Posted by Jim Bolas
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
February 8th – Paul Harris Presentations
February 15th – Valentine’s Day Dinner
February 22nd – Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Allegenies
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Meals on Wheels – Received a thank you letter for the donation the Club made to Meals on Wheels following the 2017 Pancake Festival
  • District Grant – The $2500 District grant for the Club’s 2017 Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinner event has been received.
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner – Will be held Thursday, Feb. 15th. Cost is $40. All members are encouraged to sign-up and attend with spouses or significant others. Please contact Heather.
  • Jim Hinerman
  • Barbara Piconi – Barbara’s knee surgery went well. However, there were some complications. Outpatient rehab starts next week.
  • Mid-Year District 7300 Conference – Held last Saturday; End of Year District Conference being held at Seven Springs May 18-20. District Foundation Luncheon being held April 15th at the Rivers Casino.
  • Rotary International Convention – To be held June 23-27 in Toronto; The White Oaks Rotary Club is arranging a charter bus and has room for additional Rotarians.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • The merger of Districts 7300 and 7330 – RI has announced that a new district (7305) will come into effect July 2019 merging our District 7300 and District 7330. District 7330 covers a large geographical area in Western PA from Johnstown to Erie. District 7300 is a higher value district with a greater amount of money in endowments and scholarships.
  • Toastmasters – District 7300 has made arrangements with Toastmasters International to provide public speaking training opportunities to Rotarians. Herm stated that he has volunteered to help train Rotarians. 
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman - 2018 Pancake Festival
  • Tickets – Emanuel stated that separate ticket sales teams will not be established this year and he and Ray Kells will coordinate the distribution of the tickets and the receipt of ticket sales proceeds. A status of ticket distribution to members will be sent by e-mail to all members in the next several days. All members are expected to sell tickets or contribute funds to the Club’s major fundraiser.
  • Placement Mat Ads – Most of the last year’s placement mat advertisers have been contacted; follow-up continues.
  • Outreach Organizations – The designated organizations who will be receiving the proceeds from the Pancake Festival have been engaged to sell tickets and volunteer to work at the event.
  • PF Work Schedule – Members were requested to indicate when and where they wish to work at the Pancake Festival. A sign-up sheet was passed among the attending members. Members not in attendance are encouraged to inform Emanuel of their work preferences.