Rotary Clubs of Tyler Christmas Parade
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Rotary Clubs of Tyler Christmas Parade

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

“Making A Difference”

The parade, organized by the Rotary Clubs of Tyler, will kickoff at 6 p.m. Thursday in downtown Tyler, followed by the 32nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the T.B. Butler Fountain Plaza immediately after the parade.
Complete your parade application by November 15th.

Sponsored by:

South Tyler Rotary
Sunrise Rotary Club
The Rotary Club of Tyler
We are honored to extend an invitation to you to participate in the Rotary Clubs of Tyler’s Christmas Parade to be held on Thursday, November 30th, 2017. Please read the Parade rules and regulations that follow. Parade participants are responsible for abiding by these rules and regulations for everyone’s safety and well-being. All entries must have public entertainment value and adhere to the theme of "Making A Difference". All entries to the Parade are subject to the approval of the Rotary Clubs of Tyler
IMPORTANT: November 15th, 2017 (or earlier if the specified number of units has been reached) is the deadline for submitting applications. Participation in the Rotary Clubs of Tyler’s Christmas Parade is by invitation upon approval by the Rotary Clubs of Tyler, hereinafter referred to as "RCOT". Participants in the parade will adhere to the following rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the parade, and possible exclusion from future parades.
1. All applications must be complete prior to consideration. All participants must complete the entry description and background on entry form to aid selection process. The RCOT must approve all entries. All entries are subject to final approval which shall be at the sole and exclusive discretion of the RCOT.
2. Parade participants must not conduct any activities that endanger the public health or safety, such as use of fire, pyrotechnics, firearms, weapons, throwing objects, dangerous chemicals, use of lasers, etc. Parade participants must not, under any circumstances, throw or eject anything to spectators from parade units. Parade units may have individuals walk alongside a parade unit and distribute candy, flags, coupons or merchandise to spectators along the parade route as long as they are adjacent to the spectators and do not have to throw the items. No CANDY, flowers, samples, or anything whatsoever may be THROWN to the crowd. No political literature or balloons may be distributed to spectators along the parade route.
3. All entries must be consistent with the overall parade theme of Making A Difference. Entries must not be commercial, political in nature. All entries must have public entertainment value. Exceptions or special requests must be approved by the RCOT.
4. Because of the time limit of the parade all entries must not stop during the parade route to perform maneuvers, yells, songs, cheers, skits, performances, etc. Such activities are allowed only if the participants continue in motion, do not stop, do not slow the parade pace and only if they do not endanger the public.
5. Parade units must stay in their assigned area and not disturb other units by walking in and through other units during the parade. Parade units shall not leave the parade route during the parade nor walk or drive into areas where the public is standing or sitting.
6. Dress for the parade must be appropriate for your entry. This is subject to the discretion of the RCOT the day of the parade.
Horse-drawn vehicles, riding groups or individual riders will be selected by the RCOT. Only organized and chartered units will be considered by the RCOT. Clubs, patrols, and any posse shall have the same tack and wardrobe. Individual riders, whether single or more than one, shall have registered and purebred animals. Dress and tack must be authentic to the breed (i.e. Arabian costumes or so distinctive and unique for the RCOT to rule in special cases). Carriages, stagecoaches and wagons will be those that have been authentically restored and must be decorated subject to the approval of the RCOT. Horses shall be bagged so that waste is not deposited on any area of the route including the staging areas. Unbagged horses will not be allowed to participate.
1. Marching units will consist of bands, (military, high school, university or college) or adult civic marching groups. Drill teams, cheerleaders and school mascot applications will not be accepted unless their respective school band is participating or approved by the RCOT and they must walk with their band. All applications must be approved in accordance with the rules set forth by the RCOT; as such units must have public entertainment value. Invitations to schools and applications for bands, drill teams and cheerleaders are mailed to the attention of Band Director/Advisor.
2. Each walking group shall have no less than ten (10) members. All participants are required to walk the entire parade route at the appropriate pace or be subject to removal to ensure proper parade timing. The decision to remove such a unit will be at the sole discretion of parade officials on site.
3. Walking groups not associated with bands must have participants of the minimum age of six (6) years old and will consist of uniformed participants only. (Non-uniformed parents are requested to leave the staging area after delivering group members and view the parade from the route. The child member can be picked up at the designated area when the group has finished the parade.)
4. No clowns will be permitted in the parade unless approved by the RCOT. Clowns will be required to stay in their assigned parade order and not disturb other entries by walking in and through their units, or walking into the crowd.
5. Animal Mascots may be in a vehicle or in a cage pulled by a vehicle, if in accordance with the rules and regulations for vehicles and floats. All vehicles require decoration and should contribute to the overall theme of "Making A Difference". Information must be stated on application and approved in accordance with the rules set forth by the RCOT.
Non-specialty automobiles in the parade will be limited. All vehicles must be decorated with lights in a Christmas, Holiday or winter theme. All drivers of vehicles must be 21 years of age and licensed drivers while operating a motor vehicle in the parade.
Other cars will be Shrine units and antique car clubs. Antique cars will be limited to classic, open touring cars, or roadsters (replicas). Drivers and/or passengers will not be identified by signage on the antique car. The number of antique cars will be determined by the RCOT.
Motorcycles or motor bike patrols will be limited to six (6) units with a maximum number of twenty-five persons. Only organized and chartered units can be considered by the RCOT. Clubs, bike patrols, or motorcycle groups shall have the same uniform dress and machinery.
The Rotary Clubs of Tyler assumes no responsibility for accidents by any participant. Certificates for Comprehensive General Liability, including automobile, will be required if requested by the Rotary Clubs of Tyler.
All applications submitted will be reviewed by the RCOT and those applications approved by the RCOT will be issued instructions to participate in the Rotary Clubs of Tyler’s Christmas Parade by email.
Any exceptions to the above rules must be given in writing by the RCOT. The decision to remove any entry or portion of any entry will be at the sole discretion of Parade officials on site