Rotary E-Club London Centenary Council 2012-13.

The members of the E-club's council are:

President - Francis Uwaechi; Past President Enzo Martinelli (2011-2012); President elect – Jo Ann Ross; Secretary – Stella Russell (PP); Treasurer – Michael Scott; International – Giorgio Cambié; Community & Vocational – aXel Brodehl (PP); Foundation – Christopher Edwards.


Picture: 2011-12 President Enzo Martinelli hands over the chain to his successor, Francis Uwaechi.

The Presidential Handover meeting was held at District 1130's HQ, York Gate, London, Thursday June 28th 2012.

In his farewell address, outgoing President Enzo said, that  he "would like to think the succession of club presidents from the institution of the club ...  is not the celebration of individuals that take the helm of this fellowship but rather it is the celebration of the spirit and personality of the club that is handed over from one person to the other to keep up the principles that inspire all of us. And it is with this spirit that I hand over the President chain to my successor for him to keep up with our principles, and above all, Service Above Self."

During the past year " ... we have embarked in the support of specific projects implemented in partnership with other Rotary organisations in Uganda and Zimbabwe and we have been quite successful in securing funding for these initiatives.

The support of community projects is for me the core of what we are as a club and I have put as much effort as I could to make sure there was a high level of engagement of the club in these matters. Over the past year we have demonstrated it is possible for an eclub to raise significant amounts of money that can be used to support small projects overseas.
I strongly believe choosing projects to be supported by our club defines what we are and attracts/detracts interest in being a member of this particular club. I am sure the partnership we have established with the Maternal Health Clinic in Bulawayo is a witness to the vitality and vibrancy of our club to bring about positive changes in communities in need."

Following his Address, the outgoing president formally presented the chain of office to incoming President Erancis, and wished him a successful and enjoyable year as President of the Rotary E-Club London Centenary.


2012-13 President Francis emphazised in his speech, that this year's "RI president, Sakuji Tanaka, has asked Rotarians with advancing peace in our local communities through our services to mankind. In true spirit of Rotary, we must look beyond ourselves and reach out to make that difference somewhere in the many of the world’s crises points where growing up is not a picnic. 

We will therefore look forward to a year of quintessential service as I set out in our annual goal."

The Annual Plan includes the selection of three small project, including overseas, that fall within one or more of the "Rotary areas of focus" and a continued co-operation with Borrowdale Brooke RC in Harare, Zimbabwe at the Nkulumane Clinic in Bulawayo. Funds for finanzing those activities are expected to come from among other things Just Giving donations and from the E-clubs own members of the so-called Coffee Club. The support of Rotary International's Polio Plus program will be finanzed by donations received from the so-called Make-up visits to our website by Rotarians from other clubs.

The 2012-13 club president will take the lead in sponsering a new Interact club in District 1130.

A club meeting in November will be focusing on the issues of peace.

Picture: The installation meeting, members and guests.