation which continues our Club’s leading efforts with Rotary International in support of the Rotary Foundation.
  • The following members have met the requirements to receive the following Paul Harris fellowships:
  • Plus 1 – Laura Maines & Rick Smith
  • Plus 2 – Heather Dieckmann
  • Plus 4 – Tim Donovan
  • Plus 5 – Michael Shook
  • Plus 7 – John Donahoe, Ray Kells & George Pitcairn
   Left to Right:  Bob Theakston, John Donahoe, Laura Maines, Rick Smith, 
  Tim Donovan, Ray Kells & George Pitcairn
  • The Club membership gave a healthy applause to the Paul Harris Fellowship recipients.
Jim Bolas
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
February 8th – Paul Harris Presentations
February 15th – Valentine’s Day Dinner
February 22nd – Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Allegenies
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Meals on Wheels – Received a thank you letter for the donation the Club made to Meals on Wheels following the 2017 Pancake Festival
  • District Grant – The $2500 District grant for the Club’s 2017 Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinner event has been received.
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner – Will be held Thursday, Feb. 15th. Cost is $40. All members are encouraged to sign-up and attend with spouses or significant others. Please contact Heather.
  • Jim Hinerman
  • Barbara Piconi – Barbara’s knee surgery went well. However, there were some complications. Outpatient rehab starts next week.
  • Mid-Year District 7300 Conference – Held last Saturday; End of Year District Conference being held at Seven Springs May 18-20. District Foundation Luncheon being held April 15th at the Rivers Casino.
  • Rotary International Convention – To be held June 23-27 in Toronto; The White Oaks Rotary Club is arranging a charter bus and has room for additional Rotarians.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • The merger of Districts 7300 and 7330 – RI has announced that a new district (7305) will come into effect July 2019 merging our District 7300 and District 7330. District 7330 covers a large geographical area in Western PA from Johnstown to Erie. District 7300 is a higher value district with a greater amount of money in endowments and scholarships.
  • Toastmasters – District 7300 has made arrangements with Toastmasters International to provide public speaking training opportunities to Rotarians. Herm stated that he has volunteered to help train Rotarians. 
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman - 2018 Pancake Festival
  • Tickets – Emanuel stated that separate ticket sales teams will not be established this year and he and Ray Kells will coordinate the distribution of the tickets and the receipt of ticket sales proceeds. A status of ticket distribution to members will be sent by e-mail to all members in the next several days. All members are expected to sell tickets or contribute funds to the Club’s major fundraiser.
  • Placement Mat Ads – Most of the last year’s placement mat advertisers have been contacted; follow-up continues.
  • Outreach Organizations – The designated organizations who will be receiving the proceeds from the Pancake Festival have been engaged to sell tickets and volunteer to work at the event.
  • PF Work Schedule – Members were requested to indicate when and where they wish to work at the Pancake Festival. A sign-up sheet was passed among the attending members. Members not in attendance are encouraged to inform Emanuel of their work preferences.
Past-President Jim Hinerman chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
January 11th - Bio - New Associate Member Bill Engle
January 18th - To be announced
January 25th - To be announced
  • Treasurer Ray Kells 
  • Annual Gourmet Dinner – Ray summarized the final results of the Club Foundation’s 2017 Gourmet Dinner.
  • Enjoy Books – 41 Enjoy Books were sold; still need one book paid for by one of the members.
  • Outstanding Past Dues – In reconciling the Club accounts it has been noted that many members have apparently not paid their dues for 4 quarters between July, 2015 and June, 2017. Sixteen members have checked their records and confirmed non-payment and have paid $276 (4 x $69/qtr) to reconcile their records. Each of the remaining members who were members during this period and have not yet done so are asked to check their records and reconcile their dues with the Treasurer.
  • Club Financial Audit – The last Club financial audit was performed for 2014-2015. The next audit will be performed for 2017-2018. The membership was assured that the Treasury remains solvent.
  • Karen Pfeil  
  • Club Projects – Karen recommended that the Club participate in a project to help in the removal of wreaths from the graves at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Bridgeville on Saturday, January 20th starting at 8AM. Please let Karen know if you and friends and family wish to participate. In addition, an event will be coming up in February for the City Mission of Washington, PA. which the Club members can get involved with. More information to follow.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Club Projects – Herm reminded the members of his previous efforts to provide coats to the homeless by buying left-over winter coats from Sears every winter. However, it appears there may be a greater need for personal items such as toothbrushes, brushes, razors, nailclippers, shampoos, soaps, etc. He asked members to help him collect such personal items to provide to the homeless shelters this year. In addition, he recommended that the members also consider helping supply needed items for Bethlehem Haven, a city of Pittsburgh shelter for woman in need. More information to follow.
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman - 2018 Pancake Festival
  • Tickets – Emanuel announced that the 2018 PF tickets are available for distribution. Members are encouraged to pick-up their tickets from Emanuel. It was recommended that as in past years teams be formed with captains to help Emanuel distribute the tickets and handle the receipt and accounting of the ticket sales. All members are expected to become involved in this major Club fundraiser now into its 59th year and sell tickets to friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and associates or buy and give away. Ticket prices this year are $9/$5 adult/children pre-event and $10/$6 at the event.
  • Sponsorships – Emanuel stated that a meeting will be held in the next week to plan the solicitation campaign for sponsorships. Members are requested to volunteer to assist the solicitation team in this year’s campaign. 
  • Event Time – Emanuel announced that this year’s festival will be held between 8AM and 6PM instead of the normal 7PM closure due to the significant drop-off experienced in past festivals after 6PM.
It was noted that as new members are tasked with leading the Pancake Festival effort all members experienced in the planning and organizing of past Pancake Festivals be fully engaged to ensure the continued success of our Club’s major fundraiser. 
Past-President Laura Maines chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
January 25th - Brad Killemeyer of Hosanna Industries
Get Well Cards were passed around for Barb Piconi and the Pastry Chef at the Country Club.
  • Karen Pfeil  
  • Club Projects – Karen reminded all about the project to pick up the wreath at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies on Saturday. We are to meet at the entrance at 7:45. Please bring a hockey stick if you have one as it will be easier than bending over to pick up each wreath. Karen said it should only take about an hour to complete this.
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman - 2018 Pancake Festival:
  • Emanuel gave a brief update on the Pancake Festival He is still working on putting the teams together.
The program for the evening was presented by OJ Wandrisco who is the Manager of Donor Engagement of the City Mission in Washington, PA. OJ (real name John Michael) is a resident of Bethel Park. He began his career as a Street Minister at Young Life and was there for 18 years. He knew the CEO at City Mission and told him he would like to come to work for them. The idea behind the mission is to be a working mission and for people to leave in a year and be trained to be able to get a job and be on their own. The mission is located behind the jail so they get many of their clients from the jail. They turn no one away but will dismiss people if they fail drug testing moving forward. OJ works closely with the clients and has lunch with them. The mission had a fire in 2015 and the new structure can hold 120 men and 18 women which is three times more than they were able to house before the fire. They will be opening a new Veterans Center soon. It will be run and serviced by veterans. The mission has an annual budget of $6 million and receives no federal help and they are a Christian mission. It was a very informative talk and was well-received.
Emanuel handled good news. Dick Beck won the 50/50 but did not match the card.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
December 14 – Club Christmas Party
December 21 – No Meeting
December 28 – No Meeting
Past President Laura Maines chaired the meeting
  • Past President Laura Maines
  • Dec. 14th Christmas Dinner – For members who have not yet signed-up for the Christmas Dinner and wish to attend please e-mail Heather so the number of attendees can be finalized with the country club. The cost is $40 per person. Start time is normally 6PM but will be confirmed by e-mail.
  • John Donahoe
  • Salvation Army Bell-Ringing – Thanked all members who rang the bells for the Salvation Army. The Club raised $647.32 and was challenged by the Girl Scouts who were also ringing bells at the other entrance to Giant Eagle.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Mock Turtle Necks – Herm showed a sample of a mock turtleneck with the Club logo. The cost is $20. Contact Herm if you are interested to obtain one.
  • June, 2018 Rotary International Conference – Toronto – The White Oak Rotary Club is sponsoring a charter bus to the International Convention. The cost is $150 for a roundtrip. Members and spouses from the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair could consider this option. John Biedrzycki stated he is also looking into a charter flight which will cost about $400 per person.
Suzy Meyer was introduced as the evening’s speaker. Ms. Meyer is a friend of member Tim Donovan.
Suzy is an author, landscape architect and water resources planner; graduated from Mt. Lebanon HS and received a BS in Landscape Architecture from Penn State. She is the author of “At Home in the Real World” which is about home security and self-defense from a woman’s perspective.
Suzy was a landscape engineer and was not working and started doing extensive gardening at her home. She was startled several times by the sound of gunshots. When she and her husband decided that moving was out of the question, Suzy began a quest to make her home safer and ultimately led researching the best forms of personal self-defense and to her writing the book.
Her premise discusses American Law which is based on citizens assuming responsibility for their own security. The book contains five myths regarding dangerous assumptions you need to re-think and she reviewed three of them.
  1. The police will protect me - There really is no obligation on the part of the police to protect you.
  1. The police will arrive in time to protect you - When an incident occurs in your home it is over before the police can arrive.
  1. My home security system will protect me - By the time you call the security people and they call the police, the incident is over.
She explained how to assess the safety of the home and how to strengthen weak areas.
These lessons are based on three tenets: 
  • Eliminate Surprise
  • Deter Access
  • Have a Plan and Back-up Plan
Ms. Meyer also encouraged each person to tap into their primal instincts and get strong, both physically and mentally to improve their ability to defend themselves. 
Author Suzy Meyer
Club Meeting Program Schedule
December 7 – Suzy Meyer – Author at Calamity May – Women’s Self-Defense
December 14 – Club Christmas Party
  • President Heather Dieckmann
  • Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners – Heather thanked the Club members for their contribution of hands-on help and financial support for this year’s efforts to prepare and deliver 3500 Thanksgiving dinners to the needy in the City of Pittsburgh. Leftovers were given to Light of Life. Excess dry products will be used next year. Will look at better press coverage next year.
  • 2018 Pancake Festival – Emanuel Panos, Pancake Festival Chairman, has kicked-off planning for next year’s Pancake Festival.Tickets will be printed in December. 
  • Dec. 14th Christmas Dinner – Members are asked to sign-up for the dinner. For those not in meeting attendance to sign-up please contact Heather so a final count can be settled with the country club. Heather stated that the cost of the dinner is $40. Twenty children at Every Child will be the Angel Tree beneficiaries of Club funds this year which are normally used for gifts at the dinner.
  • John Donahoe
  • Salvation Army Bell-Ringing – All hourly time slots between 8AM-4PM have been filled. However, members who have not signed up can stop by at any time at Giant Eagle this Saturday to support the Club’s annual bell-ringing fundraiser. $750 raised last year.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Meals on Wheels – The members are requested to help Meals on Wheels this holiday season by providing homemade Christmas cookies. For those who wish to help they are asked to provide two dozen cookies each. The cookies can be brought to the Dec. 7th meeting and the Dec. 14th Christmas dinner.
New Member Induction Ceremony
Membership Chair, Jim Bolas, led the induction ceremony to induct the Club’s second Corporate Member – The Friendship Village of South Hills and its representatives Bryan Welty (Primary Member), Bill Engel & Lori Suess (Associate Members). Friendship Village of South Hills was acknowledged as a key contributor to the quality of life of the South Hills community and current and past Club members reside in its Upper St. Clair facility. The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair welcomed Bryan, Bill and Lori into the Rotary family.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
November 23rd – NO MEETING – Thanksgiving
November 30th - Friendship Village Corporate Membership Induction
December 7 – Suzy Meyer – Author at Calamity May – Women’s Self-Defense
December 14 – Club Christmas Party
  • President Heather Dieckmann
  • Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners – Heather reminded the members of the particulars of next week’s community event:
  • Work Venue - St. Mary’s Orthodox Church; 105 S. 19th Street; South Side
  • Work Schedule – Weds, Nov. 22nd – 4:30 to Done and Thurs., Nov. 23rd – (1st Shift) 7-10AM and (2nd Shift) 10AM to Done
  • The proverbial Rotary hat was passed and $1672 was raised. This Club member donation coupled with the Club’s support, the District’s reimbursable grant and donations from other clubs, companies and individuals should cover the approximate $6000 cost.
  • Laura Maines
  • Christmas Dinner – Scheduled for Dec. 14th; in lieu of gifts to members and guests this year monies will be given toward the Angel Tree at the Every Child non-profit which distributes gifts to 200 foster children and non-traditional foster caregiver families for their foster children. Member and Every Child Executive Director Laura Maines provided gift request lists for members and will accept gifts and donations up to Dec. 14th
  • John Donahoe 
  • All time slots are filled for Salvation Army Bell Ringing on Dec. 2nd at Giant Eagle except 3-4PM. Contact John if you wish to participate.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Introduced Gary Lee, President of the Bethel Park Rotary Club. Their club is donating $250 toward our  Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinner event. He also requested member consideration to purchase white and red Poinsettias from his club at $11 ea. He can deliver the Poinsettias to the Dec. 7th meeting.
  • Ray Kells
  • Reminded the members that the quarterly dues notice was issued.
Speaker – Eugene Kanar – St. Clair Country Club Pastry Chef
  • Karen Pfeil introduced Mr. Kanar, our Guru of Goodies, with a poem by Rianna Bear called “Sweet Tooth”:
There are times in my life
when I feel utter defeat.
But nothing can cure me
Like something really sweet.
Tingled sensations
makes my mind want to scream.
As I serve my tongue
a spoonful of ice cream.
But when its really rough
and happiness won’t budge.
I can always run to
some dark gooey fudge.
Or, when just on a whim
I feel like playing hooky.
I’ll heat up the oven
and make me some cookies
Sweet tooth, dear sweet tooth
You make life complete.
As I taste all these goodies
So yummy to eat.”
Eugene Kanar has been the pastry chef at St. Clair Country Club for 14 months. Born and raised in Uniontown. He started in culinary at the age of 18 in 1998.  And was first a pastry chef at Nemacolin Woodlands. Worked as a pastry chef at Monterrey Bay restaurant for 3 years before accepting a position at St. Clair CC. Enjoys the look and taste of desserts.
Remember an incident while at Nemacolin when an assistant cook left pans and supplies on the roof of the van which fell off on the way to an event. Had to clean-up Rt. 40 and return for more supplies. Enjoy working with chocolate desserts and has won prizes for chocolate showpieces. Some favorite desserts made by Eugene were noted including caramel covered popcorn, baked Alaska beehive and Klondikes.
Will consider making a chocolate dessert for the Club’s Dec. 14th Christmas dinner
Club Meeting Program Schedule
October 26th – YMCA’s Ken Holiday
November 2nd – Annual Gourmet Dinner
November 9th – Interact Club Presentation
November 16th – Friendship Village Corporate Membership Industion
November 23rd – NO MEETING - Thanksgiving
  • Barbara Piconi & John Donahoe
  • Let Barbara know if there are any dietary issues which need to be considered for the Gourmet Dinner
  • Program book has been sent to the printer
  • Currently have 14 auction items; have space for more
  • Have $11,900 in sponsorships. Less dinner tickets the net is $10,600
  • Tom Shook
  • Reminded the members that some clubs utilize a fine system to assess fines for not wearing Rotary pins, etc.
  • Dick Beck
  • Have found Rotary sweaters while packing for their move to a new house; willing to give them to anyone who wishes to give a donation to the Club; Herm Dieckmann offered to take one sweater.
  • Also have 2 tickets for the upcoming Bethel Park Rotary Club Pasta Dinner
  • Laura Maines
Laura’s non-profit, Every Child Inc, will be holding a major fundraiser at the the Heinz History Museum on Nov. 10th. Tickets can be bought on-line
  • Karen Pfeil
  • The Club will have a table set-up at the Miracle Field near the USC Rec Center this Sunday from 3-6PM; all are welcome to come and help the disabled children who will be attending to play baseball
  • There will be 500 children attending
  • All who attend are encouraged to wear a Rotary shirt
  • Karen is bringing “stuff” to hand out to the children
Speaker – Kathy Knopp – New Member
  • Kathy is a Pittsburgh girl born in Bon-Air a neighborhood in south Pittsburgh; family of 4 children
  • Raised Catholic and went to Catholic school K-12
  • First job was with Merrill-Lynch where she first met Herm Dieckmann
  • Met her husband, Walter, when she was a customer in his Heidelberg Shop n Save store; he eventually had 2 additional stores – one at Century III and the other in South Fayette
  • Kathy and her husband had 3 children
  • Walter was a member of the Carnegie Rotary Club and they enjoyed many good times in Rotary vacationing with members on the Chesapeake forming a Rotary Yacht Squadron and visiting many towns on the Chesapeake
  • The 3 Shop n Save stores were sold in 2000
  • Walter contacted Lou Gehring disease in 2001 and passed away in 2004
  • Kathy enjoyed being active in the PTA, bell ringer in church and a Sunday school teacher
  • Kathy is celebrating her 60th this year and the three children have graduated from college and now enjoys 3 grandchildren
  • Kathy looks forward to enjoying an opportunity to experience Rotary fellowship again.
  • The membership gave Kathy a healthy round of applause for sharing her bio.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
November 16th – St. Clair CC Pastry Chef 
November 23rd – NO MEETING – Thanksgiving
November 30th - Friendship Village Corporate Membership Induction
  • President Heather Dieckmann
  • Nov. 2nd Gourmet Dinner - Heather congratulated John Donahoe and Barbara Piconi for their fine effort in organizing this year’s Gourmet Dinner raising significant funds for the Rotary Foundation. The members gave them a healthy round of applause.
  • Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners – Heather reminded the members of the upcoming Club event – preparing and assisting in the distribution of 4000 turkey dinners to the elderly and needy in the City of Pittsburgh. Key info:
  • Need $6000 – monies raised thru the Club, District grant and donations from companies, Rotary clubs and individuals; will pass the hat next week; Herm Dieckmann will match donations up to a max of $1000.
  • Work Venue - St. Mary’s Orthodox Church; 105 S. 19th Street; South Side
  • Work Schedule – Weds, Nov. 22nd – 4:30 to Done and Thurs., Nov. 23rd – (1st Shift) 7-10AM and (2nd Shift) 10AM to Done
  • Pittsburgh Steelers want to help this year
  • Need 400 boxes (Egg boxes are ideal)
  • Christmas Dinner – Scheduled for Dec. 14th; recommend in lieu of gifts at the dinner that the Club donate to an Angel Tree for needy children
  • John Donahoe 
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Dec. 2nd or 9th – 8AM-4PM – Giant Eagle
  • Barbara Piconi
  • Working with Beinhauer to fill Santa stockings with foodstuff, snacks, batteries, vitamins, playing cards, etc. for the troops overseas. 
  • Our Club has obtained 20 hats which need to be stuffed and turned in at the Nov. 30th Rotary meeting.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Rotary International Conference - Next year’s conference is being held in Toronto June 23-27. Buses and/or charter flights and hotel rooms are being arranged. 
  • Amen for Action – 150,000 meals will be packed at the Pittsburgh Convention Center the day after Thanksgiving from 9:00AM-12:30PM. Club members can participate.
  • Pull-up Banners – Available through another Rotary Club for $145; District will reimburse $125. Can be custom designed and changed periodically. Members agreed to proceed.i
Speaker(s) – Upper St. Clair Interact Club
  • Jim Bolas introduced Jack Zebo who is the faculty advisor for the Upper St. Clair Interact Club.
  • Jack Zebo is a science teacher at USC and has taught for 20 years. He earned a B.S. in Biology in 1996 from St. Francis University and a Masters degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1998. He is now focused on teaching biology and teaches Honors Bio Topics, Academic Biology and Bioinformatics. He was inducted into the Saint Francis University Athletics Hall of Fame in 2011 for his accomplishments in volleyball setting a number of university records. Jack introduced this academic year’s co-presidents of the USC Interact Club Rachel Harris and Claire Kohler, both Juniors.
  • Rachel and Claire both expressed interest in expanding the level of fundraising activity for this year’s Interact Club which now has over 40 members. Will be active this winter/Christmas season; volunteer at a food bank 6and, of course, the Annual Pancake Festival and Easter Egg Hunt. Interest was expressed in being involved in the upcoming Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinner activities and possibly other Club activities.
  • The Club members expressed a desire to help the USC Interact Club be successful. Coordination will be handled through Jack Zebo and Jim Bolas.
Left to Right – Claire Kohler, President Dieckmann, Jack Zebo & Rachel Harris
Club Meeting Program Schedule
October 19th – New Member Kathy Knopp Bio
October 26th – YMCA’s Ken Holiday
November 2nd – Annual Gourmet Dinner
November 9th – Interact Club Presentation
November 16th – Friendship Village Corporate Membership Industion
November 23rd – NO MEETING - Thanksgiving
Club Assembly
  • Barbara Piconi
Rotary Basics booklet is available for all members who wish to better understand what Rotary is all about. If you wish a copy please contact Jim Bolas
  • Tom Shook
Former member Rolf Zimmerman, who now resides in Germany, won the Steeler pool last week and has donated the money to the City of Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinner project which the Club does every year. A thank you card to Rolf was passed around for each member to sign
  • George Pitcairn
  • Due to a lack of participants the October 14th Ohiopyle outing has been cancelled.
  • Collection was taken among the attending members for George to buy wine for Wine Baskets for the Gourmet Dinner Chinese Auction.
  • John Donahoe
Dick Beck has provided his Club display board, which he has been storing at his home, to be used by the Club for the Gourmet Dinner. Rick Smith will provide updated photos.
  • Jim Bolas
Request was made for bottles of whiskey for a Whiskey Basket for the Gourmet Dinner Chinese Auction. John Biedrzycki, Milt Hamel, Tom Rohrich and Bob Theakston offered to provide bottles. (Note: Please bring to next meeting)
  • Heather Dieckmann
Members who are participating in the Oct. 22nd Miracle Field volunteer effort are requested to wear something which shows they are Rotarians. (If you need a shirt contact Herm Dieckmann). Plan on being there 3-6PM.  
  • City of Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners
  • Have the turkey breasts lined up; no cooking necessary
  • Will gather at 4:30-5PM on Wednesday, Nov. 22nd to start assembly of the dinner components; assembly of the dinners will start at 7:30AM on Thanksgiving Day. Activities will be at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church at 105 S. 19th St. in Southside. North Allegheny and Shaler Clubs helping out  with money ($1000 a piece) and people. District has provided a $2500 grant.
  • Ray Kells 
  • Letter was handed out to the attending members, which will also be mailed to those members who are not in attendance, concerning reconciliation of Club finances. 
  • The Club’s finances are sound with approximately $19,400 currently in the Club’s checking account and a $21,900 Certificate of Deposit. However, there are approximately $15,500 of payouts that still need to be made which would leave a balance of $6,400. 
  • In reviewing the Club records it was noted that notifications for quarterly dues payments were not sent to members for 2 quarters from July to Dec, 2015 and 2 quarters from July to Dec. 2016. Therefore, those members who were part of the Club during all or part of those periods are requested to pay the required $69 per quarter they missed up to a total of $276. Payments can be given to the Club’s Treasurer, Ray Kells, at a future meeting or mail to him at 2884 O’Neill Drive, Bethel Park, PA. 15102.
  • Members are also requested to check their checking accounts to confirm all checks they made out to the Club for the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017 period were cashed and help the Club complete its account reconciliation.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
September 28th – Richard Jewell – Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
  • ➢  John Donahoe - Gourmet Dinner – November 2nd
    • Tasting has been successful – Black Sea Bass and Filet will be the prime dish
    • Matching wines to be served
    • Still pursuing obtaining a travel package for the auction
    • Ricoh Printing will handle the program book
    • Still encouraging members to obtain sponsorships & auction items
    • Dave Cristi will be providing the music with a singer
    • Formal photos will be taken of all guests
    • Valley Brook is in the process of golf course renovation and are experiencing
      some access road subsidence – need to be careful in driving into the club
    • Let Barbara Piconi or John Donahoe of any special dietary issues
    • Denny Crawford will help putting together a running slide presentation during
      the Gourmet Dinner showing all the good works of the Club – send Barbara
      Piconi photos
  • ➢  Bob Theakston – Paul Harris Fellow Recognition
    • Members were reminded they will receive $50 credit for each ticket they buy
      or sell for the Gourmet Dinner. The Club will match $ for $ which means for each ticket bought or sold a member will receive $100 credit toward a Paul Harris Fellow Recognition which requires $1000.
    • Each member is encouraged to buy and/or sell 4 tickets this year.
    • When selling tickets please record the names, addresses and e-mails so we
      have a good record and can plan seating arrangements with tent cards.
  • ➢  Jim Bolas – USC Interact Club
    • There are 2-3 USC students interested in registering for the October 18th
      World Affairs Institute for Student Leaders
    • Will be meeting with the Club’s Faculty Advisor, Jack Zebo, this Saturday to
      discuss the Interact Club’s plans for this school year and to share with him
      what our Club is planning and seeing how we can engage the students
    • Have invited Jack and the Club’s President & Vice President to attend a
      future dinner to meet our members and introduce themselves.
  • ➢  Jim Hinerman – Enjoy Books
• Cost $30; asking all members to buy and/or sell to raise money
➢ George Pitcairn – Ohiopyle Gathering – October 14th
• All members invited to attend a morning and early afternoon at Ohiopyle –
walking, biking, cookout – starts with breakfast somewhere and ends at 2PM
page1image25328 page1image25488
Speaker – George Pitcairn – “A Touch of the West”
Member George Pitcairn went on a two week trip in June to visit Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. He thought that the Club would be interested in what he and Hedy saw and hear about their impressions of the American West.
Key Points
  • Saw a lot of gift shops, bronze statues and families playing instruments
  • In one town there were life size bronze statues of each U.S. president
    displayed on street corners throughout the town
  • Started in Denver and traveled to Golden, Rapid City, Mt. Rushmore,
    Deadwood, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and Salt Lake City and
    took Amtrak back to Denver (beautiful countryside)
  • Custer State Park was interesting with beautiful birds and many prairie dogs
  • Crazy Horse rock sculpture has been in progress since 1948. Park Service
    has offered to take it over to finish it but the Ziolkowski family wants to retain
    the rights to build the sculpture since it is a money-maker.
  • Mt. Rushmore was a highlight. Was created in 14 years (1927-1941) but was
    curtailed due to WWII
  • Devils Tower also was fascinating. 870 feet high and has a 1.3 mile perimeter walking trail around the base
  • Old Faithful in Yellowstone erupts every 90 minutes and builds over 5 minutes to a height of 870 feet. Yellowstone also has a 1200 ft. Grand Canyon with a beautiful waterfall
  • In Jackson, Wyoming saw a Rotary project built in 1953 comprising of four large arches built out of Elk horns.
  • In Snow Bird was tempted to buy a good looking buckle and belt but declined when finding the purchase price was $1400 !!
  • All in all a very enjoyable trip
Club Meeting Program Schedule
September 21st - George Pitcairn--Trip to the Dakotas 
September 28th – Richard Jewell – Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
➢ Heather Dieckmann
- Introduction of Guests – Dennis Piper introduced his wife Linda and Barbara Piconi introduced her sister, Jane Shifflett from Tampa Bay, Florida
- Miracle Field Volunteers – Members were reminded that Karen Pfeil is organizing a group of Rotarians to help volunteer at the Miracle Field on Saturday, Oct. 22nd from 3-6PM. If you are interested please contact Karen. A table is reservedat the park, wear something with Rotary on it or a non-scary Halloween outfit.
- Hurricane Harvey Relief Donations – Herm Dieckmann reminded everyone that he still is accepting contributions for the Club to send donations for the Houston relief efforts. The funds will be sent to Rotary District 5890 Charities, Inc. which covers the Houston area. If you wish to donate to the Houston relief effort through Rotary please contact Herm Dieckmann 
- Enjoy Books – Ray Kells reminded the members that he now has the Enjoy books which sell for $30 ea. The Club will get a nice share back for each book sold. Please contact Ray to obtain your books to buy or sell 
Speaker – Dennis Piper – District 7300 Chairman of Technology
Dennis is past President of the Crafton-Ingram Club and currently Assistant Governor and Chairman of Communications & Technology for the District. Dennis is Founder and Owner of DEP Technologies which provides information technology services to clients. He is also a Llama Plop Coordinator
   Dennis Piper
Dennis updated the members on what is new on the Rotary District 7300 and Rotary International websites. Facebook seminars are now available by the district to learn how to promote Rotary and our Club. The new district website has new information on available scholarships, district rewards programs, club assessment (survey) forms and more for club use.
The RI website has been significantly improved since a key webmaster from Microsoft joined the Rotary team.
When updating club information on new members, officers, activities, etc. it is only necessary to update the district website NOT RI’s website since RI can capture the necessary info from the district website.
RI is displaying on their website under Rotary Showcase Rotary members total volunteer hours, contributions, etc. on an on-going basis to show Rotarians and the world the influence Rotary has on communities around the world.
The RI website also shows discounts for Rotarians on a variety of things – hotels, restaurants, entertainment, trips, etc.
The RI site also has a function similar to GoFundMe which provides a means for a Club to raise funds for special projects.
Dennis offers Clubs training sessions on the use of the new communications and website technologies. He can be contacted at dennis@deptech.net.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
September 14th – Dennis Piper – District 7300 Webmaster
September 21st – Richard Jewell – Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board 
September 28th – George Pitcairn – My Trip to the Dakotas
  • Heather Dieckmann 
  • Introduction of Guests - Jennifer Cooper introduced her fiancée Tim Bodnar; planning to marry next March
  • Miracle Field Volunteers – Karen Pfeil is organizing a group of Rotarians to help volunteer at the Miracle Field on Saturday, Oct. 22nd. If you are interested please contact her.
  • Thanksgiving Dinners – Needy in the City of Pittsburgh – 111 cases of turkey breast have been obtained at $1.59/lb. and will be stored for the Club for one month; need volunteers to provide freezer space the end of Sept. Planning on serving 4000 dinners this year. Will be easier this year with only a one day prior prep and cooking morning of Thanksgiving. Shaler Club requested to join the effort with Bethel-St. Clair and Northern Allegheny. Cost will be split evenly between the clubs. District 7300 approved a $2500 grant. Need boxes for handling dinners and to raise funds from the members. All members who wish to donate to and/or volunteer for the Thanksgiving dinner effort please contact Heather .
  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Donations – Herm Dieckmann is accepting contributions for the Club to send donations for the Houston relief efforts. The funds will be sent to Rotary District 5890 Charities, Inc. which covers the Houston area. Thus far approximately $500 has been raised. If you wish to donate to the Houston relief effort through Rotary please contact Herm Dieckmann.
  • World Affairs Student Registration – Jim Bolas agreed to pursiue registration of USC students for the up coming World Affairs event.
  • John Donahoe – November 2nd Gourmet Dinner
  • Valley Brook – John stated that the recently hired chef at Valley Brook has resigned. He stated that the current kitchen staff should be able to handle the dinner. Tasting will be held in a couple weeks. Entrée of fish/meat will be combined this year.
  • Tickets – Bob Theakston has the tickets for the dinner. Cost is the same as last year - $125 per person. Members are encouraged to arrange a table.
  • Viennese Dessert Room – Tom Shook has once again agreed to sponsor the dessert room.
  • Music – The Dave Christie Trio will only include Dave Christie and a singer.
  • Pictures – Sam Provil is again helping to coordinate the photos this year.
  • Sponsors – Members are encouraged to help line up repeat and new sponsors by the end of September. Contact John Donahoe for information on the sponsorship packages that are available (i.e. recognition, free tickets, etc.). 
  • Auction Items – The following auction items have thus far been noted:
  • NCAA Basketball Tournament Tickets
  • High Quality Cigars
  • Seven Springs Golf Package
  • Nemacolin Golf Package
  • A Knitted Afghan
  • Steeler Game Tickets
  • Wine Raffle
  • Whiskey Basket (Those who wish to donate to this basket contact Jim Bolas 
  • Tom Shook – Status of John Westerman
  • Tom reported that John has recently had several stints inserted (operations performed in Pittsburgh and Cleveland) to help overcome serious circulation blockages. He is currently recovering.
Induction of New Member Jennifer Cooper
Membership Chairman Jim Bolas facilitated the induction ceremony. On behalf of new member sponsor Karen Pfeil, President Heather Dieckmann performed the role of sponsor. The membership enthusiastically welcomed Jennifer into the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair.
                Jennifer & Heather
Club Meeting Program Schedule
September 7th – Induction of new member Jennifer Cooper
September 14th – Dennis Piper – Pittsburgh CPA – Tax Advisor
September 21st – Richard Jewell – Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
September 28th – George Pitcairn – My Trip to the Dakotas
➢ Heather Dieckmann – Introduction of Guests
- Jennifer Cooper introduced Michelle Gaudino, former member of the Delmont Salem Rotary Club in District 7330, now in the area working as a Mortgage Loan Officer at PNC Bank and who is interested in our Club
- Emanuel Panos introduced his wife Angela
Speaker – Ward Garner – District 7300 Governor
Member Dick Beck, 2003-2004 District 7300 Governor introduced Ward Garner, 2017-2018 District 7300 Governor. Dick pointed out that he and Ward were both Air Force grads (Ward received the Air Force’s Achievement Medal), both started in Rotary in the Pittsburgh Club. Bob Williams, a Rotarian well-known to the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair introduced Ward to Rotary. Ward was born in St. Mary’s, PA. and graduated in 1989 from the University of Pittsburgh in Business Management and he has pursued a career in financial planning. Ward has written a book titled “How to Protect My Million: Strategies to Identify and Avoid Swindlers”. Ward is a member and past-president of the Rotary Club of Northern Allegheny. Ward is a Paul Harris +8, Governor Garner also is on the Advisory Board of the Office of Children, Youth & Families for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. Like Member Herm Dieckmann he also was a disc jockey in his younger days.
Ward Garner
The key points of Ward’s presentation are as follows:
➢ The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair is the 35th club he has visited in the district since July 1st. Taking Herm Dieckmann’s idea he showed the 2017-2018 Rotary banner he has signed at each club he visits
➢ 3 key points he wanted to emphasize to each club he visits:
• SATISFY THE ROTARY CITATION – Membership, Rotary Foundation and Public Image
➢ He noted his motto “The More You Immerse Yourself in Rotary the Better Life You Will Live”
➢ He also emphasized that that you get more out of Rotary than you give.
➢ Want to increase the district’s marketing effort. One way is to help each club to purchase a “pull-up banner” (see below)

The district will reimburse each club $125 to purchase their own banner. Cost of such banners vary from $175 to $230.
➢ Also the district is requesting $100 from each club to help support a district-wide marketing campaign toaccomplish a “Unison of Branding”
➢ Ward and Barbara Piconi emphasized the importance of building membership this year since the district’s membership is at 1115. If the district falls below 1100 it becomes vulnerable to possibly being combined with adjacent District 7330 which is currently below 1100. District 7300 is thought of highly within RI because of the district’s support for the Rotary Foundation and programs such as the Bob Williams’ scholarship program which is meant only for District 7300.
➢ A number of ideas to improve membership were noted:
• Create additional clubs in growth areas of the district 
• Consider spouses joining Rotary
• Approach local businesses for individual and corporate membership (emphasize the social, fund raising, networking and service aspects of Rotary). Emphasize to businesses that they will experience business growth and it will be a vehicle for community service and for devoting time & money which they need to do.
Club Meeting Program Schedule

August 31st - District Governor Ward Garner and his official visit.
September 7th – Induction of new member Jennifer Cooper
September 14th – Dennis Piper – Pittsburgh CPA – Tax Advisor
September 21st – Richard Jewell – Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
  • Heather Dieckmann – Club Board Meeting
  • Board Meeting after regular meeting to formalize transfer of responsibility for Club checking account to new officers
  • Review current financial status of the Club
  • Sam Provil – Introduction of Guest
  • Sam introduced his wife Nancy
Speaker – Tim Gebhart – Executive Director – The Miracle League of South Hills
Sam Provil introduced the speaker. Sam & his wife Nancy are volunteers in the Miracle League and the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair has donated to the construction of the Miracle Field and Clubhouse.
Tim Gebhart, a South Dakota native, graduate of University of Hawaii at Hilo with a degree in Health and Physical Education. Also attended the University of Sioux falls in South Dakota. Played 2nd base and helped lead the Cougars to a conference championship his freshman year. Was Director of Baseball Operations at Camp All-Star in Kents Hill, Maine and as Operations Coordinator for the Camps and Clinics Division with the Ripken Academy. Met Sean Casey along the way and soon found himself coming to Pittsburgh in 2016 to become the Executive Director of the Miracle League of South Hills. A picture below of Sean Casey on the left and Tim Gebhart on the right.
The Miracle League of South Hills began in 2008, when Sean Casey, a native South Hills Pittsburgher and a 12 year major league baseball All-Star started his quest to bring a Miracle League field to the South Hills of Pittsburgh where he grew up. The Miracle League of the South Hills mission statement is “Every Child Deserves A Chance to Play Baseball.”
The Miracle League brings the game of baseball to children who may have never had the opportunity to play on a real field. By building a custom-designed field with a cushioned rubberized surface to help prevent injuries, wheelchair accessible dugouts and a completely flat surface to eliminate any barriers to wheel-chair bound or visually impaired players, the field has eliminated the challenges that prevent many children from playing the game of baseball.
In addition to giving kids the chance to play the game the Miracle League is dedicated to bringing together children through a “Buddies” program connecting all children by building teamwork and friendship. The Miracle League now has 18 teams and 300 players in the 6 week spring season and 200 players in the 6 week fall season. There are 300 volunteers of all ages and 52 volunteer coaches.
Tim showed several videos of children who though physically challenged are able to participate in the game of baseball and with the help of buddies able to perform in a manner to help them truly experience the fun of baseball. Miracles happen all the time. Tim showed a video of a child who chose to walk for the first time when participating at the Miracle Field. A truly uplifting experience for all involved.
Tim mentioned that the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair can participate as a volunteer group and can have a booth to display Rotary and provide a service to the participants. Karen Pfeil volunteered to lead a group from the Club for Saturday, October 22nd.
Left to Right: Nancy & Sam Provil, Tim Gebhart and Heather Dieckmann
Club Meeting Program Schedule
August 10th – Club Annual Corn Roast (w/Bob Williams Scholarship Winners) August 17th - George Pitcairn – My Trip to the Dakotas
August 24th - Tim Gebhart the Executive Director of the Miracle League of the South Hills
August 31st - District Governor Ward Garner and his official visit. Announcements
  • ➢  Heather Dieckmann – August 10th Corn Roast
    • -  Noon – start set-up
    • -  4:30PM – start shucking corn
    • -  5:30-6:00PM – start gathering for corn roast ($20 per member only, families
      and guests are no charge)
    • -  Bring salad, side dish and/or dessert
  • ➢  Heather Dieckmann – Club of the Year
- Rotary is requiring all Districts and Clubs to report their engagement in the
community (service hours, etc.) as well as donations to the Rotary Foundation. District 7300 will use the reporting parameters used by RI for Club of the Year determination.
➢ Karen Pfeil – Community Involvement Ideas
- Several ideas for increasing community involvement were proposed which
Karen offered to help coordinate:
o Make homemade cookies for Meals-On-Wheels for holidays
o Putting wreaths on the graves at the National Cemetery on Veterans
Day and Memorial Day
o Helping the City Mission at Southpointe on holidays
  • ➢  Herm Dieckmann – Member Health Issues
    • -  It was noted that Tracy Estabrook has had spinal surgery and has a difficult
    • -  Rick Smith is doing well recovering from hip surgery
    • -  John Westerman is doing well from the heart issues he has been dealing with
  • ➢  Bob Theakston – The Education Partnership
    • -  Bob read a thank you letter from The Education Partnership thanking the Club
      for their $5000 donation supplying school supplies to needy children in Upper
      St. Clair.
    • -  Members are welcome to help pack-up school supplies in preparation for the
      new school year at their warehouse at 281 Corliss St. in McKees Rocks. However, to be able to participate a member must obtain a PA Child Abuse History Clearance which can be done through the PA website on the internet
page1image21800 page1image21960
Induction of New Member – Kathy Knopp
Membership Chair Jim Bolas led the induction ceremony of new member Kathy Knopp. Kathy was presented an Object of Rotary plaque and her own Member Handbook. Her sponsor, Herm Dieckmann, presented Kathy her Rotary pin. All attending members came forward to formally welcome Kathy into the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair. 
Club Annual Corn Roast – Lion’s Park – Bethel Park
The Club held its Annual Corn Roast on a somewhat cool and damp Thursday evening. However, the weather did not dampen the spirits and fellowship of the many members and their families and guests. As in the past many people made this year’s Corn Roast successful. 
Special mention is given to Carol & Milt Hamel for their organization, set-up and bringing many of the basic supplies again this year as well as operating the kitchen. Herm Dieckmann, Jim Bolas, Cliff Taylor and his friend Ferne husked the 60 ears of corn. Keith Jackson again brought his grill and handled all the grilling of hot dogs and hamburgers. Numerous members and their families brought beverages, salads, side dishes and many delicious desserts. Thanks goes to Herm for providing the oldies but goodies music. Thanks also goes to everyone who helped clean-up at the end. Everyone appeared fully stuffed and satisfied.
Barbara Piconi introduced two of the eight 2017 Bob Williams Memorial Scholarship winners. Each scholarship recipient receives $4000 from the scholarship fund. The two winners were: Mikayla Ridgeway a graduate of South Park High School; she will attend Slippery Rock University studying early childhood & special education and Jackson Gastmeyer also a graduate from South Park High School.  Jackson will attend Westminster College studying political science.
Click on Photo Albums for pictures. 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
August 3rd – Induction of New Member Kathy Knopp 
August 10th – Club Annual Corn Roast (w/Bob Williams Scholarship Winners)
August 17th - George Pitcairn – My Trip to the Dakotas
August 24th - Tim Gebhart the Executive Director of the Miracle League of the South Hills
August 31st - District Governor Ward Garner and his official visit.
President Heather reminded everyone of the Rotary Night at the Meadows to be held on July 28, 2017. She also reminded all of the Corn Roast to be held on August 10, 2017 at the Lions Park on Irishtown Road in Bethel Park. All attendees are to bring the side dish of their choice.
Carl Trakolfer introduced Mr. Dave Barndollar who is his neighbor and is interested in becoming a Rotarian.
Speaker – Dan Majernik; Employee Benefit Consultant; Strategic Employee Benefits in Pittsburgh
Dan spoke to us about the National & Regional Health Care Markets. He pointed out the unique situation in Pittsburgh which has two Integrated Health Systems UPMC and Highmark/Allegheny Health Network. Dan noted that there has been a change in the Pittsburgh demographic with the introduction of more national carriers which include United, Aetna and Cigna. There is also a shift in the employee demographics with more young people deciding to stay in the area.
Despite the introduction of the Affordable Healthcare Act, most employers are still offering coverage to the employees. 
One of the impacts of the ACA is the design of the plans with higher deductibles and co-pays which has created a negative for providers because of their increased debt. There has also been a great deal of irrational pricing in the market place. Prescription drug costs are now 25% of plan costs and are expected to be 40% within a few years. One of the biggest positives from the ACA is the 100% coverage for preventive care. Dan encouraged all to speak with the physician and the office scheduler to make sure the visit is being billed as preventive since many times tests are performed and end up being billed as non-preventive.
Dan answered a few questions and then wrapped up the program.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
July 27th – Dan Majernek from Strategic Employee Benefits to speak about Health Insurance
August 3rd – Induction of New Member Kathy Knopp
August 10th – Club Annual Corn Roast (w/Bob Williams Scholarship Winners) August 17th - George Pitcairn – My Trip to the Dakotas
August 24th - Tim Gebhart the Executive Director of the Miracle League of the South Hills
August 31st - District Governor Ward Garner and his official visit.
  • Ø  John Donahoe – Nov. 2nd Club Foundation Gourmet Dinner
    • -  225 tickets have been printed and available for the members to sell. Checks
      are to be made out to The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair Foundation
    • -  Herm Dieckmann once again donated the printing of the tickets
    • -  Flyers for use in soliciting sponsorships were distributed (see attached). Each
      member of the club was encouraged to identify sponsors and notify John Donahoe and to obtain the actual sponsorships. It was agreed that a meeting will be arranged with John Biedrzycki to seek his advice and counsel on sponsorships based on his success with the Barnyard Beer Benefit.
    • -  Discussion of whether or not a program book should be produced separately from a sponsor/ad book due to inherent delays in obtaining advertisement information from sponsors. Further consideration will be required.
  • Ø  Milt Hamel – Aug. 10th Corn Roast
    • -  Milt and Carol will need help this year in organizing the corn roast. They have
      much of the supplies required in their basement. Contact Milt if you would like
      to help at 412-760-3585.
    • -  Need to buy corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, wine and beer – Heather will pick-
      up the corn from Simmons Farm (about 1-1/2 ears per attendee)
    • -  Set-up starts at noon on day of the event
    • -  Keith is bringing the grills
    • -  $20 per member – family and guests are free
    • -  Barbara Piconi says that she will invite the 2 South Park high school students
      who won Bob Williams scholarships. It was recommended that their parents
      also be invited.
  • Ø  President Dieckmann – Monthly RI Community Service Compilation
    • -  RI has requested that each club in the world keep track of their monthly
      contribution of their member’s time to local community service.
    • -  President Dieckmann volunteered to maintain the form which is to be
      submitted monthly. The members are asked to provide Heather with the
page1image24104 page1image24264
information (e.g. volunteer work for Meals on Wheels, distributing dictionaries,
Salvation Army bell-ringing, making Thanksgiving dinners for the needy, etc.)
  • -  It was recommended that a list of community service opportunities be made
    available to the members to help them understand where they can help on
    projects which are available for members to volunteer time to.
  • -  It was recommended that the list be made part of the weekly meeting notes.
  • -  One of the key goals of President Dieckmann this Rotary Year is increase
    member’s hands-on involvement in community service.
  • Ø  President Dieckmann – Club Budget – 2017-2018
    • -  Heather distributed copies of the 2017-2018 Club budget that was approved
      by the board of directors last week.
    • -  An audit of the Club’s finances for the past several years is being planned.
  • Ø  Barbara Piconi – Updated Member Contact List
- An updated member contact list was distributed. This information is also
available on Clubrunner.
Ø Ray Kells – Enjoy Books
- Ray stated that to help raise funds for the Club it is planned to once again sell
Enjoy Books which produces revenue to the Club for each book sold by the members. 40 books will be obtained. A volunteer to coordinate the distribution and accounting for book sales was asked for. Please contact Ray if you are interested to help at 412-999-6779.
Speaker – Barbara Piconi – Rotary International (RI) and Rotary Foundation
  • Ø  RI’s incoming president Sam Owori of Uganda died on July 13th from complications following leg surgery in a Texas hospital. RI’s current nominating committee has been tasked with evaluating those candidates which were evaluated when Sam Owori was selected, who wish to be considered, to recommend a replacement. This is the first time such a situation has arisen in the 112 year history of Rotary. A moment of silence was recognized for Mr. Owori.
  • Ø  The Rotary Foundation is looking to each club to achieve a $100 donation from each member during the Rotary Year for which the Club will receive special recognition. 25 members achieved this level last year. It was recommended that several keys members meet with each member who has not yet achieved this level to discuss the benefits of the Rotary Foundation.
  • Ø  The Rotary Foundation’s records show per capita giving by The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair at $484.72 which is mainly due to ticket sales and credit for donating auction items to the Gourmet Dinner.
  • Ø  A letter will be sent to each member explaining what level of contributions they have achieved towards Paul Harris recognition and how much more in contribution is required to achieve the next level of recognition.



  • President Heather Dieckmann opened her first meeting of the 2017-2018 Rotary Year.
  • A get well card for John Westerman was passed for signing by the members. John continues to have issues with his heart which are being resolved. 
  • Thank you letters from SHIM, St. Clair Foundation and the YMCA for the Club’s recent donations were passed among the members.
  • Flyers of upcoming District 7300 events were passed among the members for
  • July 15th – Ambridge Car Cruise
  • July 28th – Night at the Races - $35/person
  • July 31st – District Golf Outing – Wildwood Country Club
  • August 3rd – Crafton-Ingram Rib & Chicken Fest
  • August 15th – Moon Township Corn Roast
  • President Dieckmann distributed the final report for the 2017 Pancake Festival. A net of $19,586 was raised and $16,086 was distributed to 7 South Hills outreach organizations. It was announced that the Steelers ticket sales team would receive steak dinners for the highest ticket sales of $7286. Tom Shook had the most ticket sales totalling $5109.
  • The following guests and prospective members were recognized:
  • Jennifer Cooper – Manager of PNC Bank – Ft. Couch Office
  • Kathy Knopp – Prospective member to be voted on at tonight’s board meeting
  • Brent Grove – Financial Advisor - Canonsburg


Club Assembly


  • President Dieckmann stated that her primary goals for the 2017-2018 Rotary Year are to:
  • Increase the level of Club member engagement in hands-on efforts on community projects and activities.
  • Achieve over $20,000 of Club donations to the Rotary Foundation


As committed to President Dieckmann at the Changing of the Guard all Club Members agreed to support Heather and her team to accomplish this year’s objectives.


  • Bob Theakston announced two Club Members who achieved Paul Harris 3rd Level and presented pins to Carl Trakofler and John Biedrzycki


Podium – Bob Theakston

John Biedrzycki – President Heather Dieckmann – Carl Trakofler


  • Director of International Service John Donahoe briefly described what occurred at the June Rotary International Convention held at the Atlanta, Georgia World Congress Center which he and his wife, Pat, attended:
  • 42,000 attendees from all over the world
  • June 11th – Opening flag ceremony and presentation of ceremonial bell and opening remarks from 2016-2017 RI President John Germ
  • Blue Jean – Blue Grass entertainment
  • Candlelight Vigil
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • Tour of CNN Headquarters
  • Athens Night – Restaurant Tour
  • Gone with the Wind Movie
  • College Football Hall of Fame
  • 3K Walk for Polio
  • Atlanta Braves baseball game
  • Featured speakers – Georgia Governor and Atlanta Mayor, Andrew Young (former Congressman, UN Ambassador and Mayor of Atlanta), Bill Gates (former CEO of Microsoft and world renown philanthropist), Jennifer Jones (RI VP), James Quincey (CEO of Coca-Cola), Jack Nicklaus (world renown golfer who had polio at 13)
  • 2018 RI Convention will be in Toronto – The White Oak Club will organize a trip package for District Clubs


  • John Donahoe, as the 2017 Gourmet Dinner Chairman, reported planning highlights for the November Club Foundation event:
  • An alternative venue for the dinner was explored at Bella Sera in Canonsburg. However, Valley Brook Country Club maintained last year’s pricing and the event will be held there
  • Dinner tickets will remain at $125 per person
  • Attendee pictures will continue to be offered for those wishing to have their picture taken
  • The Dave Cristi trio will be a duo this year
  • A silent and live auction will be held
  • The dinner will continue to be called a “gourmet” dinner but consideration will be given to changing the name next year (e.g. a “gala”)
  • Options are being considered for the live auction (e.g. selling paddles)
  • A 50/50 raffle with tickets sold at the reception desk is being considered
  • Consideration will also be given to better communicate what Rotary does for the local community
  • Sponsorship packages will be e-mailed to the members







2017-2018 Rotary Year
July 6th – NO MEETING (Due to July 4th)
  • District Conference – The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair was well represented at the District Conference held at Seven Springs this past weekend. Good opportunity for fellowship and celebration of the 2017-2018 Rotary Year. Our Club won a Service Award for achieving Top Ten status in 7 out of 8 categories of service including Community Service, Vocational Service, International Service, New Generations, Rotary Foundation, Leadership Development and Public Relations. Membership was the one area needing improvement, The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair also achieved Top Ten Club status for 2016-2017 achieving a rank of 8th among the District’s 47 clubs.
  • District Spelling Bee – The Club’s sponsored spelling bee entrant, Brandon Kelley, achieved 4th place out of 18 competitors.
  • District 7300 Contribution to Rotary Foundation – The District announced at the conference that it was short $5000 to hit $1 million contribution to the Rotary Foundation for 2016-2017. At the conference the Club contributed $1000 toward the shortfall. With donations from other Clubs and individuals the $5000 was raised.
  • Introduction of Guests – President Maines asked each member to introduce their guests. The dinner celebrating Changing of the Guard was well attended.
Changing of the Guard
A special time in Rotary is the annual changing of leadership at the international, district and club levels every July 1st. At the club level this is called “Changing of the Guard”. Past District Governor and Past Club President Dick Beck facilitated The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair Changing of the Guard ceremony. 2016-2017 Club President Laura Maines gave a farewell address and the membership gave her a standing applause thanking her for doing a good job as President.
2017-2018 Club President Heather Dieckmann gave an incoming message to the membership. The new Club officers and directors and Club members committed to support President Dieckmann for her Rotary Year.
Club Members and Guests enjoy fellowship and a delicious dinner at St. Clair Country Club while celebrating another successful year for the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair and welcoming the incoming Club officers and directors.
   2016-2017 Club President Maines       2017-2018 Club President Dieckmann
Induction of 2017-2018 Officers and Directors
Events to End of Rotary Year
Jun 23rd-25th - District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
Jun 29th – Changing of the Guard
July 6th – 2017-2018 District Governor Ward’s Visit
  • Changing of the Guard – President Maines reminded the members to sign-up for next week’s Changing of the Guard Dinner. Members are encouraged to bring their spouses or significant others. (NOTE: Please notify Laura Maines if you have not yet signed-up)
  • Potential New Member – Jim Bolas introduced Matt Lichtenstein who is visiting the Club for the first time and is interested in joining Rotary. Matt is a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones. Office is off Bower Hill and he and his wife live in Greentree. He is interested in a dinner Rotary club.
Speaker – Rachel Carlson – President of Upper St. Clair’s Historical Society
Jim Bolas introduced Rachel Carlson, President of the Upper St. Clair Historical Society since 2013. Rachel graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and University of Pittsburgh in Bio-Medical and has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. She works for Zoll Medical Corporation as Product Manager – Wearable Defibrillator. She is proudly an 8th generation Gilfillan.
Gilfillans came to the US from Scotland in 1740 and purchased the property, which became Gilfillan Farm, in 1850 from Adam Patterson. In 2001 the Gilfillan Family gave the farm to the Upper St. Clair Historical Society. Today the property is split between the farm proper and Gilfillan Park which belongs to Upper St. Clair Township. The farm has been registered a National Landmark which requires strict historic restoration standards be followed which makes restoration more expensive but worthwhile from a historic perspective.
Rachel showed the members a slide presentation which identified the various structures on the farm property. The barn is a Pennsylvania Barn which was built with lumber from trees on the property. It was built in one day. A large chicken coop was tore down in 2016 due to its bad condition. Plans have been made to rebuild the coop in the future when funds are available. There is a smokehouse which is in delicate condition due to not having a foundation and its brickwork is comprised of soft brick and water has caused damage. A two-sided outhouse was on the property adjacent to a road which, at one time, was the main road between Pittsburgh and Washington, PA.
Three years ago a Master Plan was developed for Gilfillan Farms by experts in the field of historical restorations. The plan is organized in the 4 main categories – Buildings, Landscape, Equipment and Artifacts. Gilfillan is unique in Western Pennsylvania due to its historical importance. The mission statement of the restoration is “This farm is a treasure that needs to be nutured and shared.” Arris Construction has developed  detailed restoration proposals.
Operating and maintaining the Gilfillan Farm is $100,000 a year with a large amount going towards insurance. Funding comes from the Margaret Gilfillan Charitable Trust, fundraisers like the Barnyard Beer Benefit (which has raised $18,000 this year) and grants. A July 6th  Wine Dinner fundraiser is being sponsored by Atria’s.
Rachel thanked The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair Rotary Club for sponsoring this year’s Barnyard Beer Benefit and the USC Historical Society looks forward to working with the Club in the future.
  • Introduction and Welcome – President Laura Maines introduced herself to the gathering and welcomed the recipients of the proceeds of the club’s 58th annual Pancake Festival and the senior high school student receiving the Service Above Self Award for 2017 and his family
  • Potential New Member – Past President and District Governor Herm Dieckmann introduced his guest ,Kathy Knopp, who has expressed interest in joining The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair. Kathy lives in Upper St. Clair.
  • Membership – Laura reminded all the guests that they should give consideration to joining Rotary. The Club does a lot of good in the community.
Distribution of Pancake Festival Proceeds
Vice President and 2017 Pancake Festival Chairman Heather Dieckmann welcomed everyone and proceeded to introduce the representatives from each attending organization to come forward to receive their check and to briefly explain what use the organization would plan to use the funds for.
Meals on Wheels – Dorothy VanDruff thanked the Club and said the proceeds will help subsidize those needy individuals who cannot always afford the $6 per meal that is charged. They currently serve 68 people but that number rises into the 90s in the winter. Have sufficient number of kitchen volunteers who prepare the meals and have good dedicated drivers to deliver the meals. Local businesses such as Bethel Bakery are kind to donate bread and baked goods. She reminded everyone that her organization does not receive any government monies.
South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) – Seth Dubin also thanked the Club once again for their continual support of SHIM. The monies will be spent on such things as subsidized lunches for those in need. SHIM typically serves 1600 people at their free food pantry. Many do not understand that suburban poverty does exist, even in wealthy suburbs, and SHIM offers assistance to those who need support.
St. Clair Hospital Foundation – Vernard Campbell and Kristen Beattie expressed appreciation for the Club’s support again this year. The monies will go towards supporting the hospital’s Courtesy Van Program which provides free transportation to needy South Hills patients who otherwise could not make visits to doctor’s offices or access medical facilities for treatment. The van program typically makes 55 trips a day, 13,000 trips per year. There are 6 vans and on average 6.5 drivers and a dispatcher. Each van typically travels up to 25,000 miles a year which requires good maintenance. Examples given of those in need is a 92-year old woman in Whitehall, 63-year old mentally challenged man who is illiterate and cannot drive and a 93-year old woman who is the primary care giver for her husband who suffers from Alzheimer’s.
Boy Scouts – Troop 366 – Scout Master Rick Diffendal and his son Ben, who is a member of the boy scouts, received the check and thanked the Club. Ben explained that the boy scouts look forward every year to working at the Pancake Festival. They plan on putting the funds to good use in supporting their summer camping program. The funds will help in buying tents, sleeping bags and other camping supplies. The camping program is a good education on survival and experiencing the outdoors.
Prime Time Adult Care – Frank Lenox received the check for Prime Time and expressed sincere thanks for the continued support of the Rotary Club. Prime Time has been an active organization in the South Hills for 30 years serving mentally challenged elderly patients suffering from mental illness, dementia and Alzeimer’s. The people that work at their facility in Bethel Park see it more as a mission than a job. The funds will help in supporting their operations since Prime Time needs outside funding for 40% of its budget.
Heather thanked all the recipients for their good work in the South Hills community and their willingness to volunteer to sell tickets and work at the Pancake Festival every year.
It was noted that Southwinds and the YMCA could not make the dinner and therefore the checks will be mailed to them.
Left to Right – Ben Diffendal, Seth Dubin, Rick Diffendal, Vernard Campbell, Kristin Beattie, Joanne Koller, Dorothy VanDruff, Frank Lenox and Marjory Lenox
Service Above Self Award
Ray Kells introduced MacKenzie (Mac) Dominick as the Upper St. Clair Senior receiving the Club’s 2017 Service Above Self Award recognizing his contribution to the USC Interact Club, community service, academic achievements (3.4 GPA) and school activity achievements (captain of USC’s soccer team). Mac will be attending Penn State Main Campus in the fall studying civil engineering. Ray recognized Mac’s mother, Shannon, and grandmother, Jan Burke.
Left to Right – Jan Burke, MacKenzie Dominick and Shannon Dominick
Events to End of Rotary Year
Jun 3rd – District Assembly – Crowne Plaza Hotel, Greentree
Jun 8thService Above Self Award
Jun 10th -14th – Rotary International Convention – Atlanta, GA.
Jun 15thPancake Festival Distribution Dinner
Jun 22ndRoger Heins – Historical Society of Upper St. Clair – Gilfillan Farms
Jun 23rd-25th - District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
Jun 29th – Changing of the Guard
  • District Assembly – June 3rd – President Maines reminded the membership that they can attend the assembly and pay at the door
  • Rotary International Convention  - John and Pat Donohoe and Barbara Piconi plan on attending the convention in Atlanta, GA.
  • District Conference – President Maines confirmed that registration is still open.
Speaker – Karen Pfeil – New Member
                 Karen & Eric Pfeil
President Maines introduced Karen Pfeil, the newest member of The Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair to provide the membership with her background and interests to allow the membership to better know what Karen Pfeil is all about.
Karen said she was born in 1954 at St. Francis Hospital. When her mother was in search of a name for her new daughter she noticed a magazine with actress Leslie Caron on the cover which resulted in her being named Karen Leslie. Grew up in Whitehall, eventually moved to Scott Township and then Peters Township. Graduated from Peters and went to Robert Morris. After college went to work at Equimark, now Equibank. Joined the Army Reserve becoming part of the 99th Regional Support Command as a Specialist 4. Have a daughter, Natalie, who lives in Peters and has two children. Second marriage was with Eric Pfeil, estate lawyer with Cohen & Grigsby, having two daughters, Leslie who works with Matthews, Inc.  and Hilary who is an Orthodonist. Best job was working as a health aide at Mt. Lebanon High School becoming knowledgeable of treatment of asthma, bloody noses, closing wounds, head lice, etc. Currently caring for her 91 year old father in Upper St. Clair. Have traveled to Europe with husband Eric on 3 biking tours which she thoroughly enjoyed. While in Europe visited a number of concentration camps which was a vivid reminder of the horrors of WWII. Love to bake pies especially apple and peach. Kar.en said she appreciated the opportunity to be a Rotarian
The membership was appreciative of Karen sharing her background with the membership and gave her a healthy applause.
Events to End of Rotary Year
Jun 10th -14th – Rotary International Convention – Atlanta, GA.
Jun 15thPancake Festival Distribution Dinner & Service Above Self Award
Jun 22ndRachel Carlson – Historical Society of Upper St. Clair – Gilfillan Farms
Jun 23rd-25th - District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
Jun 29th – Changing of the Guard
  • District Conference – Seven Springs – President Maines stated that conference registration and the discounted resort hotel rate remains available
  • Thank You Notes – Thank you notes were passed from Brandon Kelley (Spelling Bee Winner) and Andrew Caldart (Tech Awards Winner)
  • Service Above Self and Paul Harris Awards – Milt Hamel reported his presentations of the Club awards at the High School Awards ceremony. He said that the Service Above Self awardee Mackenzie Dominick was a fine young man. The Paul Harris awardee, Zoe Rankin, was not in attendance because she was not notified by the high school. The young lady would like to attend a future meeting to thank the club personally for the watch which was given to her.
Speaker – Roya Kousari – Whole Foods – Pittsburgh Metro Marketing Team Leader
Roya Kousari creates and manages strategic business and philanthropic partnerships within the greater Pittsburgh metro area. Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, has lived in Pittsburgh for 17 years, currently lives in Lawrenceville. Prior to joining Whole Foods Market Roya has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector, holding positions with Chautauqua Theater Company, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh Public Theater.
Roya stated that she has had a good experience with Rotary being part of a Group Study Exchange (GSE) Team visiting Paraguay and Argentina.
The mission statement of Whole Foods is: “Whole Foods Market is a dynamic leader in the quality food business. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at Whole Foods Market.”
Roya said that Whole Foods believes in “Conscious Capitalism” and has a number of foundations to help the local community. Whole Planet Foundation provides micro-loans. Whole Kids Foundation and School Garden Grant Program supports nutrition and wellness in the community. Whole Foods has donated $2000 of in-kind contributions and money to the recent Barnyard Beer Benefit
Whole Foods has 3 stores in Pittsburgh in Upper St. Clair, West Liberty and Wexford.
Whole Foods emphasizes natural and organic foods, use local farmers and have the freshest produce around; uses natural ingredients in their bakery which uses a special Italian oven built into the foundation.
Still trying to find footing in Upper St. Clair. Customers are budget-driven and have high quality expectations. Whole Foods has their 365 line of food products which are cost competitive. They provide 10% case discounts and are planning on starting an “Instacart” feature which will allow customers to call-in orders which will be bagged and available for pick-up or delivery.
Whole Foods has a certified cheese master; stores in the UK and Canada and will handle special requests from special preparation of fish and seafood to preparation of produce.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Bob James
    October 2
  • Tom Rohrich
    October 19
  • Bob Theakston
    October 23
  • Kathy Knopp
    October 26
Spouse/Partner Birthdays:
  • Pat
    October 15
  • Frank Merandi
    Sera Merandi
    October 9
  • Tom Rohrich
    Frances Smith Rohrich
    October 11
  • Ray Kells, Jr.
    October 24
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    October 10, 2009
    9 years
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